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Monday, December 19, 2011

A Christmas gift for the readers!

Now Who Doesn’t Like a Free Read!

Merry almost Christmas, everyone! *waves, then looks around* Isn’t this a lovely site? I’ve already added new authors and books to my TBR list. Come on, who can resist these sensual, sticky sweet, hot romances? Like cotton candy melting on the tongue; a sugar rush that leaves you panting for more.

But if you’re like me, your To Buy list far outweighs Santa’s pocketbook. That’s why I’d like to offer you a Free Read for the holidays, a sweet zing of flash fiction to warm your heart and have you pulling that special someone into your arms.

My erotic romance Eran’s Release will be out from Breathless Press in April, 2012 as part of their Ad-dick-tion Anthology. Raised by an abusive father, Eran shies away from intimacy until a lovely stranger walks into his life. Paul, intensely attracted to the shy, sensual young man, wonders if he can risk his heart one more time to be the friend and lover Eran obviously needs.

 In this story, Paul is stood up Christmas Eve by the beautiful Eran. He returns to the coffee shop where Eran works to demand an explanation, only to have his anger dissolve in a flood of compassion when he finds Eran bruised and hurting from stepping between his sister and her abusive husband. It’s only through tenderness and love that Paul coaxes the shy man out of his shell and into his heart and arms.

The story I’m offering today, Paul’s Midnight Kiss, takes place in the last half hour before the New Year. Paul's waiting impatiently for Eran to close up the coffee shop so they can make a friend's New Year's Eve party. But as the minutes tick away Paul's afraid he'll never get the midnight kiss from his sexy new lover he's aching for. Enjoy!

Dianne's free read.

Happy Holidays!

Dianne Hartsock
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