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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Nick for Everyone!

Greetings Readers!
Jaxx Steele is back wishing you Happy Holidays! Of my 3 Christmas stories available for your reading pleasure this blog will be focusing on Christmas Nick for Everyone!
Evan is home with his sister helping her with a charity function as he always has. When she asked him to close up the diner so she could get ready for her date with her boyfriend Nick, he doesn’t hesitate. When Evan is almost done an old man shows up and requests some food. Because Evan is a genuinely good person he could not turn the old man away. With all the food put away and the place already closed, Evan offered him something to drink and his own food. Grateful, the man offered to give Evan what he wanted most then left the establishment without a backwards glance.

You ever been at the the party talking to friends, having a great time, but because you've had way too much 'Christmas cheer' you hear something totally different than what their saying? You completely jump the gun and freak out. Now you're the crazy person at the party. No? That's never happened to you? Hmm, maybe it was just me. Well, anyway. mix in a case of mistaken identity and boom! You've got my story. I wanted to do a story that would hit home with most people to make you laugh and feel good at the end. I hope I succeeded with this one.
Christmas Nick for Everyone is one of those feel good stories with Christmas spirit floating around so that everything turns out for the best.  Have a peek and I hope you enjoy.

It was Christmas time again and Evan was celebrating the same ole way. Not hanging with the fellas or enjoying a secret Santa exchange at a party, but back at his sister's house. This year, however, would be a little different for Evan. This year he would learn that being a Good Samaritan had tangible benefits as well.
“Holy shit!” Evan said in a shushed whisper as his cup made a thud on the counter. “That’s Mimi’s boyfriend? Hell! Ray wasn’t even that cute.” He opened the cabinet and shifted the contents about until he found one that resembled his own. “She said she was going to see him tonight, so why would she leave before he even got here?” He snatched a paper towel from the nearby spool to remove any water spots. “What the hell am I supposed to do with him until she gets back?”
Evan moved to the freezer and dropped two ice cubes into the glass.
He grabbed the other ingredients from the refrigerator to make the man’s drink and retrieved a fresh bottle of cognac from an adjacent cupboard to finish it off. Before leaving the kitchen, Evan refilled his cup and gulped down the amber liquor, then poured more. The swing door leading to the living room was only partially open when Evan reversed and went back to the counter. He put the drinks down and pulled his phone from his pocket.
“You have reached Mariah. I can’t get to the phone, but if you leave your name and a brief message—”
Evan closed his phone and stuffed it back into his pocket before the message finished. He shook his head and left with the drinks. “Sorry it took so long, Nikolai. I had to find something to mix your drink with. I hope eggnog is all right. I even added some extra cinnamon to it to boost the flavor,” Evan explained handing him one of the snifters.
“Yeah, nog is fine. Thank you.”
Nikolai sat in the other high backed chair. He had taken off his coat, and seemed relaxed with his right boot resting on his left knee. Nikolai’s position gave Evan a good view of his the bulge in front of his jeans. The blue button down shirt he wore tucked neatly into the waist was separated
by a large belt buckle with a Batman symbol on it. Small tuffs of blond curls peeked out the top of the collar. The same blond hair covered his head in a short neat cut that gave him a sweet boyish look. Evan turned away from him and returned to his chair.
“This is really good. Thanks, uhh...”
“I’m sorry, Nikolai. My name is Evan. I’m Mariah’s brother.”
Evan leaned forward and the tingle in his hand intensified when Nikolai grasped it in a firm handshake. He looked up from their hands and Nikolai’s gaze locked onto his. Nikolai’s eyes were blue and extremely intense. They bore into his core, pulling on something very primal deep inside of him.
“Nice to meet you, Evan. I didn’t even know Mariah had a brother.”
“Well she just told me about you, so she probably just hasn’t had the chance to mention me.”
“Yes, I guess so. But you know,” he paused to pull Evan closer to him, “now that you’ve said something I do see a family resemblance.”
“Really? Most people who knew our parents said Mariah looked more like our father and I resembled our mother.”
“Well I don’t know about that, but I do see that you guys have the same beautiful eyes. Whose feature is that?”
“Uh, well, that would be my father. He was the one with the dark eyes.”
“Dark? I’d say that was an understatement.” He ogled Evan further.
“Your eyes are as dark as the night sky. They even sparkle when you speak, as if there were stars there.”
Evan looked down at his hand. Nikolai had squeezed it gently as he spoke. The pressure sent a shock to his loins awakening them immediately. Slowly he pulled his hand out of Nikolai’s and sat back in his chair. Evan reluctantly took a closer look of the man out the corner of his eye. Nikolai had leaned forward to rest on his knees as he indulged in his drink.
The fire lit the room enough for him to get a good look at him. The man was fine as hell and the crackling light emphasized his handsome features. Red, blue and green Christmas lights flashed on and off over his white skin accentuating his strong Russian nose, angular jaw line and slender lips. Flames danced invitingly in his gaze. Evan could have sworn he saw a spark of lust in those brilliant blue eyes that focused on him. He hid a disbelieving snicker in his glass.
Must be the liquor talking to me. Why would Mariah’s new boyfriend be looking at me with interest in his eyes?
Evan cleared his throat and tore his eyes away. He sipped from his glass then gestured toward him. “So Nikolai, tell me a little about yourself.”
“Well, I just recently moved to this pleasant little town of yours, and I think I like it. It’s big change from Chicago, but I’m getting used to it. I’m thirty-three years old, six foot two and a hundred and eighty-five pounds. My favorite color is brown, my favorite food is homemade macaroni and cheese with bacon bits in it and I’m a Leo. Did I leave anything out?”
Nikolai asked with a laughing grin.
Evan chuckled in his cup before taking a drink. “That’s funny, but I meant stuff like, where did you and my sister meet or what do you guys like to do together. You know, stuff like that about you.”
“Oh. Well, when you ask me a question you need to be more specific and less sexy. It distracted me.”

Christmas Nick for Everyone is available now at Phaze
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  1. Well, the excerpt has hooked me in. I'm adding this to my must have list.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  2. Hi, Jaxx! This story looks adorable and I'm going now to get it.


  3. Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas!