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Friday, December 9, 2011

Hosting for the Holidays with older men!

Greetings Readers!
Jaxx Steele is back wishing you Happy Holidays once more and to share with you my love for older men! Of my 3 Christmas stories available for your reading pleasure this blog will focus on Hosting for the Holidays!
I have always adored older men. You know the ones I’m talking about. The men that are aging like fine wine. Getting sexier as time passes. The Sean Connerys, Mark Harmons, Samuel Jacksons, Denzel Washingtons, Antonio Banderas’ and one of my favorites, the late Ricardo Montalbans in the world.
Disclaimer: These are the personal opinions of Jaxx Steele and not necessarily shared by the good people at Guys Like Romance, Too! 
There! Now, that the legalities have been observed….
The physical beauty of a young man is surely one of his prize possessions. I mean, who doesn't walk along the beach just to see those lovely hard bodies, burned to a golden glow by the sun, glistening with a sheen of perspiration, flexing beautifully in the bright July heat?
0-0 *ahem* Sorry about that. I got lost in the visual of all that and lost my train of thought.
Now where was I? Oh yes…as I was saying. That's all good, but it takes more than a pretty face, doesn’t it? I am not trying to bash younger men, but if physical beauty fades with time and that’s all you have, well…
An older man who is healthy in mind and conscience of his physical health can be just as visually beautiful! Father Time has been kind to his body because he remains active. He may not possess that six pack he used to at twenty five, but as he hovers around fifty he is in good shape and shows appreciation for your six pack! And Lordy! Let’s not forget there are still a few out there who do have the body they had at twenty five! He appreciates the days he has and lives them to the fullest. His graying hair looks distinguished on him and ups his sexiness tenfold.
I also love the fact that he is confident about who he is. Traits like educated, intelligent and worldly are a major turn on! He has no problem teaching you what he knows and welcomes the challenge of learning new things from you. Ahhh, yes, what can I say? I love them.
Hosting for the Holidays starts at Christmas and ends New Years night. It is a May-December romance that celebrates the beauty of the older man. Here’s a peek. Enjoy!
Hector had chosen the Christmas time for his young lover, Chad, to meet his best friends for the first time. Christmas Eve dinner went well and Chad felt he had made a group of new friends. To celebrate New Year's Eve Chad made special plans for him and Hector, but will the impromptu appearance by their friends threatened to ruin his big surprise?
Chad watched Hector sit on his chair and could help but chuckle. The dream he had of Hector in that very chair in the lap of that sexy dark Santa was vivid in his mind’s eye. Replaying it made his cock throb. He blinked a few times to help him shake off the feeling, putting it away for later. Grasping one of the glasses from the table he filled it then brought it to Hector.

“Thank you, sweetheart. I am proud of him, Spence. What about you, Richie? How are you doing? How's ole Spence treating you?” Hector asked in a playful tone.

“I’m good, Hector. Spencer treats me like a king,” Richie answered smiling broadly.

“Of course I do. Richie knows he’s my world,” Spencer said confidently bringing his boyfriend in close for a kiss.

Hector nodded and sipped from his glass. He looked around and the other two couples nodded and gave their significant others a kiss as well.

“So, are you guys only stopping by for a moment? You have other plans for tonight?” he asked waving his glass around to include everyone in his questioning.

Each couple looked to their partner and then to the others. Unsure shrugging and negative murmuring seemed to be the general consensus to his query. 

“Well, it’s almost eleven now, why don't we turn on one of those New Year’s Eve shows and make this a party,” Hector suggested cutting off the confused chatter.

Chad stiffened at Hector’s invitation and almost groaned aloud when everyone nodded in agreement. His plans would be ruined if everyone was here. The romantic moment he had spent days planning did not include a house full of people. With a heavy sigh he excused himself and walked into the kitchen. Chad was prepared for Hector’s friends to come by for a short amount of time but not stay. He wanted Hector to himself at midnight. Opening and closing cabinets for the dry foods then moving to the refrigerator for the rest, Chad refilled trays with more crackers, cheese and fruit. Muttering to himself he didn’t notice someone had entered the kitchen behind him.

“Chad, is everything okay?"

He jumped slightly at the sound of Hector’s voice. He spun to face him.

“Yeah, baby. Everything’s great. I just came to gather some more hors d' oeuvres since your friends will be hanging out longer than I expected.”

He quickly turned back to his serving dishes, not knowing how Hector would take his last statement. It came out a little more edge than he intended. Moments passed as Chad’s heartbeat quickened until he felt Hector’s familiar grip around his waist pull him into his arms.

“Okay, sweetheart." He lowered a kiss to the top of his head then released him. "I will be out here if you need me,” he heard Hector say and the door swung shut shortly afterwards.

Chad sighed in relief. He continued gathering and adding food to the trays, but just before he lifted them to return to the living room, as a second thought he went out the kitchen door to the patio. A chilly breeze blew the snow around lightly dusting the deck, but it melted quickly under the warmth of the pit. The stars shined brightly in the cloudless sky. He picked up the stick he left by the small fire pit and pushed around the log he borrowed from the fireplace. The weatherman cautioned all firework spectators to bundle up since the temperature would be hovering around twenty degrees at midnight. He had come outside with nothing but his sweater on, but he was not that cold to him. The flames still burned, but they were going down. The small sign that hung over the pit that was on display at the store explained that as long as the fire burned continuously the area around it would remain tolerable. Sparks and flakes of fire jumped from the log and the blaze was renewed. 

He sniffed deeply and smiled. Something about the smell of burning wood always relaxed him…and turned him on. His early years as a boy scout had addicted him to camping and nature. He was thrilled when Hector had the deck added last spring just for him. Until the bite of Indiana winter's kicked in, Chad spent his evenings sitting outside just enjoying the environment. 

On the small table on the other side of the deck were two glasses he had left outside to chill. Beneath the table was a bottle of champagne he had stuffed into a small bank of snow. With a sad sigh, he realized it probably had the perfect chill on it by now, but that no longer mattered. They wouldn’t get the chance to drink it.  Chad gave the patio and the beauty of the night one last glance over his should before going back indoors. With their friends over he had no choice but to leave his set up as is until later or risk a number of questions about the previous plans that were now nullified.

Hosting for the Holidays
available at Muse it Hot! December 23rd, 2011

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  1. Oh this sounds wonderful! I love it!
    I love stories like this...*S*
    So putting this on my gotta have list right now.
    Thank you for sharing such a great tease for a story that sounds so very good...*S*

  2. You still have an hour Chad. Don't be discouraged! I would imagine Hector has something special in mind. Maybe the same thing you do!