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Friday, December 30, 2011

Who wants to spend Christmas with a House Elf?

Hi all! Hope everyone isn’t already frazzled by the Holiday’s yet. LOL! And a big thank you to Jaxx and Carson for having me here. Being a relatively new author, I’m still trying to get my name and my work out there, so any kind of promo is a godsend. You guys are great! Huggles!
Now, about my new release. It’s a M/M Christmas short (6900 words) from Cobblestone Press called My House Boy Elf. Its conception was actually due to pure coincidence and a funny conversation I had on Facebook with another author.
You see, I hate housework. I absolutely loath it. So when the writing starts to get deep, invariably, so do the chores. And since it’s just me, the DH, and the dog, well, not many options remain for who is going to do what. Been trying to train the dog, but being male, well, he’d rather lick himself than keep his toys from underfoot.  Anyhoo, the chores pile up, the DH complains, and the dog keeps right on licking. Not very conducive for my Muse, I can tell you. Especially when you have a fantastic love scene planned and you have dishes to wash and laundry to do. A real mood killer, that. *sigh*
So, there I was, elbow deep in dirty dish water and working out the scene in my head. It wasn’t working. The scene or getting the dishes done. I needed a break.  Drying my hands, I got online and went to my Facebook page. There, I ranted a bit saying that I wish I had someone to do my housework and wouldn’t it be great if it was some gorgeous guy. Preferably naked. You can imagine the comments. Everything from naked twins to houseboys. Then a fellow author, Adonis Devereux, said wouldn’t it be nice if they were houseboy elves. Of course that gave me all kinds of ideas for a book. I just didn’t know how much until a couple days later when my pub contacted me about a new line for Christmas. Gawd, I thought my eyes were going to bug out of my head after I read that e-mail. LOL! It was Fate, had to be. I began coming up with different ideas that night and finally settled one a couple of days later. Unfortunately, it won’t be for the new line because I went over the word count, but my pub loved it and put it in their Wicked line. It’s all good though. The story turned out well and I couldn’t be happier with the response I’ve had so far.
The story has different elements in it. Christmas themed, of course, with a little paranormal and lots of hot man loving. You see, two of Santa’s elves (who are lifemates) are the guardians of a powerful artifact that can give the owner anything they desire. But the power can only be used at Christmas. Being elves and deeply in love, they want to share that good fortune with others. They also own a business called House Boy Services. Perfect for finding the right recipient for their gift. This year, it’s an old friend and former employee, Donovan Eliot. He owns a gay club and hasn’t had a lover since his died from prostate cancer three years prior. He’s alone and in deep need of someone to love. The artifact chooses House Boy Services newest employee, Trace Moore, as Donovan’s True Love. Young and on his own, his parents kicked him out at the age of seventeen for being gay. He’s not had it easy and has been notified that he has two weeks to find another place to live. The perfect Christmas gift, right? But Fate and two of Santa’s elves have plans for these two. Plans that involve letting go of the past and pushing aside insecurities to find a love to last a lifetime. Oh, and lets not forget about the really steamy man lovin’. *wink*

It's the Christmas season and two of Santa's elves have a very special mission. Bring two deserving souls together for the ultimate gift ~ True love.

                 Trace Moore has been alone and on his own since his parents kicked him out at age seventeen. Now 22, the only thing he wants for Christmas is a new place to live since he's being evicted.

                 Donovan Eliot has wealth, respect, and security. What he doesn't have is someone to share it all with. But losing his lover and best friend to prostate cancer three years prior has made Donovan wary of getting back into the dating pool.

                 That all changes when he spies a gorgeous little man dressed as a sexy elf working in his club.

                 The attraction is instant for these two, but can old wounds and insecurities be overcome?

                 With a sprinkle of Christmas magic, anything is possible.

Thank you again to Jaxx and Carson. Had a great time telling about the conception of My House Boy Elf and I hope those who read it enjoy it for the escape it is. And a very, Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope your Holidays are warm and filled with love. Hugs!

Kimberly Hunter

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