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Friday, November 11, 2011

Guys Like Romances, Too! schuedule

This blog is dedicated to gay romance of all genres. We realize there are some awesome blogs out there like Kool Queer Lit, GLBT Promo and All Male Romance, also dedicated to the push and promotion of gay romance, but we figured you can never have to much publicity! So here we are!

Here at Guys Like Romance, Too! all we want to do is offer another platform for our favorite M/M writers to shamelessly promote their work. Past releases, new releases or up coming releases. It doesn't matter, we want to see them!

We kick off in December with Holiday Cheer! All month we will have a different bloggers promoting their Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, New Years or winter themed story.

Here is a theme calendar for 2012.

December/2011: Holiday Cheer! (all holiday themed or winter stories any genre)

January/2012: The Jump off (the first time stories, ie: if your characters story is based on the first time they did... first love, first 3some, first job...)

February/2012: Lover's come hither! (Valentine's Day, bdsm and multiple partners stories, of course!)

March/2012: March Magic! (St. Patrick's Day, fantasies, fairies, mer-people, magic, wizards, mages, all that magical stuff)

April/2012: Paranormal Month (all ghosts, goblins, demons, ghouls, devils/angels and other creatures of the night, come out, come out from wherever you are, but not vampires...not yet :)

May/2012: Ladies Month (this month will be dedicated to the L in GLBT. Come check out sexy lesbian stories of all genres.)

June/2012: Vampires rule! (Time to bring out all those delicious nocturnal men for all to see!)

July/2012: Shifters Galore! (4th of July, summer inspired and if they shift into them we want to see them)

August/2012: Outside the Box! (adventure, sci-fi, steam punk, yaoi, twisted fairy tales, aliens and other lightly touched genres)

September/2012:Time to learn your History! (Labor Day themed books, historicals, pirates, cowboys, regency...)

October/2012: Fright Month! (Halloween themes scary or not, horror, plagues, curses, suspense, mystery and whatever else you think might pull folks to the edge of their seats)

November/2012: We're thankful for Romance: (Thanksgiving themes and contemporary, boy meets boy romances, plain and simple, from sweet to super hot!)

December/2012: Come celebrate our first year anniversary with a holiday party! All particpants must do a giveaway or contest.  Holiday themed books (Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, New Years or winter) All genres welcomed!

What is needed?
A desire for free promotion and a love for gay romance!

If you would like a spot to guest blog on Guys Like Romance Too!  email me for open dates. We'd love to have you. See you in December!

A guy who likes romance, too!