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Friday, January 20, 2012

Carson's first

Hello friends of Guys Like Romance!
Carson here to say I hope your new year has started off on the good foot and may everyone here get paid off their books this year! :)

I know this month's theme is firsts, whatever that first is for your characters, but we had an open spot when January 1st came in so I decided to pick an author in the gay romance genre that means something to me. He doesn't have a 'first' to share with us, but he was my first . The first gay romance I ever came across was back in 2007, All I want for Christmas and he wrote it. It was my first, but far from my last and I have been hooked ever since. Not just on his, but all of it!

So without further delay...multi-published, gay romance author, Remmy Duchene!  Take it away Remmy! shiny place! I can be all bad and play with fire and everything *flics lighter*

Anyways, thank you my dear for inviting me here. I will try my very best not to burn the joint down. Though if I do, it's Jaxx Steele's fault *smirks* Before I did into my blog I would like to wish you all a very happy new year. I hope it brings you joy, booteh and laughter. It is a new year. 2012. I remember when I was just a little one running around, bare-footed in Jamaica and time seemed to go so slowly. Then I move to Canada, got to 16 and it was all down hill from there. Can you believe its 2012 already? Where did the past five years go?

Anyways, to the reason I'm posting. This post is about international locations used in my stories--the flavor if you will. For the most part, I've used Canadian and Jamaican locations as well as some exotic fictional places.

I LOVE cultures. I adore everything from the language to the foods to the mannerisms--everything that gives me a peek into far away lands. The internet is a wonderful place to research because you can sometimes speak with people from these places via webcam or microphone and even with the language barriers the wonderful thing is most computers come with a nifty translator. So viola! Problem solved!

My habit when I write in different countries is to use these tiny, remote places most of our culture has never heard of. I mean using a big city is easy--using a remote place is fun...exhilarating... A few years ago I started a story that takes place in China--it's a secret agent, espionage kinda deal...sort of like...Mission Impossible meets The Rundown. I still have it in my WIP pile because researching China isn't as easy as one would think and those maps--forget about it.

In the upcoming year, my releases take place predominantly in fictional towns. But I have two stories I'm researching right now, LEAKED and TAKA's FLIGHT.

LEAKED takes place in China, with two Secret Agents from CSIS on the run after they were burned (Idea came to me from watching Burn Notice). Actually, Chaz got burned. Leo who has always been in love with Chaz offers to go get Chaz and bring him home knowing any other agent who goes after Chaz would kill him. Now they are both on the run.

TAKA's FLIGHT takes place in Japan, along the Wangan Trail aka Route B and the Shuto, that same stretched of highway from Fast and Furious. It's about a street racer who after being disowned by his parents, and forced to repay his parents for dishonoring them (he's gay of course). And a business man accidentally came across his racing video on an underground website and decides to court Taka to be his new drifting team's driver. This one isn't as complicated as the one that takes place in China, but it still a problem.

Countries are huge, complicated places--especially if you've never been to said country. I've never been to China. But I looked it up and there is a ghetto in Shanghai--parts of Hongkong. This was a place some Jewish refugees ran to during the war from Germany. Who knew there was a Jewish community in China? Parts of this place, if you want to get lost and stay that way, this is the place to go.

These tales take a lot longer to write than others. My advice to you is do your research before you start the story--use google earth to plot things out. I probably should advise you NOT to use google earth when researching China. I may be a bit paranoid but just don't do it.

I have gotten emails requesting more of my Jamaican men. I adore writing these men. But the thing about Jamaica is, they aren't very open to the GLBT world. It is rampant in our music that homophobia is there. The thing is, even though I know this is everywhere, I find it really hard writing a happy story there. I've tried to ignore the rest of the bad--but so far the story is not coming out right at all. I could create a fictional place like Maroon Town where Gays are safe and allowed to be left alone, but what fun would that be? I don't know, I will write more of "Remmy's Jamaican Yumminess" (as one reader put it) but we will see how it all ends lol.

SLOW BURN will take place mainly in Jamaica. It is my second non IR but it will probably span to Martinique as the story goes along, who knows, right?

The truth is, writing IR is fun and putting in a foreign country is even better...I wonder what would happen if I wrote a sexy, Brazilian Capoeira dancer?

Thanks gang for letting me crash here...*hugs*

Remmy Duchene

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  1. Capoeira dancer???? Oh...well you have to now! Honest! hehe You know I love your writing style and the locations become a part of the story! So just keep giving me what I want! *hugs*

  2. lol are you stalking me Havan? *strips and poses by window* oh please...stop *switches pose* stop...don't stop *switches pose*

  3. *runs in behind Havan*
    *peers at Roo*
    Ooooh...yummy! It's a hot Jamaican beefcake! And EVERYBODY knows he can write, too.
    *gropes Havan*
    *snaps smexy pics of Roo*
    Work it! Work it! Gimme that pout!

    Love ya Roo!

  4. Love the variety of locations. Would be mind numbing to read the same things over and over. Keep doing what you do wonderful!

  5. Thanks Araya!!! And Aimee well hello *bends over slightly* who gave you that camera? lol and I just realized I was Carson's first!! SCORE!