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Monday, January 2, 2012

The first in the month of Firsts!

Hey everyone and welcome to the month of Firsts!

*insert applause here*
Jaxx Steele back atcha to to kick off the year and the month with my first ski trip.
I always had the desire to ski. It looked like so much fun. Skiers look so cool swooshing down the snow covered slopes in those sleek looking outfits and the large shaded goggles over your face. I even fantasized about me rushing down with no poles speed skiing because it looked so cool when I watched it on the winter Olympics every four years. Let me tell you guys right now, all that came to a screeching halt when I actually tried it.

One of the things that attracted me to my boyfriend was he was a was a skier. He had the great skier body, strong, lithe and graceful. I had these grand visions of us dancing down the slopes side by side like I had seen people do when they roller skate. *shaking my head* Don’t ask. I have no idea how I even connected the two. Anyway, we had been together for almost two years when I had the bright idea to accomapny him skiing. He leaped on the thought because he hadn’t gone at all since we were together opting to spend the time with me doing other winter sports since I didn't ski. 

Hou always took a long weekend visiting his family in southern Indiana when he went skiing. So the plan was set. We went to see his family for Thanksgiving that year and took a day trip to a resort with his cousins.

So there I was all keyed up looking forward to the idea all the way up the hill. When I looked down the other side my whole world started to spin. And this wasn’t even the real hill. It was the beginner slope. Elementary age children were buzzing pass me rushing excitedly down the hill and there I was--the only grown ass man on the kiddie hill--standing there with my knees shaking, trying not to throw up in the snow as I looked down the side. As I stare down this mountain all I hear is giggling all around me and screaming kids saying, "Go Mister, your holding up the line!"

the little demons
So, completely not ready, but refusing to be punked by this little kid, I decided to go for it. I did my fifteen minutes of ski class. What could happen, right? So, ignoring the caution signs in sweetheart's expression, I took the plunge. Remembering my teaching, I bent my knees, pushed off the poles and I was off. I even managed not to scream. The next thing I remember was realizing how blue the sky was and the air around filling with a crescendo of giggles and full blown laughter.

Yup. You guessed it. I wasn't on the slope a whole minute before I lost my footing and rolled down the hill head over feet landing on my back. Hou said it looked like I was purposely cartwheeling over the snow to get to the bottom. I’m convinced the only thing that stopped me from breaking my neck was that my tumbling ended quickly, but had the hill been bigger and had I gotten a little more momentum... Yes, well, that may have saved my neck and possibly my life, but it sure didn’t save my leg. I was broken in two places thus ending my skiing career.

I still watch the skiing and ski jumping competitions on the winter Olympics every four years, but that is the closest I ever want to get to it again. When Hou gets the itch to go skiing I continue to accompany him to Paoli Peaks or wherever else he wants to go. He hits the slopes having a fantastic time and I hit the club house with my hot chocolate and my Nook. He comes back all excited regaling me with his triumphs over this hill and that hill and telling me how good it feels swooshing through the brisk clean air. I nod my head attentively loving his excited expressions and the sound of happiness in his voice as I add another splash of cognac to my drink.

Because my first ski adventure didn’t quite turn out the way I planned it, I decided to write about Greg’s first ski trip to Lake Tahoe. His didn’t turn out the way he planned either, but it was a hell of a lot better than mine! LOL Enjoy!

Gregorio Santos was not like his co-workers. They rushed to the warm temperatures and white sand beaches of the Caribbean for vacation. He preferred the white cold of the ski slopes. Greg is single and determined to remain that way despite his loneliness. While on vacation at Lake Tahoe, an accident strands the sexiest man he had met in years at his cabin. Will his resolve to stay single outlast being trapped with a man that gives the term 'bringing sexy back' new meaning?
Available at Freya’s Bower

Greg looked over into a grin on Thomas sensual lips that spoke volumes. He opened his mouth to say something, but another voice interrupted them.
“Tom! Tom, its Stephanie! Are you there?”
Tom chuckled at the startled look on Greg’s face. “That’s the radio in the other room. All of the cabins have them in case of an emergency,” he explained.  He put his mug on the coffee table and rushed by him.
Greg shook his head and watched Thomas’s his long strides take him into a small room beneath the stairs.
“Yeah, Stephanie, I’m here.”
Greg followed and when he appeared in the doorway found Thomas sitting at a small desk, talking into an old hand radio. His soft blond hair fell forward as he leaned over to speak. When he turned his head to acknowledge Greg’s presence in the doorway, his profile was devastatingly handsome.
“Tom, the snow doesn’t seem to be letting up! It will probably snow throughout the night! What cabin are you in?”
“Number twelve.”
“Oh! Then you’ve met Mr. Santos. He’s a very nice man, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you stay there until morning.” The static filled announcement came, “We will not be able to dig you out until the snow stops.”
“Okay, Steph. Keep us posted on the weather, in case it stops some time tonight, will you?”
“Sure thing, Tom. Good night.”
Thomas released the connection button and turned to Greg. ”Well, its official,” he said throwing his hands up. “I’m broke down and snowed in.”
“You don’t say?”
He chuckled. “And you’re Mister Santos, huh?”
Greg smiled. “Oh, I never did tell you my name, did I?” He chuckled and left the room. “Sorry about that. My name is Greg, well it’s Gregorio, but I like Greg.”
“Then Greg it is. Nice to meet you, Greg. So, is it okay?”
“Is what okay?”
Thomas grabbed his hand, stopping him and turned him around. “Can I spend the night with you?”
Damn. Talk about your loaded question.
Greg slowly pulled his hand out of Tom’s. It had already started to tingle uncomfortably from his touch.
“Of course. What kind of person would I be to throw a man out in the snow with no way home?” He turned quickly and headed for the kitchen. “I came down to make something to eat. Are you hungry?”
“I’m hungry for a lot of things.”
Greg raised an eyebrow, but chose to ignore Tom’s statement. “Well, I hope one of those things is hamburger.”
Thomas sat back down on the sofa with a chuckle. “Love them.”
“Good because that’s what I’m making for dinner along with some half decent tasting microwave fries. I wasn’t expecting company so….”
“Hey, you won’t hear me complaining. I will be grateful for whatever you decide to share with me.”
Greg sent a questioning look across the room and their eyes met. Tom’s crystal blue eyes were smiling at him over the mug while he drank. Greg lowered his gaze and flipped the burgers he put on earlier.
Easy Gregorio, calm down. No need to jump the gun. You just met this man. You are only together by sheer happenstance. Tomorrow when they come to dig out his truck, you will continue your vacation as planned and you’ll probably never cross paths again. That’s usually what happens when you meet fine men like Thomas.

Jaxx Steele


  1. I love the men in your books! So real and so very very sexy. Oh, and your first ski trip sounds a lot like mine! But peppermint schnapps eased the pain considerably. :)

  2. Thanks Dianne!
    I feel you on the pepperment schnapps ut after i realized how lucky I was that didn't break my neck I needed something a little stronger! LOL

    Jaxx Steele