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Monday, January 30, 2012

Is it odd to finish the month with ODD?

Hello, everybody!

I am pleased to announce my upcoming release, ODD, is part of the All Romance Perfect Strangers Series. Now in it second year, the Perfect Strangers series delivers sexy stories of strangers encountering instant passion, and perhaps a happily every after. I think ODD fits well with this month's theme because it highlights one hero's first time engaging in a lust at first sight situation. If you've ever experienced that feeling, hopefully you'll relate to ODD and enjoy it!

I'm happy to share a preview of the story with you, and to offer one free download from my backlist to a lucky commenter. Good luck!

ODD will be available exclusively through in February.

Synopsis: Greg Hargrove has a ticket to the hottest party in town: Drew Bradley's annual Odd Ball. Dressed for the theme as one half of a popular sitcom duo, Greg doesn't expect to meet his match and engage in a secret night of passion while the festivities rage on. When handsome Rick Wade falls on his radar, however, Greg decides to partake of more explicit party favors. Is Rick more than a one-night stand, though, or can Greg look forward to many passion-filled reruns?


“In here.”

They found a door that led to stairs, which opened to a second floor of more rooms. Sconces of soft light illuminated yet another hallway, leaving Greg to wonder about the exact size of Drew’s house. Every turn seemed to extend the building, like something out of a Lewis Carroll fable.

Rick gestured him into a guest bedroom—a simple layout and d├ęcor with a double bed and windows overlooking Drew’s expansive backyard—and turned on a small bedside lamp. Greg gazed out to see thick-topped trees bordering an outdoor pool and greenhouse.

“You suppose maybe he’s growing weed in there, and that’s where he gets all his money?” Greg asked, still gazing out the window.

Rick laughed. “I told you, he owns a travel agency. Lots of huge corporate accounts.”

Greg snorted. “Then maybe it’s his private stash.”

The unmistakable rip of a zipper caught his attention, and he turned to see Rick’s pleated slacks now pooled at the ankles. Two awkward steps, with Rick grasping a bedpost for support, and he was free of them altogether. The tails of the Oxford shirt, however, covered Rick’s slim thighs and hid any hint of underwear.

Still, the man looked fit and Greg appreciated the view. “Nice,” he said. “Still don’t see any thong.”

Rick offered him a withered look, masked briefly when the sweater vest flipped up and over his head. It joined the pants, followed almost a minute later by the shirt, which Rick had slowly pulled apart button by button. If Rick had intended this as an attempt at seductive striptease Greg might have told him to move more quickly. The idea of seeing the man naked had already aroused him, and now the sight of nearly nude Rick at the cloth bulge between his legs hardened his own cock.

Greg eyed the silken blue crotch, supported by a barely-there string band. He twirled his fingers in a silent request for Rick to turn and the other man obliged. Greg sucked in a breath on seeing a perfectly smooth ass, tight and delicious. Even in the dim of the room, he clearly made out every curve and dip of the man’s body. No doubt he’d fit snug against Rick, and enjoy pounding into the man’s hole.

“Do I get to see yours?” Rick gripped the bedpost with both hands and pushed his hips upward in invitation. He craned back to smile at Greg, making Greg wonder if the man might try an impromptu pole dance. He bit his lip and tried not to laugh—he didn’t want Rick thinking he wasn’t interested, or that he considered this moment funny.

“I’m not wearing a thong,” Greg said, tilting his head, gaze fixed on that ass.

“Wasn’t talking about undergarments.” Rick’s voice pitched low to match the change in his expression. Heavy-lidded and groaning, he licked his lips and waited. Greg hoped the man liked to receive—the position he held seemed to indicate that.

“Get on the bed and I’ll show you.”

He received a wide grin in response, and as Greg loosened the pull-string on his sweatpants he watched Rick inch forward onto the bed on hands and knees. The plaid comforter underneath dented and bunched with every movement, and Greg heard little disturbance in the mattress. Drew must have invested in memory foam all around, which suited Greg fine. Easier to fuck on that, more traction.

He took his wallet from a front pants pocket and plucked out his emergency condom before slapping both on the night table. He also didn’t waste time undressing, given the way Rick grabbed for the Queen Anne headboard and assumed a doggy position. One hand curled around the smooth, curved wood while the other reached behind him to prepare himself.

Mmm. Greg stepped to one side, out of the sweatpants puddle, for a better look. Watching Rick tug off his thong to play with his hole excited Greg, especially when the other man managed to dip three fingers inside without batting an eye.

“You’re eager to get started,” Greg observed.

BIO: Leigh Ellwood is an award-winning author of erotica and erotic romance fiction. Following the release of her first novel, Truth or Dare, in 2004, Leigh has since written several novels, novella, and short stories. She is an EPIC Award winner and has been nominated for many reviewers awards for her works.
Leigh welcomes reader mail at kspatwriter (at) yahoo (dot) com.


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  1. EEK!! The excerpt ended too soon. Oh, Odd is a must have for me; I've added it to my must have list.

    Hurry up, February!!! (yeah, I know February starts tomorrow but still....) LOL

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  2. What an original sounding story line! I'm curious to see what happens the morning after. :)