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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lust in London

 Alex, who'd never been out of Kansas, jets across the pond to merry 'ol London. He's there for studying and working, but never planned on meeting Mason. The tall, handsome blond loves the attention of this young man and they form a quick, steamy relationship. But is it all a shill for Mason's secret passions? Is his heart already taken? Will Alex remember this trip as just lust in London or a lasting relationship?

In the same vein, this book is partial first love. Alex is a virgin and has never had a boyfriend, until he has an opportunity to jet across the pond from his native Kansas to merry 'ol London for a study trip. There he meets Mason, who catches his attention immediately. Mason is older, experienced, and has been in love before... whom he still talks about. He also meets two who's never home, but another why is a homebody and takes care of the other two.  But Alex is determined...he falls for Mason and after a few dates, he is deep into his world of lust, passion, jealousy, all things he's never lived before. It's a tug of war to the very end with a surprise ending and twist!

Again, love the young adults theme, college age. Alex is 21 years old, an adult, but still very young. He's still learning and growing... and finds out where true love lies, somewhere he dared not to even expect!  A joy to write.
This story was inspired by a real-life friend of mine who went across the pond for a study trip...I teased him before he went wouldn't it be fun if he had an adventure? The rest...I made up and the story was born. He loved it!
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  1. This sounds pretty interesting. I've added it to my wish list.

    Tracey D