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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Play Along with Chancellor!

Greetings everyone!

Today I’ve been given the opportunity to talk about my book PLAY ALONG, the first book in my AT PLAY series. I’ve spent a lot of time since the release of PLAY ALONG talking about Mark. He’s the first character I introduce you to, the character with the most history and the one I put in situations I’ve been in myself. In fact, I wrote his story as a way to heal from similar bad experiences in my own life. He is easy for me to talk about, and so I’ve done it frequently. Unfortunately, my focus on Mark has left Chance in the background- until now.

Because it is January- and here on the GUYS LIKE ROMANCE, TOO! Blog the theme for the month is “The Jump Off” - or ‘first time’ stories!

And PLAY ALONG is brimming with ‘firsts’ for Chancellor Marshall.

Chance experiences his first heartbreak, his first break-up and for the first time, he finds the courage to stand up to his domineering father. After walking in on his boyfriend, Alex, sucking off his father, Chance decides it is time to try something new. Fueled by hurt and rage Chance makes his way to his very first gay bar where he picks up an older stranger and loses his virginity- and his heart- to his first ever ‘one night stand!’

And here, for your reading pleasure, is just a glimpse of their encounter!


Not even the surprise of climbing out of the cab in front of his father's hotel dampened his desire for the big, sexy man. If anything, the possibility of being spotted or recognized only added to his excitement. Giving his ass up for the first time right here under his father's own roof only added to the irony. Even though he didn't recognize the clerk behind the desk when they crossed the lobby to the elevators, it felt good to flash him a smile and a wink before the doors slid shut.

Mark pressed him against the elevator wall, claiming his lips and kneading his ass hard with both hands. Mark's teeth sank into his bottom lip, biting and tugging on the tender flesh. Chance wrapped his arms around Mark's neck, vibrating with excitement. He knew they were putting on a show for the security guys, and that he might even be recognized. It was an unexpected thrill, the risk of getting caught.

Too soon the elevator came to stop on Mark's floor, the doors sliding open with a soft ding. Both men groaned and reluctantly tore out of the embrace. Mark tugged Chance out of the elevator and into the hallway, grinning back over his shoulder while he dragged Chance toward his room. "Come on, baby. Just a little farther and we can try it again without clothes in the way."

Chance hurried into the room after Mark, and before the door even closed behind them, Mark was pulling off his leather vest and tugging the tee shirt out of his jeans. Chance reached for the buttons on his own shirt, but stopped and stared, watching while Mark bared his chest and abdomen to Chance's hungry gaze.

"You too." Mark stalked over and Chance reached out, running his fingers through the soft hairs that covered that broad, ripped chest. He hardly noticed his own shirt being tugged up out of his dress slacks. Mark fumbled over the buttons briefly before he lost patience and yanked the shirt open, sending buttons flying across the room.

Chance shrugged out of the shirt, letting it fall to the floor before attacking Mark's mouth with his own. A moment later, he was pressed up against the door with his legs wrapped around Mark's waist and his face buried in the wiry hair on Mark's sweaty chest.

Mark's musky scent, combined with the feel of skin against skin made Chance tremble with need. The hot, hard pressure of Mark's erection against his own was enough to send Chance over the edge.

With a cry of surprise he convulsed in Mark's arms, coming hard and flooding his underwear with the unexpected release. The aftershocks wore off, and Chance struggled for breath, burrowing his face more firmly into Mark's chest and clinging to his broad shoulders. Soft lips and sharp teeth nibbled at the lobe of his ear while the quiet rumble of Mark's laughter vibrated under his cheek.

That was twice tonight he'd given Mark reasons to laugh at him. "I'm so sorry."

"Sorry for what, baby? Hell, that was hot!" The laughter was replaced by a more needy sound and Mark began rocking his own erection against Chance's groin. The lips and teeth backed off from his ear, replaced by a soft, wet tongue that danced to the same rhythm as Mark's cock, bumping against Chance's balls. "You make this old man feel young and sexy again."

"Yeah?" Chance finally looked up and saw a blissful expression on Mark's face. Anything else he might have said got cut off when Mark's mouth crashed over his, Mark's tongue invading his mouth. When Mark pulled back for breath, Chance used the space created to slide back onto his feet.

But he didn't stop there. He grabbed Mark's arms and reversed their positions, pushing Mark against the door and sinking down onto his knees. His fingers made quick work of the button and zipper hiding the impressive bulge of Mark's sex from his eyes. Within seconds he had Mark's erection in hand, the older man's jeans and underwear pulled down to mid-thigh.

Mark responded with a strangled gasp, pushing his massive organ through Chance's hold, shuddering when Chance tightened his grip and began to pump up and down the hard length. The tip of Mark's prick was dripping pre-come, and the sight and smell made Chance's mouth water. Unable to resist, he leaned forward, darting his tongue out to swipe quickly across the spongy end of Mark's cock. He pressed the tip of his tongue into the slit, looking for more of the intoxicating flavor.

"Oh, shit, baby! Good. So good…" Mark's fingers threaded into his hair and gently tugged him forward, wordlessly begging for more.

Chance obliged and parted his lips, inviting Mark into his mouth. Humming around the welcome intrusion, he let his tongue flutter along the prominent vein throbbing along Mark's length. With a quick breath he surged forward, taking Mark down the back of his throat and swallowing before backing off again to suckle gently at the tip.

Mark doubled over him, pressing his face into the back of Chance's neck and cursing softly. Chance ran the tip of his tongue along the indention below the head of Mark's cock and smiled around the mouthful. He and Alex hadn't progressed to fucking, but blowjobs? He was a genius. It was a heady feeling, getting so strong a response from someone new, someone as hot as Mark.

Chance gave Mark a few moments to recover, waiting until he straightened back up before sucking again. Turned on more than he could ever remember, Chance reached for the front of his own pants. He worked them open and shoved his hand into the sticky mess under the waistband of his boxers, fisting his own needy cock as he pleasured Mark with his mouth. He redoubled his efforts, wanting to give the incredible man his best blow ever, wanting Mark to enjoy it as much as he was.

He used every trick he knew, bobbing his head quickly along the hard length, sucking in a steady rhythm as his tongue danced in random patterns. His efforts paid off, and after a few moments Mark's hands gripped his hair tightly and held him while he thrust into his mouth. Chance stilled and hummed, allowing Mark to take what he wanted until the movements began to stutter and became jerky. At that point he pulled off and squeezed hard against the base of Mark's prick in an effort to hold off his orgasm. It was cruel, he knew, but he didn't want Mark to come yet, not like that. He had bigger plans.

Chance pressed against Mark's hip to still his desperate movements. Mark's hands tugged softly at Chance's hair and his body sagged back against the wall before he let out a long groan of frustration.

Chance had half expected him to protest, to force himself back into Chance's mouth and finish off the way he wanted to—the way Alex would have done. But no, Mark allowed Chance to take the lead, petting his hair soothingly while he gulped for air.

Chance pressed a kiss against Mark's thigh and released his prick, digging into his back pocket for a condom. Catching the edge of the foil packet between his teeth, he tore it open. Mark stared down at him through heavy lids and Chance met and held his gaze, quickly working the condom onto Mark's straining erection.

"I asked you to fuck me, remember?" Chance tugged at Mark's pants, pulling them down below his knees. "Off, please?"

Mark laughed and smoothed his hand along Chance's cheek before nodding and lifting one foot. "Yeah, okay. Off." He allowed Chance to pull off the heavy boots and socks before stepping out of his pants legs.

Chance sat back on his heels once the job was done and took in the glorious sight of Mark's nude body. A fine sheen of sweat glistened across his chest and belly, beading in his dark hairs and drawing attention to his undeniable masculinity. Chance leaned forward and swiped his tongue through the line running down from Mark's navel, following the treasure trail back down to his sheathed erection.

Now that they were headed for the fucking Chance had been longing for, he felt nervous. Nuzzling the impressive organ between Mark's thighs, Chance tried to calm himself, nipping at Mark's pubic hairs and tugging gently, looking for any available distraction.

Instead of putting things off, it seemed to fuel Mark's lust. In one quick move he hauled Chance onto his feet and pulled him flush against his body, taking his mouth in a fierce kiss, Mark's tongue pushing between his teeth while his hands slid into the back of his pants. Those hands squeezing his bare ass made Chance's head spin, and he nearly came again when Mark's strong fingers pushed between his cheeks and rubbed against his hole.

Chance groaned and pushed away from Mark, needing to put space between them before he really embarrassed himself. He had to keep it together or he would never make it to the main event. Mark stood watching him, panting for breath, his entire body flushed and his eyes eager. Well, of course—unlike Chance, he hadn't come yet.

Chance smiled shyly, trying to appear confident as he toed off his shoes and dug into his pocket again, fishing out a small bottle of lube. "Here, you know what to do with this, yeah?" He tossed the bottle over to Mark before pushing his pants and underwear down and off his legs. Naked, Chance turned away from Mark and crossed the room to the bed. He slowly crawled onto the center and positioning himself on all fours, hoping the move appeared seductive rather than scared.

He must have pulled it off, because Mark joined him quickly, one warm hand on Chance's ass and his mouth on the small of Chance's back. "Damn, Chance! So eager, that's so sexy!" Mark mumbled against his back before snapping the cap on the lube open. The sound seemed loud as a shot to Chance's ears and he tensed, then grimaced, hoping the older man wouldn't notice his reaction.

Mark squeezed one of his ass cheeks and rubbed a slick finger around his exposed hole. Chance dropped his head onto his arms and spread his legs wider, giving Mark better access. When Mark's finger pushed into him, fast and deep Chance hissed and bit the soft skin on his forearm to keep quiet. The stretch and the burn weren't bad, but unfamiliar, and knowing where this was leading made him nervous again. By the time Mark had worked a second finger into him, scissoring them and stretching him in earnest, Chance couldn't help tensing back up.

"Damn, baby, you're tight. Real damn tight—has it been a while?" Mark ran his free hand up and down Chance's spine and nibbled gently on the tender flesh of Chance's ass cheek. The concern in his voice sounded genuine, and he'd been nothing but kind. He deserved to know the truth.

Chance looked back over his shoulder and met Mark's eyes. Before he could change his mind, he swallowed back his panic and blurted it out. "It's been never, Mark. You're in uncharted territory back there… Where no man has gone before."


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  1. That was so mean of you to stop there, Mathilde! The story can go in so many directions from here. How is Mark going to react? And you let us feel Chance's reactions so well. Can't wait to see what he thinks of this!

    1. Hello Dianne!!

      Thanks for the comment! Please contact me at - you've won one of my prizes!


  2. I find i too want to know what's going to happen next. LOL Play Along has made it to my 'to buy' list, Mathilde. :)


    1. Hey Jaxx!!

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  3. This was great! But it was cruel to stop where you did.

    1. Hey Starla!

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