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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Young Love for the New Year

Ah, young love...

First love is the sweetest of all. Especially when it comes upon you unexpectedly. For Scott, he doubts he'll ever find love at all in his life. He's low on the self-esteem meter and has no friends. That is, until his math teacher pairs him with the worst student, jock Jared. He's drooled over the hot blond silently, but has said nothing. Now is his chance! Amazingly, (in Scott's mind) they get along great and form a wonderful friendship, but hold on...not everything is black and white...Jared hides a secret. Scott needles him to find out what it is, but he won't budge. Their friendship grows and grows, but the trust factor needs to also. Things progress and they find out each other is gay, which leads to Scott's first kiss! But there's still the secret...and Scott's insecurities. Will it last? Stay tuned to the twists near the end for this one.
Young love is one of my favorite topics to write about, which is why YA and teens are my favorite group. They are fickle creatures and can cause heartache, but that adds to the drama I crave as an author.  I hope you enjoy Love by the Numbers!

Scott was the brainy geek with a heart of gold no one bothered to find. Jared was the school baseball star with a horrific home life no one else knew about. A twist of fate made them tutors... math. They discover friendship, then love... but is it enough?

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