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Friday, February 3, 2012

3 times the lovin' also means 3 times the drama!

Hello everyone! 
I’m so glad to be here on Guy’s Like Romance Too, and a big thank you to Carson and Jaxx for having me. I’ve been writing for a few years now, and while I have some other works published there is one very close to my heart. It was one of my first books published, and not only does it fit into the theme this month, Lover’s Come Hither, but it’s also my first and only multi- partner story!
Dream a Little Dream was published in October, 2010 and although I’ve had other works published since then, this is still one of my favorites.
It started out as an idea I got while watching a creepy episode of CSI late one night. As I sat there on my couch, in my most comfy jammies, clutching a pillow to my chest freaked out by the grotesque scene set in a mental hospital, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be completely sane yet trapped in in a hell not of your own making. What would you do? That got me started thinking and the next thing I knew, I had pulled out my cell phone and began filling up my memo pad with ideas and a rough outline.
Originally my book was only supposed to involve a doctor falling in love with their patient. It quickly spun out into a totally different story, with a confirmed pair of lovers taking on a younger, abused man in need and teaching him the true meaning of love. Dr. Aiden Turner and his longtime lover, Officer Jacob Blackthorn take a quiet, withdrawn young named Cael Sumner, a former patient of Aiden’s into their home to help him deal with his past. But things are not always what they seem and Cael may not actually be as sane as everyone once believed. Throw in a abusive monster hell bent on snatching away my sweet little character Cael, add in a healthy dose of mysticism and psychic powers, and …BAM!
Dream a Little Dream was born!

Dr. Aiden Turner, and his lover, Officer Jacob Blackthorn, never dreamed of adding a third to their relationship. But when one of Aiden’s patients is abused at the hospital and his attacker escapes, the two men decide to take the younger man, Cael, home with them. As time goes by, the three men start to realize there is something more than doctor, patient, and protector between them.
Even as love begins, will it be ruined when a shocking secret of Cael’s comes to light? And what happens when Cael’s attacker comes back, bent on revenge? The three men must work together to save their dream of a life together, before it turns into a nightmare.


“You made me a warrior,” Jake murmured when he got close, reaching out with one hand to trace down Cael’s cheek. A gasp escaped Cael’s lips at the warm touch before he could stop it. It was so good.

“Yes,” he whispered, unable to stop himself from leaning into the gentle touch. He jolted up right when he realized what he had done, knowing he was blushing as he cleared his throat.

“That’s what you are. I read a book once, on Native American cultures and the warriors were the protectors and defenders of the tribe. You helped me, were so kind and nice. You’re so strong, you could be mean but you aren’t…” Cael knew he was rambling but couldn’t seem to make himself stop. “You touch so nice and I had to paint you like I saw you. It’s okay if you don’t like it. I can hide it…I know how to hide them, so others don’t see. I can’t destroy it but I…”

That was as far as he got before a pair of warm hands cupped his face and scorching lips descended onto his own.

He mewled, arching into the sudden kiss with a gasp, his flailing hands clutching Jake’s broad shoulders, tangling into that, oh so soft, raven hair.

It was warm, oh so very warm. He’d never felt so warm. Like fire racing through his body, coming from where his lips were attached to Jake’s. Good, it felt so good; like nothing else ever had.

Don’t let it stop, please, don’t stop.

I hope you all enjoyed a brief insight into my thought process and one of my favorite books! If you really like it, you can purchase it over at Torquere Press.  Or stop by my website and blog for more info on me and my other works!

-Amylea Lyn

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  1. Sounds really good. I look forward to reading it.