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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

And then there were 3!

Hello, everyone!

My name is Tia Fielding, I’m an M/M-romance author and I’m here to pimp out my menage-novel, By Any Other Name, and its free Holiday-story The Great Escape. Yes, I understand it’s well beyond the Holiday season now, but hey, it’s free and sexy and fun! I will have to say that you should probably read By Any Other Name first, though, just to not spoil things for yourself.

By Any Other Name isn’t a new book, it was published in late August of 2011, but since there was a ménage-theme in here… Yeah, I’m going to ramble to you a little bit, but it won’t be about BAON, it will be about ménage-stories in general.

Now, when I had the idea for BAON, it was always going to be a ménage-story. There were three clear main characters bouncing about in my head and all of them wanted their voices heard. The story wasn’t your typical M/M/M-story, and how the ménage came to be wasn’t quite the usual story either. In fact BAON was the result of wanting to tell a story about abuse, friendship and belonging, but also make it a ménage-story without the usual rampant sexual content most M/M/M-books seem to have. Oh, there is sex in BAON, but I think the way I executed the smexin’ was different and fit the story just fine.

So when I finished writing another book (M/M, vampires) recently and got another idea for an M/M-novel, I pretty much thought it was going to be quite straightforward from there on. Wrong. SO WRONG.

As I was making my initial plans for the novel, sort of sending mental feelers to the boys in my head, I got a huge surprise. There weren’t just two guys in there in the story, instead there were three. Suddenly my easy M/M had turned into a very complicated M/M/M.

Now this future book of mine, if it ever sees the light of day, will be a love story between three very different people. In fact, when I began to ponder about really writing this particular ménage, I came to the conclusion that it might just be what I need after writing so many M/M-stories since By Any Other Name.

Sometimes it’s simple, other times not. This just goes to prove that us writers, we don’t really have as much control over our characters and stories as we’d like to think. But that’s half of the fun, isn’t it? Here a peek at By Any Other Name

Dru and Thom have been together for three years, and despite Thom’s occasional bouts of insecurity and Dru’s fear of rejection, their relationship is rock solid. Then Dru’s long-lost friend, Skye, suddenly reappears, shocking them both. Skye suffered years of inconceivable abuse before escaping it, and while he’s back on track, he has nowhere else to go as he begins to rebuild his life.

Dru, Thom, and Skye each want to belong somewhere, to belong with someone—or someones—with no fear of being hurt, set aside, or left behind. It’s a challenge with daunting odds, especially for Skye, who’s never loved before. He’s determined not to come between his two friends who so clearly belong together, and it will be up to Dru and Thom to conquer their fears and convince Skye to stay.

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Skye

Funny thing, how life turned out. He had never really thought about the whole cycle of things, but it was there. He had left Rowan Falls and Dru, and now he was going back to some fifty miles from Rowan Falls and to Dru. He hadn’t been sure about going back at all. Hell, who knew what Dru would think about him and how he had just vanished? Maybe he had been torn and hated Skye for leaving like that? Maybe he had felt betrayed?

The train of thought led Skye to berate himself; who knew if Dru even cared after the initial disappointment? Or maybe he had been happy to get rid of the poor kid who always hung around him? Why would he do this, except out of charity? He wouldn’t, not when he had a new life and all. Skye had gone online too, to do some research of his own on Doctor Al’s computer. Dru had a business that seemed to be doing well, or so Al had said after gathering information online. He also had a boyfriend. Or a partner—that was probably the right word for what that Thomas person was. Not only would Skye be living with Dru but with this Thomas, whom he had never met. The thought made his heart skip a beat and his breath catch in his throat.

“Skye, you ready?” one of the nurses, Tim, asked from the doorway of Skye’s room.

“Yeah, I am,” Skye said, clearing his throat as he glanced around and grabbed his duffle bag from the bed.

“They want you in the cafeteria.” Tim grinned, and Skye rolled his eyes. Whenever someone was released from Haven because they were doing well and going home or wherever, there was a little party. The other nutjobs would say nice things about the one leaving, and there would be cake. No balloons, though, not after Mr. Skittles had gone nuts and run into a wall the year before, when Melinda was released. Damn, that man was crazy—and apparently had a fear of balloons. Reminded him of clowns. Coulrophobia was something not to laugh at. Even the thought of that made Skye snort.

When Tim looked at him inquisitively, he mouthed “clowns” and made the nurse chuckle too. They had had this conversation before. It wasn’t clowns or balloons Skye was afraid of. His fears had to do with darkness, basements, small spaces, being confined, and anything overly religious in the Christian way. It made him want to puke, run, and faint in no particular order.

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  1. BAON looks like a great story:)

  2. Thanks, LeeAnn, I hope you'll enjoy it. :)

  3. I think something has just hopped onto my must have list!

    Tracey D

    1. Thanks, Tracey. :) I hope you'll like it.

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion this is already on my to buy list.

    I can certainly relate to the m/m suddening becoming a m/m/m unexpectedly. It was rather disconcerting when that happened to me last year. I just let my characters have their own way and watched where it went. LOL