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Friday, March 9, 2012

3somes, Christmas and Magic--OH MY!!

Hi, everybody!!

 My name is Eve Tesoro and I am an author of paranormal and contemporary romance. I am very, very new to this field and my styles are varied and developing even as I blog here today. In fact, the story I’m here to talk about is my FIRST. I am blessed and honored to have a spot in A Special Christmas Anthology with three other fantastic romance writers.

When I was offered this unbelievable opportunity to have a chance at publishing, I couldn’t pass it up. The guidelines presented to me were it had to be a short story, paranormal and be centered around the Christmas holiday. I knew I didn’t want to do vampires, although I love them. Since Christmas is a magical holiday, the idea of the gift of destined love came to mind. I can’t tell you how the premise came to me other than Logan and Gareth popped into my head. It seems all of my other characters have followed suit. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

Why m/m you may ask since it was my first time writing? Well, I have done role-playing in the past and always seem to play male roles better than females; I actually prefer them. Okay, put you psychology books away. I don’t know why. But I decided to give m/m story telling a shot and see where it led me. Well, I loved it. I have another m/m contemporary out for submission but I also write m/f and I’m writing an ménage right now, which will be m/f/m.

Although it is a holiday story and most of us have our eyes on spring, Christmas Present From the Past fits right in here with the March theme of magic at Guys Love Romance, Too.

Logan, a brilliant painter, has jilted lover syndrome and his last one did a number on him. He is depressed, lonely and ready to give up. His sister Ava can’t stand seeing him like this. Being a novice to witchcraft she decides to try and give his love life a little boost with a harmless spell to bring love to him before Christmas.

But with all her good intent, the spell goes wrong and she accidentally summons a man from the past. Way in the past; Salem,1961. Of course, being new to spells she has no idea how to send him back, so Gareth is forced to stay in the twenty-first century for a bit.

Avalyn’s enormous and unusual home made him wonder but the ride in the rounded metal box with soft wheels struck fear in Gareth. Never, did he see or experience anything like it. The speed at which they traveled confounded him and he didn’t loosen his grip of the curved handle on the door for the entire hour’s ride. Gareth watched with wide eyes this new world fly past him and he felt sick.  Sick at the sensation and sick at the feeling this just wasn’t right. Not for him. Never could he have imagined it.

“You liveth in a very odd world, Ava. All of it is very strange.” Gareth took a shaky breath and tried to relax.
“I know, but Logan is very easy going and he’ll look out for you, Gareth. This is only temporary until I figure out what to do.” Ava spoke confidently and Gareth appreciated her candor.

In an apparent attempt to make him feel more relaxed, Ava, the witch, assured him over and over during the journey she would find a way to return him to his time. He feared for his mother’s safety, what his actions might lead to without his presence. Gareth squeezed out the world by clamping his eyes shut, fear tugged at his throat while he fretted over his return to his time.

They drove in silence for the last part of the way, he assumed Ava’s silence indicated her belief the less she spoke, the better. No denying the situation sat first and foremost in his mind already, at least she tried. The tall metal posts with the odd gleaming lanterns became increasingly infrequent whereas the bare trees seemed to multiply in their place. The countryside view started to appear more similar to his home drawing forth a sigh of understanding relief he would not be staying in one of those large glass structures with thousands of windows like he saw on the venture. He wondered how one lived behind glass without others staring and seeing everything one did.

Ava’s yellow round metal contraption Gareth heard her call “her Bug” turned onto a dirt road, the only light to see by furnished through the lamps bulging from the front of it. In the distance, he spied a large house with a few illuminated windows, as they drew closer, he made out the figure of a tall man standing on the wooden porch. The Bug came to a stop on a solid black path leading to the home and Ava immediately opened the door to approach the man, hugging him tightly. She came over to Gareth’s door and opened it for him, urging him outside. Standing with a gangling, lumbering of his tall body from the vehicle, he walked cautiously with her to the timbered landing.

“Gareth, this is my brother, Logan. You’ll be staying with him until we straighten this whole thing out.”

 “Welcome to my home. I know this is really bizarre but I’ll try to make things as easy on you as I can for as long as you’re here. Come on inside, out of the cold.” Logan smiled, his greeting giving Gareth unexpected warmth despite his insecurity.

Gareth managed to smile back at the handsome blonde fellow and followed him inside, sensing his good intentions. At his first look at the interior, he approved of the cleanliness of the large room. No dust in sight, warmth blew through the air inside, however he saw no fire in a hearth. Similar to Ava’s, the home held some differences. Ava’s rooms held bright colors illuminated with many strange glowing bulbs but in Gareth’s eyes, Logan’s home reflected a rich man’s character and he began to see Ava’s family must be extremely wealthy. Combinations of blues and greens on the lavish furniture, rough hardwood floors with extravagant woven rugs tossed around encompassed a masculine feeling. Shelves and shelves of books furbished the room and he chose to subtly scatter framed life-like pictures of people here and there seemingly caught in a moment of time, ones like he observed at Ava’s residence. The only object he recognized, a large rifle hung above an archway to another room.  His eyes darted around the room, surveying the new atmosphere while his heart beat rapidly, his head dizzy, unsure of what to make of everything. About to panic, feeling like he needed to escape, he spotted the squares of painted cloth hanging on the white walls. Gareth paused, mesmerized.

Gareth inhaled deeply, pausing in his distress as he felt himself strangely pulled to examine them closer. Amazed at the blending of colors, the shapes and the lines forming a picture, he saw images not readily discernible to a quick glance. Gareth perceived the emotions pouring forth from the art and he spoke with complete awe in his voice.

“Who hath made these?”
A throat cleared behind him and the male voice said with pride. “Those are mine. What I mean is…I painted them.”
Gareth turned and focused his gaze on Logan with respect and oddly, a sudden understanding. “They are simply wonderful.”

Eve Tesoro-
            Website  Twitter  Facebook   Christmas Present from the Past can be found in A Special Christmas Anthology at Red Rose Publishing


  1. Eve - just saying - I liked your story most in the book - probably because I mostly can't relate with the typical romance heroines (those girls relly aren't for real, true?). It's a pity that it was a short story because I would have loved to fill up the time Logan and Gareth spend together with more discoveries and a bit fun. So I'm waiting paitently for some longer m/m story from you.


  2. Sunne, you just brightened my day. I am so glad you liked it! I do have another m/m short story coming out this spring, entitled Book Cover Lover. I'm shooting for novella length next and hey, a sequel's always possible, right? Thank you so much for reading!

    1. ...yes, you defintely should go for novella length - I'm going to enjoy it. Maybe Gareth and Logan will speak to you again...I wonder how Gareth settles in in modern life etc...there is a lot of potential.

    2. HAHAHAHA! Sunne you are putting ideas in my head. Didn't think about a sequel for those two. It was a once and done. But now...

    3. That's the idea...go on writing!!

  3. I just wanted you to know I loved your story in the Christmas Anthology. Although a short, I felt you captured Logan's and Gareth's growing love/feelings for each other, which made their steamy sex more meaningful. I look forward to reading your m/m contemporary romance and other future stories. Keep rocking the pages, Eve!

    1. ~T~!! You're very sweet and I am so glad you enjoyed. I hope readers find my Jason and Noah even steamier. Thank you so much for reading!

  4. Eve it was a pleasure watching you develop this story and I so am looking forward to all the great stuff to come. And I'm with Sunne I can see expanding on Garth. You know there is no such thing as just 1. lol


  5. It was a pleasure to be featured with you in an anthology. You've been a true inspiration in your writing and as a friend. Thank you for your support, LaVerne