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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome to G.R. Richards world!

Creators of Worlds: A New Take on an Ancient Legend
By G.R. Richards


Haron and Wiskar have served Sky Holder as Creators of Worlds for millions of years, but their relationship has always been turbulent. Wiskar creates predators and scavengers like the wolf and the vulture, while Haron fashions gentler creatures like deer and rabbits. Though Haron is saddened to watch his creations hunted by predators, he can’t deny his attraction to Wiskar's strengths. Ready to return home and hoping Haron will leave with him, Wiskar challenges his partner to a test of individual strengths - but Haron has a different definition of victory than Wiskar, and this is one battle he’s determined not to lose.

Creators of Worlds is kind of a modern-ish adaptation of the Huron creation myth.  It’s one part urban fantasy, one part ancient legend, one part gay romance, one part erotica.  And, just in case you were wondering, YES there are talking loons.  There are quite a few talking animals, come to think of it.

I wrote Creators of Worlds while spending a week at a friend’s cabin.  He had a big book of Native American legends.  There were a lot of creation stories, but I zeroed in on this one because it focused on two guys.  Of course, in the creation myth these guys are twin brothers, one good and the other evil.

In my version, the men, whom I dub Haron and Wiskar, might not be brothers, but they certainly have the good versus evil dynamic going for them.  Wiskar’s dead-to-the-world drunk when the story begins, and he lashes out at his partner in creation at every turn.  Even so, Haron is attracted to him beyond reason.

But you know gay romance—bad boys are never really bad, now are they?  They’re just misunderstood.

And the good guys?  Well, they like to be bad once in a while too…

 Creators of Worlds is available from Dreamspinner Press

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