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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sometimes you need a little push by the devil. :)

Hello Everyone!
Jaxx Steele back at you one more time to kick off Paranormal Month! I personally have been looking forward to this month. I love this genre. Know why? Because you can keep your book modern and still do whatever you want! It’s expected! Folk look forward to it. I love that!

I must confess though, in my love for this genre I have only written one book that fits Carson parameters for the theme. My book, The Devil made me do it is about Rick Michelson . He is a good man. He has a great job and a wonderful attentive lover. Rick is an all around great guy. His lover is the wild one and tries to make him a less vanilla in bed. Rick isn’t opposed to the idea, just nervous and that’s where his problems start. One night he woke to a noise in his living room. When he investigated, a man was on his couch claiming to be the devil. He wanted Rick to do a few things to entertain him and his friends. Does Rick do them? You’ll have to read the story to find that out. *wink*

This was one of my first contracted stories so forgive any juvenile tone you may sense. A reviewer said “Jaxx Steele has put a new modern spin on an age old tale.” When I read that I was not only happy that she liked the story, but I was confused to. I had no idea it was an ‘age old’ premise. My mother then enlightened me with, “That’s because you haven’t been around long enough to know what age old is, sweetheart.”  LOL No matter how old I get talking to her always makes me feel wet behind the ears.

Anyway, you tell me what you think. Here is a peek inside The Devil made me do it.

Rick Michelson was a good man with a good life. He liked his job and had a great relationship with his lover. All was well in his life until the night Lucifer showed up in his living room. Lucifer decided Rick was the perfect one to target to relieve some late night boredom.

Rick was still confused, but his instincts told him he was not in immediate danger. He lowered the knife and slowly walked into the living room. The man sat on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table. He wore a large cowboy hat that sat low on his forehead and covered his face. The white tee shirt was tucked in across tight abs and his faded jeans flared over his brown boots. His legs were long and crossed at the ankles pushing the bulge between his legs up higher.
The man pushed the hat up to make his face visible. He flashed Rick a devilishly handsome grin. Rick was stunned by his good looking features. The square chin, five o’clock shadow and rich brown eyes with the soft glow added to his rugged good looks.
“Who the hell are you?” Rick asked.
“Well, Rick, I’ve been called many names by different people. Some have called me Satin or the evil one. Others have called me an evil spirit, the fallen angel and even Beelzebub…but I prefer Lou.”
Rick leaned on the wall then wrapped his arms around his chest. “Lou? As in Lucifer? Are you trying to tell me you’re the devil?” he asked with a disbelieving chuckle tucking the knife under his arm.
The man shrugged. “You asked me who I was. I’m many things to many people.”
Rick rolled his eyes. “Yeah, okay, so what do you want, Lou?”
Lou put his feet down and sat up with his arms across the back of the couch.
“Here’s the thing, Rick. My friends and I—“
Rick scoffed. “Friends?”
Lou gave him a wide knowing smile. “Oh, yes, you’d be surprised how many friends I have, Rick. Anyway, we were sitting around looking for something to do for fun and found you.”
“Me? What’s so fun about me?”
“Nothing and that’s what makes you fun.”
Rick frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Rick, you’re no fun. You are too straight and narrow with no give. We’ve decided that fucking with you will be hilarious. My friends and I came up with a few things for you to do that we have no doubt will bring us a laugh or two.” He pulled a paper from his pocket and walked over to Rick.
Rick’s lips twisted as he looked over the list. “You’re joking right?”
“Why do you want me to do this?”
“Because we would find it very amusing to watch you work through it,” Lou explained with a laugh.
Rick’s brow rose. “Really? And what makes you think I would do it?”
“I got a good hunch you will.”
“Okay, let me get this straight. You want me to do some stuff so that you and your friends will be entertained?” He shook the paper in his hand. “And I’m supposed to just agree to it, just like that?”
Lou pretended to think for a moment then smiled. “Hmm, yes, that about sums it up.”
This time Rick laughed. He balled the note up then tossed at Lou. “You’re crazy. Get the hell out of my house. If you’re really the devil I should be able to rebuke you or something.”
“Be careful with what you say, Rick. You could either do what I ask or suffer the consequences of turning me down.”
“Consequences? What do you mean? What consequences?”
“I mean that pretty little boyfriend of yours works late nights sometimes doesn’t he? It would be a shame if he had an accident on the way home.”
Anger flooded through Rick’s body. The gripped the knife as it returned to a menacing position.
“What? If you lay one finger on Terry—“
Lou went on as if Rick hadn’t spoken. “Or that school you love so much…fires happen all the time, my friend.”
Rick’s eyes widened and Lou smiled.
“I have friends everywhere, Rick, but your little Terry and the school will be safe if you just play along with our little game.”
Rick pushed his anger away. The soft glow in Lou’s brown eyes were now bright flames. He knew in his gut Lou was telling the truth. His shoulders slumped and his skin cooled as he lowered the blade again.
“Why bother me? There are hundreds—thousands—of people who you could be out there messing with. I haven’t done anything to anyone. I’m a good man,” Rick insisted laying his palm on his chest.
Lou laughed again. “Rick, I don’t need a reason to fuck with people. It’s what I do! I walk the world looking for people to fuck with. Besides, who better to fuck with than a good man?” He walked back to the couch and plopped down. “Now come on, it’s decision time. My friends and I need a good laugh. What’ll it be?”
Rick sighed and nodded his agreement. He put the knife on the table and then picked up the discarded paper.
Lou smiled. “That’s the spirit!”
“What’s the Male Room?”
“It’s a club on the other side of town. Some of the friends I spoke of run it,” he added with a sinister smile. “You will need that note to get in. It will change after each task is complete to let you know what to do for the next one. Be at The Male Room in an hour and relax. You may learn something about yourself. You might even have a little fun yourself.”
Rick looked up from the note as Lou’s laughter lingered even after he departed in a flash of bright fire. Rick looked around the room and released a deep breath.
“Shit! What have I gotten myself into?” he said and headed back to his bedroom to dress.

That’s it guys! Thanks Carson for twisting my arm and having me open paranormal month. It was a real chore. LOL
You can get The Devil made me do it at Red Rose Publishing and all ebook outlets including ARe  Amazon
Until next time…
Jaxx Steele has left the building!

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