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Monday, April 9, 2012

The what-ifs of Forbidden Love

Amor Prohibido was my first gay novella, and it’s still the story closest to my heart because it’s about impossible, forbidden love between a man who thinks his life is over and an immortal angel who thinks he can’t ever have love at all.

When I think of paradise, the first place that comes to mind is Puerto Morelos, Mexico. It’s a small, sleepy, laid back little seaside town. I went there once to get away and enjoy the sunshine when I was on the verge of a major turning point in my life.
Just up the road were lovely Mayan ruins, in an area steeped in old mythology. Old sinkholes, some that you can swim in. Some that you can’t, because once upon a time people were ritualistically drowned there.  *shivers* Different times. Different culture.
When Amber Allure put out a call for stories about Paradise, I thought immediately of Puerto Morelos. A flood of what-ifs followed. An impossibly beautiful man came to mind. Extraordinary, masquerading as ordinary. Because my brain leans toward the paranormal, this man turned out to be an angel—but a flawed one. 

What-if another man had come to paradise feeling miserable. So miserable, he thought he might take his own life? Maybe even the beauty of paradise couldn’t make him feel good again. And what if those Mayan ruins and the mythology surrounding them were only the tip of the iceberg? What if that ancient sinkhole was really the gateway to Xibalba, the Mayan version of Hell…

Jacob Freehan has no job, no man, and no motivation. In pain both from ending a long-term abusive relationship and a severe back injury, he escapes to the sunny seaside town of Puerto Morelos for a little yoga, a little R&R, and possibly a place to quietly end his own life.
Pakal is a centuries-old immortal Mayan spirit guide who has been charged with getting Jacob on the path toward healing. Romantic involvement with a spirit charge is strictly forbidden, and it has never been a problem...until now. Pakal sees something special in Jacob, but failure to keep a rapidly growing attraction at bay could result in Jacob losing his life and Pakal being condemned to the Underworld forever...
“Uh, yeah. Hi. Pakal, right?” As if he didn’t remember. Just like he remembered the hills and valleys of the large man’s muscular arms, the golden glow of the sun as it shimmered on his chest. The strong grip with which the man had shaken Jacob’s hand. He had, in fact, remembered it the night before in his dreams, and again that morning in the shower.
Pakal nodded and grasped Jacob’s injured leg without any pause to request permission. “Let me look at this,” he murmured.
Ah, damn. Pakal’s hands were warm, firm, and alarmingly reassuring as they massaged the muscles around Jacob’s aching knee. And then…there was that strange pulse again, strongest at the points where Pakal’s hand touched Jacob’s skin.
Though it had been a little startling at first, the sensation wasn’t at all unpleasant. It reminded Jacob of walking into a large dance club and feeling his body throb along with the bass line of his favorite music. He had an inexplicable urge to place a hand over Pakal’s bare chest, to see if it was the larger man’s heartbeat that Jacob’s body was vibing with…

Amor Prohibido is available from Amber Allure and Amazon. Also check out Goodreads for Ellis’s free short story, Yes, Sir and the free gay serial drama Boxer Falls

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