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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Female vampires rule!

Hello bloggers!
First, I’d like to thank Carson and all the authors that contribute here for letting us break into your fun and share our work too. I am Dana Littlejohn author of erotic and sensual romance. I write M/F and F/F erotic romances. Many of my followers have asked me how did I start writing lesbian romance since I have been hetero predominantly my whole career. Well, it all began as an accident really.
The first one I wrote was Wrong Valentine. As I wrote Shante's story I first wondered what she would do if her boyfriend sent her a female Valentine-O-Gram, but Shante had other ideas for her story. She thought the story would work better if the valentine was meant for someone else and she ended up with it. What did she do? What would you do in that situation? Well, I finished her story and found it was very well received so I did another and the rest, I guess, is history. LOL

Shante was single, happy and ready for Valentine's Day. She planned a delicious dinner, music and a little self indulgence to celebrate her single-hood. Her evening was going well until someone else's Valentine O Gram showed up at her door. Should she get dressed and make sure it goes to the proper place or does she reap the benefits of someone else's mistake? available at Phaze

My next F/F work was a vampire series I simply called Lady Vampires. It is a 3 book series, Sweet Tooth, What a Ride! and Bobbie Rocks! I love vampires and have written a few hetero vampire romances. I wanted my female vampires to have the allure, mystery and sensuality that that their male counterparts. Not only in my books, but in the hundreds of other books I have read. They are in search of love and have the ability to pursue it just as aggressively. The women in my series represent all types of lesbian women from the flawless make-up, hair done up, sexy girly-girls to the jeans, t-shirt, Timberland boot wearing, short crop hair cut having lebians, too. Here is a peek inside.

Book 1-Sweet Tooth
Sasha had been alone for many years. Lately she began to think it was time for her to take a mate. When she spotted the beautiful Candice, she wanted her at first sight. Distracted to frenzy Sasha enlisted aid from a friend and put a plan into action to claim her for her own.


The gaze was so intense Candice had to turn away to continue to pull the lingerie over her shoulders. The dark lace brushed against her sensitive breasts and she bit her lip to suppress a moan. The garment cinched her waist, lifted her breasts seductively, and gave her legs an elongated appearance. Candice slipped into the shoes, turned to the photographer and smiled. Sasha returned her smile, but didn‘t speak. She merely extended her hand toward the couch.
Sasha removed a makeup kit and a soft brush from her bag. Gently she brushed her dark coils on her head, styling them the way she wanted. Eyeliner, shadow, blush and lipstick followed. Sasha turned her face to and fro then smiled again, apparently satisfied with the results.
“Now, lay back with your legs stretched out.”
Candice did as requested. Sasha picked up her camera and snapped pictures. Besides the occasional directive words—turn your head, look this way, smile, no smile, open your legs, bend your knees, twist at the waist, change clothes—the only other sounds in the room was the shutter clicking. After two hours and five outfit changes, Sasha lowered her camera and returned it to her bag.
“I think that‘s enough pictures for now.”
“You want me to change outfits again?”
Sasha shook her head negatively. “Tell me something, Can—” Her head snapped around to look over her shoulder. “Can I call you Candy?”
A small grin touched Sasha‘s luscious lips. “Why did you want these pictures? Are they for someone special?”
Lifting her gaze to Sasha‘s mesmerizing eyes, she felt her heart hammering in her chest. ”I don‘t have anyone special in my life right now,” she confessed. “I just wanted some really pretty pictures of myself while I am young and beautiful. I mean, I won‘t always look like this, right? In these pictures I will be young forever.”
Sasha moved closer to her. “Is that something you desire? To be young forever?”
Candice chuckled. “Who doesn‘t dream of that as they get older?” she asked rhetorically.
“Mmm, but what if I told you that I could do that for you?”
“You are doing that…with your pictures.”
“No, I mean really do it?”
Candice smiled amusingly and rolled to her side on the couch. “What? Make me look like this forever?”
She rested her temple on her fist. “I‘d ask you what kind of magic you have.”
“No magic involved, but it is within my power to do so,” Sasha said confidently.
Candice felt like Sasha was looking right through her as she came even closer. “How is that possible?”
“I am unique,” she told her softly.
Sasha sat beside her, pushing onto the settee until Candice had no choice but to lay back. She blatantly leaned over Candice‘s breast and inhaled loudly moving up her neck.
“I don‘t have the words to express how lovely you look in this outfit.” Her fingers brushed along the curvature of her breasts and up her throat. “Your skin is as white as porcelain. It makes your ebony curls look even darker. From the first time I laid eyes on you, I‘ve wondered if your pussy would taste as sweet as your name suggests,” she murmured boldly fingering her hair.

Book 2- What a Ride!
Tamika James had just accepted a job in Boston. Although she was still single, Tamika was feeling optimistic about her life. During the train ride back to New York she met the beautiful Cassandra and the circumstance catapulted her into a new world she didn't really know existed.


Tamika could not tear her eyes away Cassandra’s burning gaze. Suddenly the muscles in her stomach tightened. Her heart rate accelerated and her palms were instantly clammy. Tamika gasped deeply as a shutter went through her body. Excited, her nipples tightened encased in her bra and her pussy throbbed mercilessly as if someone was stroking her clit. The erogenous zones all over her body were on one accord and ached with sexual tension in unison. Finally, Cassandra blinked and turned away from Tamika and she was freed. Her body slowly returned to normal.
"Well then Tamika, what shall we do with our time?" Cassandra asked pleasantly.
Cassandra’s voice broke the last dregs of her sexual haze.
"We’ve got a few more hours before we are back in the city," she continued.
Tamika’s gaze shifted left to right unable to really focus. Her hand rested on her chest as she searched her brain for clarity on what had just happened to her. She had never gotten so hot and horny like that in anyone’s presence before. The panties she wore were soaked. Her orgasm was so close she continued to ache in need of it. Looking over at Cassandra only increased the growing feelings. She wanted her so bad. She may be confused about what just happened here, but she was clear about the attraction she had for the woman.
Cassandra sat across from her waiting for an answer. Tamika gave her a dumbfounded look as a response. After a few moments, Cassandra gave her a knowing smile and leaned forward to rest her hands on Tamika’s knees.
"Why don’t we take the edge off first, shall we?"
Tamika nodded still unable to find her voice. A chill ran across her heated skin as Cassandra slipped her hand up the small skirt around her thighs. A heady rush of desire sent another moist flood from her pussy onto her already drenched panties that pushed a stuttering moan pass her lips. When Cassandra’s fingers reached her drenched underwear, pressure was applied to her throbbing clit.

Book 3- Bobbie Rocks!
Roxie stayed under the radar for years moving from city to city to stay in the designing business. Thoughts of taking a permanent mate were put on the back burner years ago. When her friend Melina brought her to an adult toy store to prepare for a party she meets Bobbie. Although she had no intention on keeping her, she had every intention on having her for the night, but Roxie had no idea that Bobbie had other plans for her.


“I’m so glad you came, Roxie.”
“Thank you for inviting me."
“Come on, girl. You knew I was interested,” Bobbie said with a knowing grin meeting her stare. “I had to get you back in here. That sweet looking ass of yours was calling to me, baby girl…that and other things. I had to take my best shot. I’m just glad you came back to give me that shot.”
Roxie was taken aback by her open aggressiveness. No woman had ever come on to her like that. She was at a loss for words. Bobbie seemed to recognize her uneasiness and chuckled.
“Relax, baby girl, it’s all good. Come on, let’s walk around. I will show you a few of my best sellers.”
Bobbie offered her hand and Roxie accepted. She pulled her around the room explaining different apparatuses when they came across one that caught Roxie’s attention. The object was similar to something she had seen years ago, but the contraption was strangely different somehow. Bobbie held it aloft. Her hands gripped the dark straps to spread them wide as buckles dangles on either side. In the middle two perfectly formed cocks hung opposite one another. A white cord hung down to the bed extending from the back of one of the dildos that led to a black battery pack that still sat on the shelf.
“What is it?”
In answer to Roxie’s query, Bobbie took Roxie's hand and placed it on the anatomically correct toy. The covering was warm and pliable like real skin, but was obviously made from some type of silicone jelly-like substance. Touching the artificial material was exciting. With her eyes closed and no prior knowledge, Roxie wondered if she’d be able to tell the difference in a dark room.
"If you’d like, we could put their statement to the test. I could give you a firsthand demonstration," Bobbie offered boldly returning the dido to the table.
Roxie's eyes widened with her shock. "Are you serious?"
"Oh yes. I’m very serious. I’m a woman that goes for what she wants, Roxie, and I want you. I can make you happy…in and out of bed if you give me the chance."

You can find Lady Vampires at Secret Craving Publishing.

Dana Littlejohn

SLAVE's reviews

Sweet Tooth:
Sasha, Candice and Jasmine were believable. Though the story was brief, this story held my attention from the first page to the last. Jasmine, as a secondary character set the tone of the sensuality. The main characters used that to take the readers to the story’s orgasmic end. A great read. A short that stands tall among its peers.
5 of 5 refills!

What a Ride!
Tamika was the passenger on this great ride with Cassandra as the conductor. This book is aptly named because that is what the main character, Tamika, is taken for. There was a time when I was a little confused when Cassandra was bringing Tamika up to speed on her life, so I took ½ a pen. However, What a Ride has an easy start that escalates to a great lunch time readable orgasm.
3 ½ of 5 pens

Bobbie Rocks!
The main character, Roxie, sets out for a night of lust and a good meal, but quickly learns she is on the menu. This story rose in crescendo. Seduction was throughout the book and the one sex scene was worth the wait. I enjoyed the characters and the story set up and the ending was fun and unexpected.
4 of 5 pens

Overall, Dana Littlejohn’s Lady Vampires are a recommended read, whether you’re alone or sharing them with your partner. Her characters are believable and beautifully alive. They can bite me anytime!

Wrong Valentine
Shante had every intention on spending a romantic, self induced pleasurable Valentine's night alone...boy! was she wrong! This book shows the benefits of being in the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time...whichever way you decide on, you just want to be there! Wrong Valentine is an unexpected seduction that if you forgot a gift on Valentine's Day, you could send this to your lover.
5 of 5 refills!

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