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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Girl on Girl started it all!

When I started fiction writing years I paced myself into the romance genre. My first published work was a sweeter than sweet Harlequin-esque M/F romance- not one kissing scene until the very end for the HEA.
Since then I have broadened my writing style and challenged myself. While sitting one morning listening to a local rock station (they have morning drive-time segments- one is called Girl On Girl), I thought, why not? What have I got to lose? Writing a F/F novel couldn't be that hard, could it?

I sat down, cleared my mind and let my fingers take me. Two days later I had a 7k novel, Rachel's Desire. 

It was easy, considering I had never participated in the actual sexual activity personally, a very easy writing experience. I had found a momentary niche in the contemporary erotic romance genre. 

I continued with a second novel, Callie's Way: The Voluptuous Women's Club. I was loving the sub-genre but started to realize that women (F/F) were left in the dust of sales of the most popular erotic sub-genre of M/M. Why is that?

After some research and chatting with reviewers, authors and readers/fans, I discovered that M/M always have a HEA and these people I consulted with claimed F/F was more or less pure sex just for the sake of sex. Really? So the investigation continued and went deeper.. and true enough. Most F/F novels didn't have that special connection between the characters and it seemed as though the ladies were having one-night stands, sex for the pure gratification of sex, etc.

With the exception of a few authors, most of the stories were just... S-E-X. *sigh* I thought it was time the ladies got their due. I started a review site exclusively for F/F and female dominated menage- All-Girls Only Reviews- many authors applauded me and I have dozens of books to review. I also continued on my way with The V.W. Club series- it's all about the ladies for me.

I am bound and determined to change the stereotype that F/F is not about connection and only about the act of sex. Women have feelings, can make a connection and can end HEA, so why not show the publishing world how it's done.    



  1. Hi Dawne :)
    I'm so glad you posted, because I have been wanting to find some more f/f review sites and find some more books to read. (I write f/f too, and it seems to be a very small niche!)
    Alyssa :)

    1. Feel free to send over any ARCs for review Alyssa- dawne dot prochilo @

  2. TY for having me as a guest today Carson- look forward to working with you again