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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A lesbian assasin? Cool!

Greetings everyone!

And big, big thanks to Carson and Jaxx for making room for me and my sexy lesbian assassin on the blog this month. I’m here to talk about my newest novella, Nightshade, a contemporary story featuring Wynne, a woman with a troubled past and a deadly profession.

Nightshade is my first lesbian novella. Before this, I’d only written full length novels featuring love stories with soul-dripping sex and butch-next-door types. My protagonist, Wynne, has appeared in two of my previous novels as a minor trouble-making character but something about her was always screaming for a full-length story where she gets to kick ass and end up with a love (or lust) of her own. Nightshade is the result of all that screaming. This is not a cuddly story because Wynne is not the cuddly type, but it does feature delicious twists and turns, hot women, and the occasional use of Wynne’s killer body in a sexual capacity. I hope you enjoy it.

- Fiona

Nightshade Blurb

Assassin, Wynne St. Just has a knack for finding trouble, usually in the form of a beautiful woman. After fulfilling a haunting contract on her sister’s childhood friend and former employee, she takes off for the Caribbean and business as usual; but danger waits for her in the most unexpected places.

With an endless appetite for luscious variety, Wynne courts danger and pleasure from all corners of the globe. But she must wrestle with her own demons as she trades kisses and blows with some of the deadliest women in the business. She’s been lucky in all her years in the game but will a young woman bent on revenge become her Achilles heel?


It was raining. The smell of damp earth and rain-battered flowers rose up from the garden below to sink into the stone and steel of the large circular balcony where Wynne stood. Alone. From behind, the sound of laughter lifted suddenly above the sensuous base pounding from hidden speakers. The women looked exquisite; moist and hard in leathers, soft and feminine in silks, or dark and inviting in velvets. They could fulfill any fantasy, any decadent wish. For a price. Celeste’s women. Only the very wealthy could afford them, and only the desperate—and in some cases, the desperately bored—became one of them. Wynne’s sister planned it that way: an exclusive supply to meet any demand. Celeste was an enterprising woman, but Wynne knew only too well that she was deadly. A trickster in the clothing of a benevolent.
            At midnight the place already reeked of bartered sex and hashish. Wynne hoped she would come soon. It was getting warm and crowded. A woman stumbled out from the party, laughing at the serving girl she pulled roughly along with her. The girl seemed delicate and vulnerable with her violet dress and soft mouth. Her bare arms were bruised, but she didn’t protest. This was just another game to her. Celeste paid her well enough not to fight. The woman dragged her to a corner of the balcony farthest from Wynne, barely ten feet away. She pushed up the skirts of her black dress. Before the girl could sink obediently to her knees, the woman grabbed her hair and pulled her face down into her shaved pussy.
            Wynne leaned back against the railing to watch them. The girl’s pretty pink tongue worked the woman’s pussy, darting over the full cunt lips and clit like a hummingbird until she could no longer hold back her moans. She guided the girl with rough pulls of her hair, grunting and gasping when her whore gave her what she paid for, making her come with a muffled shout and a thin spray of cum that caught the girl full in the face. The woman’s eyes met Wynne’s above the servant’s head and Wynne nodded once in acknowledgement. She didn’t stay to see what else the woman had in mind for the girl.

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Desiree Nichols is no stranger to heartbreak, but when her hot, young boyfriend abandons her after two years of being together, Dez's foundations begin to crumble. To make matters worse, a family crisis is calling her home to face the people she left behind, the ones who never accepted her as anything but trouble. Fine. If that's how they see her, she'll rise to the occasion. Miami's hot, sultry nightlife offers plenty of opportunities for a girl to drown her disappointments, and Dez wastes no time hooking up with her old friends. Together, she and her girlfriends prowl the town, attending private parties where every fantasy can be fulfilled, every desire satisfied with no strings attached. The last thing on Dez's mind is finding bliss in the arms of a seductive new partner who couldn't be more different from her ex—and who awakens in her a hunger she tries to deny. But that's exactly what happens.
Now, in clandestine couplings at four-star restaurants, sizzling explorations in downtown sex clubs, and private romantic dinners where sensual boundaries are pushed and hearts are laid bare, two lovers will awaken in each other an intense, soul-deep passion that could change their lives forever.

Rémi Bouchard has enjoyed more than her fare share of delicious trysts amidst the seductive sounds and glittering lights of South Beach. With good looks, limitless sex appeal, and the wealth and popularity that comes from owning the city’s hottest jazz bar and restaurant, Rémi can seduce just about anyone she wants. But lately, the allure of wild one-night stands and no-strings flings is starting to wear thin. Rémi craves something more—and what Rémi wants, Rémi gets.
At her best friend’s wedding, Rémi looks across the crowd and finds exactly what she’s been searching for—an intense, soul-searing connection. Now, on a journey of sensual exploration that will take her from decadent after-hours clubs to South Beach’s most elegant nightspots, Rémi engages in a tantalizing dance of seduction. But passion this deep has its dangers—especially when it means falling in love with the one person who should be off limits.

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