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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let the roaring 20's roar!

Thanks for having me on the blog, Carson and Jaxx! And thank you for the opportunity to talk about my thoughts on F/F romance.

I currently have two books with f/f romance plotlines available, Prohibited Passion (a 20,000 word novella), and Betting the Farm (a 5,000 word short story).

I hadn’t really thought about the differences between f/f romance and the more mainstream m/f or m/m romance when I first started writing Prohibited Passion (and also my new short, Betting the Farm.) In the case of the former novella, using a f/f romance seemed more interesting. In the latter, it was specifically written as f/f romance; I had originally intended it as a submission for an anthology, but decided to release it myself. F/F romance is becoming more available, and I wanted to add my contribution. I’m hoping that this short story will act as a way of testing the waters for those new to f/f romance. I expect that most of what I write will contain f/f romance, simply because I like to write it, and I find it a good change from the more common m/f.
When I first began writing Prohibited Passion, I had envisioned a m/f romance between Luke, the pastor’s son, and CeeCee, a flapper from Chicago who visits the small town of Bandit Creek. However, the dynamic seemed too common: a fairly innocent young man, and a knowledgeable, world-wise woman. There wasn’t enough conflict. By changing Luke to Ruth and making it a lesbian romance, there was immediately more conflict. A small town, particularly in the 1920s, would be a tough place for a same-sex romance to blossom. It’d be even more difficult if you were the child of a pastor, expected to conform to your family’s beliefs.

The story is one of those that’s pretty close to my heart. Partly because it’s my first published work, but also because it’s something that hits close to home. Though I live in a city with a population over 1 million, there is still a very conservative vibe, and occurrences of gay bashing. The province was dragged kicking and screaming into having to make gay marriage legal, and sometimes it seems like there is still a lot of resistance. I like to think that writing f/f romance is one way of turning the tide.

My fellow Calgary RWA chapter member, Jade Buchanan, has a fantastic view on writing gay romance, and it’s one that I’ve taken to heart: “love and romance are universal concepts, no matter a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation.”

Leave a comment with your email address and I will select a commenter via to receive a copy of either Prohibited Passion or Betting the Farm, winner’s choice.

 More on Betting the Farm:
After her father’s funeral, Elly has come back to the family farm to pack up the heirlooms and arrange for the sale of the property. What starts as a lonely night turns into something more when a thunderstorm brings a beautiful stranger to her door…

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More on Prohibited Passion:
Ruth wants to escape the boredom of Bandit Creek and the strict expectations of her father, the local pastor. Her life changes the day she meets CeeCee, a world-wise flapper, and an irresistible attraction develops between them. She’ll be disowned and shunned if anyone discovers their prohibited passion, but can they keep their growing affection a secret?

CeeCee is drawn to Ruth, but things become complicated when her gangster companion disapproves of their liaison. He's in town to broker a deal with the owner of the local speakeasy, and he’s not above using them to further his own plans. Can CeeCee protect Ruth and their budding relationship?

As Ruth gets drawn further into their world, she must decide between her familiar life and a new, dangerous path with the woman she loves.

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  1. Great post Alyssa. And you're right about the conflict in Prohibited Passion, having A f/f relationship added way more conflict and made it a great novella. I've read it, loved it. Good luck!

  2. I've had the pleasure or reading Prohibited Passion and have to agree that the f/f romance brought an extra twist of conflict to the story. It was very well written and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Palmer!

  3. So true about romance. It doesn't focus just on any gender. Great post!
    Loved Prohibited Passion! Will have to download Betting the Farm.

  4. I also had the pleasure of reading Prohibited Passion and think you did a fabulous job with not only the f/f tension/passion but the complications involving Sheridan & CeeCee as well. I also applaud & support both you and Ms. Buchanan on you views! Looking forward to more of your work.


  5. I've read Prohibited Passion and I can't believe you originally planned it to be a m/f love story. Your instincts were absolutely right to make it f/f. It pushes the conflict and the "prohibition" metaphor brilliantly.

    I haven't read Betting the Farm yet, but I purchased it and I'm looking forward to it.

  6. Love how you said this..."I like to think that writing f/f romance is one way of turning the tide." I'd like to second that! I've gotten many comments from readers that picked up a GLBT romance and started to change their minds about things like gay marriage and gay rights. I think that's amazing. Congrats on your books!! Betting the Farm sounds great!

  7. Thanks to everyone that commented, and to Carson and Jaxx for having me on the blog :)

    Jade, I think the more that GLBTQ romance and literature appears on the shelves (virtual or otherwise), the better it will be as people realize that GLBTQ folks are just the same as everyone else. :)

  8. I'd never read a f/f romance before but if they're all as good as this one, I'm hooked. thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait to read the next book by Alyssa