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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love it or Leave it! The joys of erotic romance!

Hi. My name is Beth Wylde and I write lesbian erotica! My stories feature graphic sexual descriptions between consenting adults of various kinks, colors, genders and orientations.
There I said it. I meant it too.
Now that may sound like the introduction for a twelve step program but I can promise you it isn’t intended to be. Group meetings are for people who want to give their habit up. I’m just fine with what I do. I’m not ashamed of what I like and I’m not doing it for fame or fortune. (If I was, I definitely wouldn’t be writing GLBT erotica. I’d have picked something a lot more mainstream. LOL)
If writing smut is an addiction, I’m definitely not looking for a cure. I’m proud to be an author of kinky, naughty, graphic, girl on girl sex. When writing legitimate sex scenes between consenting adults becomes a crime I’ll gladly bend over and assume the position. Someone remember the handcuffs please!
When I first got the acceptance for my newest release, Born to Ride, in DL King’s The Harder She Comes anthology I let loose with a shout so loud I’m sure people in foreign countries heard me.
I’d been trying to get a story in a Cleis antho for quite some time, but what I was writing just wasn’t clicking with the calls or the editors. My rejection emails were pleasant, telling me the stories I sent in were well written and extremely HOT, but they just didn’t fit in with the other submissions. I knew what the problem was but I had no clue how to fix it.
I was trying to mold my stories to fit the submission calls instead of writing a story from the heart. I write erotica because I enjoy it. I put a piece of my heart and soul into every tale I type. There’s just something different that shines through when a storyline is based on something the author is passionate about instead of the essay feeling you get when you try to force out a story based on a subject you’re given. When I saw DL King’s butch/femme call I knew fate had finally shined on me. I didn’t have to tailor a story to a sub call, there was a sub call tailored to my story.
Writing about sexy femmes and hot, muscular butches getting horizontal and vertical and kinky, or any combination of the above, is something of an obsession of mine. There’s just something about a strong strapping butch showing her femme lots of love and affection that gets my juices flowing. No pun intended.
And if the butch is inclined to get a bit rough and introduce some off the wall interests too? Well that’s even better. I have a kinky streak that’s rather wide and still developing so I like exploring new territory.
That’s another fun thing I often included in my writing. Though my stories are published as fiction, and a lot of what I write comes directly from my twisted imagination, quite often my storylines originate from real life events. Readers will always find a bit of reality thrown in. I love it when everyday occurrences find a home in one of my books. It makes the characters come alive for me and I believe it makes the story better for readers too.
You can tell the difference right away between a sex scene someone is trying to force their way through and something taking place on the page that really turns the author on. I think writing about sex should get the author all hot and bothered. I wouldn’t do it if it didn’t. Writing action scenes should get you pumped up, Sad stories should make you cry and good erotica should leave you wet and panting.
Lately I’ve become a bit like Pavlov’s dog. Just sitting in my computer chair and hearing the sound of my comp roaring to life can get me aroused. It makes getting into the mood to write something sexy so much easier, but it’s been hell on my budget. Comp chairs don’t seem to hold up as well as they once did. (I’ll leave those details to your imagination)
The day I stop getting turned on is the day I stop writing erotica. Until then I’ll leave you, the reader, to guess what’s real and what isn’t.
For a peak inside my mind and what turns me on check out my website. You can also order an autographed print copy from me of any of my print books and I’ll give you free shipping if you mention this blog post. You have to email me direct to take advantage of this at

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Happy reading!

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