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Friday, May 18, 2012

Well if guys like romance, then I'm hoping they love Zombies too!

Zapocalypse-The Midnight Special was accepted as part of Noble Romance's hit series…
Lesbians vs Zombies: the Musical Revue

When the Zapocalypse arrives and zombies are running around trying to eat all our brains, even the most uptight people aren't going to give a rat's petunia who comes to the rescue. Who knew that two lesbians stranded in some hick-ass town deep in the swamps of southern Georgia would become local legends, heroes in their own right? Gina and Ginger sure as hell didn't.

But that's exactly what they became on the night of The Midnight Special. Battling redneck hypocrites on a nightly basis at the diner was bad, but battling those same inbreds turned zombie was a whole different breed of stupid. Yet with their iPods jacked up and blasting Creedence Clearwater Revival, that's just what they're doing: kicking some serious zombie ass!

With half the town looking out their backdoors and the other half dreading that bad moon a'rising, Gina realizes she and Ginger have been thrust into a fight for the town as well as their lives.

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SLAVE's Review
Two girls making their way in a small town, killing a few zombies along the way. That’s what the book was about. The characters, Gina and Ginger, are fun and believable. I liked D. Dye’s creation of her zombies and how she introduced them in the book. I enjoyed this book. It had sensuality and a hint of horror. I would have given this story 4 pens, but there were times when the flow felt choppy and it pulled me out of the book, thus I give Zapocalypse-The Midnight Special 3 ½ pens.


  1. Did you catch that huge bruhaha over whether authors were to comment on reviews? WOW. Sucker blew up.

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    It's the fact someone spent time for-YOU.

    So thank you for your time.

    To anyone lurking around with questions? Fire away, I'll be lurking around myself.

    What's everyone up to this weekend? Any special plans?


    D. Dye

  2. Trust D to jump in headfirst! :)

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  4. I liked the reviewer's take that the Midnight Special had a touch of horror Makes it more appealing. Natalie, I'm up for a champagne with a strawberry floating in the bottom of the glass. Cheers Ms. Dye.

  5. I tend to jump into everything. I do. But I can't help it, one should always thank.

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  6. Hot kick ass chicks and Zombies. Yeah, I'm in.

    Way cool series, of which I'm happy to be a a part of.

    And, I do thinks it A-OK to thank a reviewer. No harm in being polite.