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Friday, June 22, 2012

A look at the classics

Hello Everyone!

Jaxx Steele back at you one more time to share my vampire story, By the Moonlight. I personally have been looking forward to this month. I have glued to the blog so I could find more vampire romances to read. I love this genre. I mean honestly, who doesn’t love the seductive lore of a vampire? Well, that might be just my opinion…but I bet I can get a couple of hundred people to agree with me.
I had read many vampire books, but they were all hetero. At the time when I wrote this book, I was ignorant to what was out there in the m/m world, but the desire to ‘see’ a vampire to seduce a man in the same way I had been reading was overwhelming. I felt like if I didn’t write one I wouldn’t see it. Boy was I glad to be proven wrong on that one! LOL
Jared chose to sleep with and feed from women to slack his urges during his timeless existence. His seduction was strong and he used a gentle hand with them. After having his way with the women Jared returned them where he got them none the wiser. Jared was aware of his friend’s preference for male flesh and didn’t judge him. Byron was a dominating and aggressive force in lore and seduction, but patient and low key when it came to Jared. Knowing he had a life time to persuade Jared to what he wanted from him, Byron took his time becoming Jared’s friend before introducing him to the world of man on man love.
By the Moonlight is classic tale of how friends become lovers where you learn that what you always wanted was right in your face the whole time. I just wanted to give it a Jaxx Steele spin. This book was one of my first contracted stories so forgive any juvenile tone you may sense. I was still developing the style and voice of my writing. :)

Here is a peek inside By the Moonlight.

Jared Sinclair was a sexual vampire. In his long life he mated with and fed from countless amounts of women. He roamed the night with his best friend Byron who preferred the taste of males to mate with and feed from. Byron thought it was time for Jared to be more adventurous and invited Jared to feed with him. Jared had never thought feeding from a male would burn his blood with passion he never knew and scorch his senses like never before. After all the things Byron had shown him would he choose to stay in this new world of man love or will his adventure end with the night?

The women Jared made love to never touched him like that. Jeff’s response made him want to be touched like that, too. Jared rubbed his cock through his pants watching the erotic scene as it unfolded before him. He was engrossed by the boy’s face. It was caught in a dance of excitement and passion, no different than the women Jared had had under him. Jeff’s handsome features were trapped in ecstasy, and when his eyes were flittered open they were filled with lust. Jared wondered if this type of lovemaking felt as good as his young face indicated. He looked at Byron’s face and saw that his handsome features were caught in his dance as well. It made him even more beautiful. Jared continued to stroke his dick and watch the sexual scene as it continued to unravel.

Byron was moving faster now, his own lust building and coming to a head. He held onto Jeff’s shoulders, driving his full cock deep into his ass. His back arched and bended as he pounded into Jeff for all he was worth. Jeff backed up to meet each one of Byron’s thrusts and screamed out loud, marking each one.

The screams along with the lust and sex smells filling the air were overwhelmingly new to Jared. He frantically freed his dick from his pants and stroked faster, sensing the end was near for the two men, and he wanted to be there with them and come at the same time. He continued to watch them, mesmerized as Byron slid his beautiful cock in and out of the boy’s ass. Byron’s ass tightened at each thrust and his balls swayed back and forth in a hypnotic rhythm. Jared slowed his movements to be in sync with Byron and his new lover and wondered if it would feel good to him if someone was inside of his ass like that.

Jeff’s blissful cries brought Jared to reality Byron was bringing him to climax, it would be over soon. He watched as the boy tossed his head back and forth as he screamed again. To his surprise Byron pulled the boy back against his chest to lean against his lap. Reaching forward he grabbed the boy’s neglected cock, and as he held him steady with one strong arm across the boy’s chest, he continued to fuck him and stroked his dick at the same time.

Jared’s eyes were as wide as Jeff’s, but he held his tongue unlike Jeff who his raised his voice in short, loud “oh’s” that matched each thrust. Jared stroked his dick faster as he watched them in amazement. Just as they neared their end Byron’s voice invaded his mind.

Come for me, Jared. I’m pretending it’s you I’m fucking.

Byron’s words demolished what was left of Jared’s control. He came hard screaming his release along with the boy as they both shot their loads into the air.

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