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Monday, June 18, 2012

Not your everyday vampires.

Hi, I'm J. C. Natál and my books "Rysykk's Rise" and "Rysykk's Remedy" are the reason I am here today.

The story that became my first published M/M story began as sort of an experiment, because while I loved vampires and vampire stories, I didn't want to write just another traditional vampire.

Instead, I wanted to start with the idea of a M/M relationship and work out from there. It was an uneven relationship in the beginning, to be sure, with one of the men, Maleus, being a high-powered businessman, and the other, Alarin, a prostitute with nothing but the clothes on his back. It seemed a simple enough beginning.

Then I took them and placed them in a complex future world, where the structure of society is built on money and power, and secrets. The biggest of those secrets revolves around the vampire concept. Rysykk's, as they are called, are the product of a faulty gene, and poisoning by a combination of weaponized drugs.

At one time there were many of them, but after decades of being hunted down and destroyed, few remain, and those who do are in hiding. They've become legends, stories told to frighten children and keep nosy people from digging too deeply into the dark, seedy, underground.

There are three stories in the arc, "Rysykk's Rise" is the first which introduces us to the world and the characters that inhabit it. "Rysykk's Remedy" ups the ante, thrusts the characters deeper into the intrigue of the secrets they keep and puts everything on the line. In the upcoming "Rysykk's Revenge" the world will be brought to the brink of war, secrets will be ripped into the open and our lovers will face more danger.

My vampires are not cold blooded killers, though the society they live in see them that way. They are altered humans, who lack the ability to process most foods, thus are left to get their nutrition through blood and supplements.

Not your traditional vampires, and not your traditional love story. From a rocky beginning as a kept whore Alarin is a young man just trying to survive. He never expects to actually care about the man who brought him up from Bottomside. Maleus, on the other hand, is willing to deny himself love to realize his political aspirations, even if that means using, and losing, the second person he has ever loved in his life.

In the world they live in, love is a luxury neither of them can afford and neither will admit to easily.

Rysykk's Rise:

Alarin is a skid living in the dark and dangerous underside of Washington-America, where the sun can no longer be seen through the buildings and streets of the upper levels. He's a pickpocket and a thief, and sometimes a whore when he's hungry enough, until the night he picks the wrong pocket and falls victim to a vicious beating.

A mysterious benefactor whisks Alarin away from the mean streets and offers him a life of luxury, ninety floors in the sky - but who exactly is Maleus Bryant and why does he want Alarin when he could have his choice of companion? What is it he knows that Alarin doesn't?

Available at Dark Roast Press:  Smashwords:

Rysykk's Remedy:

As Alarin struggles to find a mate and consolidate his power, his mentor and lover, the powerful and mysterious Maleus Bryant, fights his own battles against new dangers and unseen foes. Strange disappearances and agonizing deaths are the clues that lead them from Washington to San Francisco, from the dank shadows of Bottomside to the glittering heights of society's elite. Chemical genocide masquerading as a cure and treachery from within are only the beginning of their fight to survive.

Available from Dark Roast PressSmashwords:

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