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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shifters with secrets?

Hi Carson!
Thanks for letting me cruise into your blog for a day. I’m happy to be able to share a little about my work with you and your readers. I have to admit, Del happened more by accident than as an intended foray into MM writing. Some of my readers may know of my muse, the almost constantly absent Olivia. Well, Del happened after one of her many trips, and I think this one was to Tijuana, because when she got back, she threw me for a loop.

I already had Jake completely picked out, had his scenario, his back story, his life, the bookstore—all of it. And then Olivia throws me for a curve.

“He’s gay.”
“Say what?”
She just smiled and that was all I could get out of her. And no argument I had to team him up with a hot little thing would do. Nope. She then gave me Delany to work with. So she’s not a total b*tch. She can be of some use to me. And I have to say, I love Del almost as much as I loved working with Jake.

Both are strong men who knew their minds, and they take their commitments seriously. I found Jake’s humor endearing. It was a lot of fun writing their story, and theirs was the real launch of my muse into the MM territory.
As you can guess by the blurb, Del has a secret, and being able to open up about it causes quite the chasm between these two. See, he’s a shapeshifter. A wolf with a strong family relationship to his pack. So for him to tell Jake all of this, means telling him about every person in his family, and with his background, that’s one silence that is the hardest to break. But they do work their way through it. I had high hopes for them, but don’t let it be said that Jake or Del can’t be stubborn.

Did I mention Jake’s a redhead?

So that’s a bit about Delany’s Catch. I hope your readers will give these two a chance, get to know them now that I’ve given them an intro.

Can love overcome the destructive force of an unnatural secret?

Alone since his boyfriend left him for another man, Jake Holiday has been working his bookstore, treading water, and keeping to himself. It was simple and uncomplicated.
Delany Coltrane changed that.
Turning a corner looking for an address, Del wasn’t expecting to find the hot guy hidden under the stack of boxes, but couldn’t regret needing to ask for directions. Not when Jake was his wolf’s mate, and too damn sexy to ignore even if he weren’t.

But with money problems and safety at the bookstore an issue, can Del and Jake find a middle ground to let their attraction flourish? Because trust is essential to share Del’s largest secret with Jake. A secret that encompasses not just Delany, but his whole family.


Jake imagined the press of  firm, seeking  lips on his neck beneath his jaw. He shaved every day, but wondered how it would feel if he didn't. Would Del like the raw abrasion, or was he the kind that wanted a softer touch? Jake liked it a little rough, enjoyed the burn of a hot necking session. Slow, hungry kisses that enflamed as much as teased. Hot lips that would linger before a delving tongue traced muscles and tendons. A shiver inched down his back as the desire gained momentum.

A low moan slipped from his lips as he let it run rampant, losing himself in it for a moment. “Mm, what are you thinking of?”Jake's eyes popped open. Right in front of him stood the object of his fantasy. Del stroked a hand down Jake's arm, twining their fingers together. Then he brought that hand up, pinning him in place. Blanketing his length, chest to thigh, Jake couldn't hide the sign of his want. His eyes almost rolled into his head when Del rubbed his length seductively alongside Jake's, sharing the thrill.  

“Fuck, you're sexy,” Del growled. “I could watch you like this
for hours, so relaxed and not even aware of how you look.”

“You- You were watching me?” Jake rasped. His lungs ached
as he sucked air.

“I couldn't help myself,” he breathed, nuzzling Jake's jaw.
“All I could think was I wanted to be where you were.” Caged against the shelves, Del clasped his other hand, bringing both to rest on level with his head. “I'm not going to stop this time, Jake,” Del warned.

“Stop?” Jake's brain was in a lust-filled haze. What had he
begun? Jake's vision landed on Del's firm lips. He didn't care about anything just so long as Del kissed him.

A sound permeated the air between them. A growl, or maybe a groan. It might have even been himself, he had no idea, because Del commanded the moment, licking at Jake's lips then thrusting inside. Jake's spine sparked then went limp. There was nothing else in that moment but the heady taste of Del. The man was spice and mint. Jake's fingers  clawed around Del's grips, and Del answered, thrusting into Jake's erection, grinding  into the swelled edge between. He whimpered. His balls ached, the need for more so strong, he wanted to take Del's hand and slide it under his zipper. The idea of being stroked by the strong hand locked around his own sent a string of cries into Del's mouth. Del released his lips, but nothing else.

“Geez, Jake,” he
muttered. “You're going to make me come in my jeans.” He panted where he rested, his lips pressing lightly to Jake's  temple and face with tender kisses.  

“Want to taste you,” Jake managed, his voice hoarse with a
hunger that swept common sense out the window. He didn't care how, but he wanted Del now.
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