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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Transgender in romance? Yup!

Transgender characters in romance books? How far have we come in our ‘open-minded’ society to include these individuals? I personally have not read many books nor seen many movies (that are fictional based) about transgender men and women. They are out there- mostly in the indie film circuit and European films. This got me thinking- which I do too much of. Why not?

Enter Delanie Desmond. Delanie who used to be Dexter, was a family man with children, now having completed the transition from man to woman, is no longer married. Delanie first appears in Living Dangerously. She is the land-lady for my cross-dressing character Andy Hornsby AKA Anita Honey.

In the first book we overhear Delanie’s struggle to continue her surgeries by asking her mother for money. We come to learn Delanie, or ‘Lanie’ is still very insecure and struggling with her life as a woman. And seeing a man, Andy, become a woman so easily simply by wearing make-up and a mini skirt, does not make Delanie happy.

That character touched my heart so much, I brought her back in Taking Ryan. After Andy moves out, Ryan Davis moves into the same home Delanie rents out: her space on a couch in a den. Ryan is the opposite of Andy, so Delanie’s guard becomes let down and she and Ryan develop a close relationship. Close enough for the two housemates to share some of their intimate fears. Delanie begins to gain confidence with Ryan’s kind reassurance, and even ventures out on a date. 

I suppose my goal, as in all my novels, is to remove the mystique, the negative images, and the lack of compassion for all individuals who don’t fit society’s strict ‘norm’. Since in reality, none of us do. 

We are all frail, and need love and understanding.

Delanie Desmond begins to flourish by the end of Taking Ryan, because the young man has showed her compassion. Wouldn’t it be nice if my novels weren’t fiction, and people who are transgender or gay could simply be loved and accepted as the unique individual they are.
Go, Delanie! We are all routing for your happiness!

Thank you, Carson for allowing me to share my views on your blog.

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