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Friday, August 31, 2012

Transgender romances are still romances

The main genre I write is transsgender romances. The reasons for this are because when I started out writing I used to submit to a free-read site called and on that site there is every genre of story imaginable but the more I read the more I found that transsexual stories weren't about love and romance, they were about sex. All the stories were concerned with were about guys 'trying something different', 'being unsure about their sexuality' or because they were drunk and horny or had been set up by their friends. 

Yet the reality is transsexuals want exactly the same as everyone else. Ordinary guys meeting people they think to be women, falling in love, finding out the truth yet still being happy and transsexuals not afraid to be honest with themselves and their partners, not hiding the truth and the trials and tribulations they go through to get where they get to.

There is not enough transsgender fiction out there. My stories are not all flowers and roses. When people read my books, which are amazing by the way J, I hope they reach the end and see these women in a different light, sees them as exactly the same as any other woman-with just a little extra. Here's a look at Star Search...

Joe is a gay man who prefers to date transsexuals. He begins a journey to find one he just knows he could love. The woman who has captured his desires in only one night. Do you believe in love at first sight? Joe does, and he is determined to find her against all odds. Explore this suspenseful, dangerous and unusual adventure with Joe as he travels to find love with the third sex.

At half past six I locked up the house and, as it was a warm night, started the walk to meet Star before the party. I arrived at the meeting place an hour later, realized that I was a little early and lit up a cigarette. As I waited I started to feel nervous about meeting her for some reason and nearly changed my mind and left.
Star arrived just as I finished my second cigarette. As soon as I saw her I was totally blown away and glad that I hadn’t chickened out. She looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a knee length black pencil skirt, high heel shoes and a red blouse that showed the curve of her breasts perfectly. Once we had introduced ourselves to each other I led her inside the party venue.
“Would you like a drink?” I asked her.
“Vodka and coke please," Star replied.
I ordered the drinks and as she walked towards an empty table I couldn’t help but stare at her tight ass, moving from side to side, underneath her skirt. We sat down and Star asked me all sorts of questions about my manager and the people I worked with. She told me she always did this as she liked to have some sort of idea about the people that she had never met, so she didn’t look to out of place. Once I had told her all she needed to know, my manager walked through the door and headed towards the back room, where the party was being held.
Star and I finished our drinks and, five minutes later, followed my manager through to the party. As we walked in I saw that most of my work colleagues were already there and having a good time. The music was loud, the big table at the end of the room was full of food and the bar was staffed by a couple of twenty-something year old girls.
Most of my work colleagues were sitting around the room, with their partners, and I thought that seemed like a good idea but Star dragged me straight onto the dance floor. She was a fantastic dancer and I was soon shattered, yet she seemed that she could go on for hours. Telling her to slow down, as the night was still young, Star took me over to the bar and I got us some more drinks. We stood and watched some of my colleagues dancing for a while, when Star turned to face me.
“I know it’s your boss’s party,” she started, “But how about you take me to a club and then back to yours.”
“I’d love to take you to a club,” I replied, “But I best say bye to my boss first.”
“Okay come on then,” she said linking her arm through mine.
“Hello boss,” I said as we finally reached him through the crowd.
“Hello Joe, thank you for coming,” he said. “And who is this pretty thing with you?”
“This is Star,” I said.
“Hello,” Star said.
“Thank you for coming as well Star.”
“I’ve had a really good time,” she said.
“We both have,” I added. “But I’m afraid it’s time for us to go now.”
“I understand Joe,” he said winking at me. “You two go and enjoy the rest of the night.”
“Oh I’m sure we will,” Star said winking back at him.
We then left the party, her arm in mine, and she took me to a nightclub that I had never been to, and we danced and drank for a couple more hours.
“Come on Joe take me back to yours,” she eventually said pulling me off the dance floor.
We walked out of the club, hailed a taxi and twenty minutes later I was unlocking my flat. As soon as we were through the door our lips locked in a passionate embrace, and began to tear each other’s clothes off. I knew the night had gone well but I wasn’t quite expecting this sort of reaction, even though I knew she was an escort and to her the longer she was with me the more she would earn, but I wanted her so badly that I wasn’t about to argue.
She had my top off and my trousers and boxers around my ankles in seconds and then wrapping her slender fingers around my, already hard, cock, she slowly started to stroke me as we continued to kiss passionately

available at here: Star Search

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