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Monday, September 3, 2012

Arrrgg! It's historical month!

Welcome to Historical Month Guys Like Romance, Too!
Jaxx Steele here to kick off the month with my pirate story, A Day on Plunderer’s Pride! Let me start out by first saying I love pirates and cowboys. In this blog I will be talking about pirates. Come back later in the month if you want to read about my cowboys.
I played pirate games, read pirate books, I was even the kid that said I wanted to be a pirate. Of course that was a short lived dream as I grew up, but the love has never diminished.
The first story I sold was a vampire tale, By the Moonlight, but it wasn’t the first I wrote. I always wanted to write a pirate story, but I was afraid to butcher my beloved pirates by being cheesy. I played at writing one for over three years before I got the balls to just do it. Before I got really serious I read pirate books and watched movies until it drove my sweetie. He was screaming ‘no mas!’ and threatening to move out when I finally put a story line together.
I asked myself what it was that loved about pirates and tried to get all those aspects into my story. My story is historically accurate taking place in the late 1800’s when pirates rode the seas in the Caribbean robbing trade ships coming to and from the Americas. Gruff, sea-hardened men, closer to their ship mates then they ever were to anyone they recognized as family, took from the sea what they needed and traded the rest. These are the type of men on Plunderer’s Pride. The story shows a day in the life of the pirates on board. Here is a peek inside.

 Life is hard but worthwhile on the pirate ship Plunderer’s Pride. Follow Captain Julian Hazard and his band of ruffians as they go about their daily business. As you endure their daily struggles and nightly rewards you may find that a pirate’s life may be for you, too.

Sir William Pendleton smoothed the ruffles on his pristine white blouse as he descended the staircase slowly. Two large silver buttons on his abdomen closed the black satin overcoat that swayed along the back of his calves. He exaggerated each step, overextending his legs, causing his foot to hit the stair heavily.
“Greetings, Captain Hazard. So good of you to stop by.” His voice was light and jovial.
“I am here at your request, Governor,” he stated just as cheerfully, walking over to meet him.
“Quite so. Well, in that case, I thank you for answering my summons,” the governor amended, offering the captain a limp wrist handshake. “I am a blunt man, Captain. I will come right to the point of this meeting. You have a reputation of attacking other ships taking whatever riches they have on board, the crew as well. Is there truth to this accusation?”
Captain Hazard wrapped his arms around his chest and raised a brow. “Aye. I take what I want and trade what I don’t need.” Irritation tinged his voice as he confirmed the allegation without faltering.
The governor raised his hands in surrender. “That is not a criticism, my good man, by no means. I ask because I am in need of such skills.” Governor Pendleton produced another scroll from a nearby desk draw. “This is a Letter of Marque. I would like you to stop a trade ship on its way back from the Americas. It is a Spanish galleon that makes birth out of Santa Domingo. It is said that they carry gold, silver, spices, silks, ivory, and the like. Whatever the cargo is I want it.”
Captain Hazard looked over the letter and nodded. “What is my cut?”
“Bring me half of the goods, and the other half is yours. That seems fair, does it not?”
Hazard thought on his offer. “What of the galleon’s crew?” he asked with a raised brow.
Sir Pendleton waved away his question. “Do what you will with them. Lay waste to whole lot for all I care. They are of no concern to me, only the treasure matters. Do we have an agreement?” he asked impatiently.
Captain Hazard looked over his shoulder at his companion. They had been sailing together for many years. He could read the man very well. Julian looked for signs of caution in Nigel’s handsome but blank expression, but saw none. Satisfied, he re-rolled the scroll and handed it over to Nigel before turning back to the governor.
“Aye, Governor, we have an accord.”
“Excellent! My spies tell me that the ship was due to leave the Americas just this morning in route to Santa Domingo loaded to the brim with my riches. If you leave with the rising sun you should be able to intercept them as they move past Cuba toward Haiti. I do not wish them to return to Hispaniola with riches I have already determined to be mine, Captain Hazard. Do not disappointment me,” Governor Pendleton added pointedly with an air of arrogance before turning on his heels to return to the stairs, abruptly ending their meeting.
The captain and his mate left the room quickly.
“Gather the men and meet me on the ship, Nigel. We leave before dawn.”
“Aye, sir,” he said, lagging behind him, already in motion to do his bidding.

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Thanks Carson for giving me a chance to share once again. You rock! :)

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