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Friday, September 21, 2012

When you least expect to find romance...

Many of us go through life struggling to figure out just what we want to do, how we fit into things, and wondering if we will ever find that person meant for us.

In The CEO And The Cowboy, rancher Calhoun suffers from these confusing issues.

The woman Calhoun Cordell was supposed to have married left the arm of her new husband to come over and give him a hug. He felt more than a bit awkward…. If Katherine hadn’t insisted on his coming, he sure wouldn’t be here…. No matter the problems they’d had or how big a jerk he’d been, she’d stood by him patiently waiting for him to do the right thing by her. Which he hadn’t been able to do. It wouldn’t have been right for either of them, and she’d finally accepted that. The biggest problem was that he didn’t know what he wanted. Something was off with him. He felt like a square peg shoved in a round hole.

And just when he’s trying to get over the “wrong” relationship and wondering what now?

…a striking man he’d noticed earlier at the wedding turned from talking with an older couple. The man’s gaze met his, and he felt the same jolt he’d experienced when they’d noticed each other at the church. It made him uneasy. There was something sexually enticing in the man’s scrutiny. It unnerved him, especially when he felt the stirrings of arousal. What the hell?

But Calhoun isn’t the only one surprisingly drawn to a stranger at the moment.

Daniel Patterson had tried to figure out what about the tall, ruggedly handsome cowboy kept him searching among the crowd. He’d felt the tension when he’d first seen the man striding into the church…he was curious about why his “hot guy” inner warning system had been going crazy. Sure, the rancher had plenty of brawn barely hidden under his tailored Western-cut suit, and he certainly admired brawn in a man. Killer eyes, warm brown and bedroom-soft, added to the appeal…It wasn’t like he was on the hunt for a new man in his life. He’d barely gotten over his last lover, who had walked away a few months back.

Should Daniel ignore this attraction?

Daniel felt the tension in his body…He saw Cordell stiffen and knew he was getting ready to leave. For some reason, he wanted to stop him. He couldn’t explain his gut feelings, but he knew if he let the cowboy disappear, he would regret it. Which was a crazy idea, because he usually only got this kind of desperate feeling when his gaydar was on full alert. But he’d seen no signs the man was anything but straight.

Could Calhoun resist his attraction?

…his curiosity was getting the better of him. This man, in his obviously expensive tailored suit and polished shoes that probably cost more than his own suit, intrigued him. Worried the hell out of him, too, for reasons he didn’t want to think about. Again, he thought about just saying no and walking away. But he wasn’t the kind to walk away from a challenge.

I really enjoyed writing this story of two men finding each other at times in each of their lives when their world had been upset. One is finally discovering the man he was meant to be, struggling with taking a chance in an unfamiliar world of romance. The other is experienced at loving another man, but has been emotionally hurt and uncertain if taking on a man new to this lifestyle is right for him. Yet neither can walk away from the strength of their attraction to one another.

If you enjoy a story about two strong-willed, complicated men finding something very special, then I hope you will like The CEO And The Cowboy. This story has been so well received already that I have been asked to do a sequel to it. The new story will be a ménage, probably adding a woman into the mix.

Starla Kaye
Available now at:  Decadent Publishing

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