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Monday, October 29, 2012

Let's prepare for Halloween with a bite!

Thirst was originally a short story of about eighteen hundred words that sat in my documents file. It was only when I was outlining another book that I came across it and re-read it. Within minutes, all these plot bunnies were bounding around my brain and yelling in my ear so loudly I couldn’t ignore them.
Max, although he has the persona of a tough cop, is a sensitive soul who is hit hard by the spate of killings he is investigating. As any normal human being would, he decides to step outside the case and recharge his batteries. Unfortunately, he lets his guard down and it costs him dearly as he is assaulted by the man who plies him with drinks in the bar he visits, and an accomplice. Being beaten senseless and left for dead in the alley beside the bar was not part of his plan for the evening, but that’s what he got. Luckily for Max, someone else in the bar had noticed him, too although he’s not entirely sure that a vampire would have been his first choice as a knight in shining armour.
Carter Grey is a prolific horror writer who seems to permanently reside on the bestseller list. If his fans found out about his nocturnal meanderings, they might not be so inclined to buy his tomes. When he rescues Max and deals with his attackers, he fully intends to make Max dessert, but something in the man’s eyes and the whispered plea from his lips awakens something deep within him that he’d thought was long dead—not that he wants to give voice to the way Max makes him feel.
Together, unsure of their feelings for each other, wondering if they could ever be... Max asks Carter to help him solve his case, where the victims are drained of blood. But will Max regret meeting Carter when it becomes clear the vampire knows more about the killings than he’s letting on and Max’s life is put on the line.

"Carter?" Max's voice was slurred with sleep and he struggled to sit up in the bed, watching Carter's advance. He could feel the man's anger rolling off him in waves and his gut clenched in fear and trepidation. This was a side of Carter that he had not yet seen and for the first time, he felt very afraid. "What is it? Are you okay?"
The laugh was cold. "Am I okay? No, Max, I'm not even in the vicinity of okay," he ground out between clenched teeth. Before Max had time to register any movement from Carter, he was looking up into angry eyes and felt a taut ass against his thighs as the older man straddled his hips.
"What are you doing?" he managed to grunt when both of his wrists were pushed above his head on the pillow by an iron grip, pinning him down with ease. Trying to struggle, he cried out at the pain in his ribs with the movement. "Stop, Carter, you're hurting me."
Carter's eyes darkened even further and his anger took on a vicious edge. "I'm hurting you?" he snapped, his face mere inches from Max's. "What about what you're doing to me? Who are you? What do you want from me!"
Max swallowed, noting the way the other man's eyes followed the bob of his Adam's apple. Fuck! He cringed back into the pillows his stomach churning, nausea rising up into his throat. He knew he was totally defenseless. "I don't understand… I don't know what you're talking about… I haven't done anything to you."
"You haven't done anything?" Carter repeated disbelievingly. He bent his head so close that when he flicked his tongue out across his lips, the tip of it touched Max's mouth. "You've done everything. Eyes boring into me. Tempting me with that body. And your scent, God, your scent," he ran his nose up the side of Max's jaw and pressed his lips to the smooth, sensitive skin behind the shell of Max's ear. "I can smell you on me, Max. Your scent is burned into my flesh. I can hear your blood pumping, taste the sweetness of it on your breath." If his tone hadn't been so angry, the words would have sounded to Max like whispered promises of passion. Instead each fell from his lips with the bitterness of a curse.
Max gasped when Carter's lips parted and he felt the wet trail of the man's tongue as it licked from his jaw to the pulse point in his throat. "Carter," Max groaned when he felt those cool lips against his sleep-warm skin, the flesh being pulled into Carter's mouth and his tongue flicking against it feverishly.
"Oh, God." Max was torn between fear and desire as a garishly red warning light flashed in his brain and he felt raging certainty flood through him. His thoughts burst rapid and quick fire out of his senses' roiling confusion. Oh, my God, this isn't a game. He isn't a serial killer with some weird kink, Bowman. The cold skin, the fiery eyes, the speed, the strength. Holy fuck, how could it be possible? How could it be real? To his logical cop's brain, it wasn't possible. But with Carter looming over him, holding him down, no mercy showing in the green gaze; he knew that logic had no place here. "You know what I am, Max." Yes, he knew exactly what Carter was. He also knew what was going to happen, and God help him, he wanted it. Unable to prevent Carter's name falling from his lips, Max felt Carter's moan rumble against his skin. He stared up into lust-blown green eyes before Carter bent his head and brought their lips together, stopping Max's whimper with his mouth. Max opened his mouth readily beneath Carter's, beckoning him inside. He could feel Carter's arousal against his own, the heat of desire burning through them.
On a muffled cry, Carter broke the kiss and emitted an animalistic growl. Max panted harshly, trying to capture Carter's lips again and the vampire's hair brushed against Max's face as he shook his head and pressed his mouth to the skin of Max's throat.
"No, no more," he ground out, "this has to end!"
At the feel of sharp teeth against his flesh, Max groaned almost ferally, his chest heaving. Each breath he took sliced pain through his torso, but he didn't care. He had never felt anything like it before. His body had a will of its own. In that single moment he had never wanted anything more than he wanted to feel Carter Gray slide his teeth into him and take what he needed.
"Do it… Carter… do it." He tried to arch his neck and force Carter's fangs into his flesh. "Please."

* * * *
Carter froze. Lifting his head slowly, he looked down at the man beneath him. Max's eyes were closed in rapture, his neck arched—waiting—wanting. Just fucking do it! He wants it! Look at him, he's begging for it! His subconscious was right. All he had to do was bite down and this would be over. No more confusion, no more questions, only satiation and peace. He growled low, the sound loud as it echoed into the quiet of the room, yanking clear of the hands he'd grasped only moments before, as if they had suddenly become snakes about to bite him. He pushed himself off the bed and headed for the door, his arms wrapped around his cramping stomach. He heard Max whisper his name and glanced back at the dazed man panting against the pillows. "What have you done to me?" he husked. His shoulders slumped in defeat and he turned on his heel, slamming the door behind him.


  1. Oh that was nice. An even big tease with where you left off in the excerpt.