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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome to murder and mayhem.

It’s been strange, writing these Dreaming books with my friend Sarah Masters. She’s always been a bit of a horror junkie. I? Am so not! But when she approached me and asked if I wanted to write with her, I jumped at the chance, never thinking where it would lead me.
Our first title together, Fight, was about a disintegrating relationship….I thought. Turned out it was about a man in a disintegrating relationship with a serial killer. O.o Who knew. Certainly not I, when we started out.
Our second kick at the co-writing can brought forth the first Dreaming title: Tools of Justice. On beyond serial killing and right into a reader’s worst nightmare. Killers stalking killers. Innocents dying in really gruesome—and I mean gruesome, believe me—ways. And one strange duck thriving on it all and wearing the teeth of his prey as dentures. The truly, truly most horror-able thing to me? Those used dentures were my idea.
I did not know I had it in me to even come up with such a macabre idea. And when I jokingly mentioned those teeth Sarah’s killer was collecting as trophies could be his new dentures, didn’t’ she just run wit it and gleefully point out that I obviously only thought I was a romance writer. At heart I had it in me to go to the dark side…
Well, we’re now on book three, a second title in the Dreaming series, and here I am doing most of the dirty work. Certainly, she gets into her fair share of grisly details, but when it comes down to it, so do I. She’s lured me from my nice, comfortable angsty romances into her weird and dare I say it? Wonderful world of not-so-normal.

Blurb: Tools of Justice:
One cop. One killer. Both dreamwalkers. But not every dream should see the light of day...

Three very different people have one thing in common-a dreamscape steeped in horror. Barry has had dreams of violent death all his life, and as a cop, he now works to solve the crimes his dreams tell him about in hopes he can save at least one victim from suffering the fate he faces every time he lays his head on his pillow. His ex-lover, Tag—now his boss—has no idea how to help him cope other than to protect his job...and try to protect their hearts from the dreams that could end up killing them both.
Layton welcomes the dream state that shows him his next victim. He's been a killer for as long as he can remember, and the land where he walks in shadow beside the horn-headed man who guides him feels more like home than the waking world. Now, in addition to seeking out those who would kill the innocent and ending their lives in his own special reign of terror, Layton is promised a bride—someone to love him forever. It seems everything he's ever dreamed is about to come true.
Jessica just wants to get her life back after her boyfriend is murdered and she is abducted. Twice. Finding herself at Leyton's mercy is a nightmare she soon finds is only the very beginning. When the horn-headed man visits her, she knows nothing will ever be the same again.
The four of them now have to find a way to navigate the real world while the dream state dictates their very lives and threatens everything they hold dear. If they manage catch a few killers and save a few innocent lives along the way, that will have to be their compensation for the "gifts" given by The Dreaming.

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