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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dianne's Christmas gift to you!

Merry Christmas, Friends!
Have you been good boys and girls this year? You know, Santa’s still watching! The little voyeur…Oh god, that could be one hot erotica, now that I think of it. He and those horny little elves of his and only poor Mrs. Claus in sight… Wonder if they would approach her one at a time or all together? *wink*
Or as my Shelton says in MERRY CHRISTMAS, SHELTON when Nevil tells him the same thing, ‘Santa can join us!’ Nevil’s been finding creative ways to use a candy cane and Shelton would have said yes to anything, as long as he didn’t stop.
What about you? Any super-sexy, romantic holiday traditions with your special someone? Being married with children, my husband and I have gotten quite creative over the years. Or is it desperate? We’ve gotten into the habit of opening those ‘personal’ gifts the weekend before Christmas, when little eyes aren’t prying. Though it’s been getting harder to stifle the giggles and moans, even when we’re sure they’re safely asleep!
This year, both kids are off to college, so even though we will have them home for Christmas Eve/Day, we’ll have the rest of the month to play under the tree. We can build a fire. Lay down quilts. Turn on the Christmas lights… Merry Christmas to us! Hot chocolate and whipped cream…Mmmm….
In MERRY CHRISTMAS, SHELTON, Shelton is having some troubles of his own with the ‘intimate’ gifts he’s given Nevil. He finds that fantasies don’t always measure up to reality, though Nevil finds a creative way to make it all right in the end.

Ho Ho Ho! Gift time!
My Christmas gift to one jolly commenter who tells me what their favorite toy is, will be a PDF copy of any SHELTON book on my back list: Shelton in Love, Shelton’s Promise, or Shelton’s Choice. Don’t forget to leave your contact information and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Shelton

m/m erotic romance
Shelton and Nevil's plans for a Christmas wedding are put on hold when Tera's due date for her baby is moved up to the end of December. When Nevil's hovering finally drives his twin crazy, Tera sends them away on a ski trip for the long Christmas weekend. But between Nevil's sympathetic contractions, a flirtatious messenger, and the naughty gifts under the tree, this promises to be a Christmas Shelton won't soon forget.

“Presents first, my love! I’ve been waiting all day,” Nevil told him, and snatched a box from the bright pile before Shelton could say anything. Shelton watched his face as he opened the box and saw the turquoise eyes widen. Nevil made a surprised sound and lifted the hot pink, padded handcuffs from the package. “Oh my.” He looked at Shelton and winked. “Is someone being naughty?”
Shelton’s face heated. “Well, we had the weekend at the cabin, and I thought…maybe we could experiment…” His words came to a stumbling halt and he blushed furiously when Nevil chuckled. Nevil ran kisses over his face and Shelton allowed him to push him down on the rug. He arched his hips when Nevil straddled him so their cocks ground together.
“Oh, definitely naughty,” Nevil purred and clasped one of the cuffs around Shelton’s wrist.
“I wanted to—”
“Me first,” Nevil interrupted. He snaked the other cuff around the claw foot of the couch and fastened Shelton’s free wrist. “I think my bad boy needs to be punished, just a tiny bit.”
Shelton collapsed on the rug, curious and intensely aroused, wondering what Nevil had in mind. Nevil reached over and picked another present.
“Let’s see what else you had in mind,” he said and tore off the glittery wrap. He shouted in delight and lifted out the string of anal beads. “Ho ho!” He sent Shelton a smoldering look. “You do remember that Santa is watching, my naughty man?”
“He can join us,” Shelton whispered, his mouth going dry at the flash of lust in Nevil’s blue gaze.
Nevil sputtered. “Fuck, no. I’m not sharing you with some well-endowed elf bearing gifts. Now, what to do with these?” He ran the thick black beads over Shelton’s lips, making him shiver. Nevil set them aside and took one of the smaller boxes.
Shelton protested. “When do I get my presents?”
Nevil rocked against him and Shelton groaned with pleasure at the friction on his dick. “You’ll get yours, love. No fear of that!” Nevil pulled the top off the box then stared in surprise. Giving a muttered oath he dropped the contents on Shelton’s chest. “Expecting someone?”
Shelton’s heart lurched. Being in a committed relationship, they hadn’t used condoms in years. He’d bought them on a whim, but angry sex with Nevil wasn’t what he’d planned. He cursed his fair skin, knowing his face was red and blotchy from his blushes. “They glow in the dark. I thought it would be fun to hide…and…”
His words trailed off. He couldn’t cover his face so he closed his eyes, feeling like an absolute fool.  “Let me up,” he said, deeply embarrassed. He wished he’d kept his little fantasies locked inside where they couldn’t hurt him.
 He shrugged, unable to speak, and his chest rose and fell with his quick breaths. He turned his face aside when Nevil stretched across him, but Nevil trailed kisses across his hot cheek and nuzzled his neck.
“I adore you, you know that?” Nevil murmured and nibbled Shelton’s ear lobe, sending shivers through him. “I love that you want to play with me. Shelton, look at me. I have to confess something and I want to see your eyes when I do it.”

Dianne Hartsock


  1. Thanks Carson for having me and the boys back! Merry Christmas, everyone!!

  2. Oooh~~ Please count me in! :D
    Lets see... a favorite toy? Well, when Kmart was just kmart, not Big Kmart or Kamart/Sears, when Kmart was it's own company, they had one of those you know... crane machines, and, I remember My sister and I walked by one and I noticed a red bear was stuck on the side by it's leg. someone tried to get it but it got stuck and they just left it. and it looked like one of those patch it bears that has like... random colored cloths sewed onto it in stitches like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, and I remember I stuck my hand up into the machine (it was so easy then. lol) and I got it! haha... I... was SOoooooo in love with that bear. So very much in love. I still have it till this day. It's precious to me for some reason. Almost like it was waiting just for me to see it and get it. lol...


    1. I really like that story, Judi! Thanks for stopping by and sharing it with us. :)

  3. Quick note! BP has their holiday stories at 10% off this month!