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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Start the year with a hero!

Tian’s Hero

Firsts are always fun for me to write and read about. The wide eyed look at the world, the reminder of just what being brand spanking new at something is all about exhilarates me. This particular novel has the distinction of not only being chock full of firsts for my heroes, it is also the very first full length story I wrote. And it’s the first novel I had published in 2012 It’s not the first story I’ve published, mind you, but definitely the first written. It is also the first novel of my Akanti series. That’s a fuck-ton of firsts.

Tian has his first sex. He gets kidnapped for the first time. He falls in love for the first time, and he’s not the only one. There are two other men in the story experiencing a bewildering array of first times, and though Kayron and Lewell’yn appear far more sophisticated and in control on the surface, both are every bit as wide eyed and awestruck on the inside.

I’ll let Tian and Lewell’yn introduce themselves with this little unedited excerpt.
The choking gasp above him—right where Lewell’yn stood—told Tian he’d said something out loud he’d really thought safely locked up in his own mind. His blush, which had begun to fade, crashed back over him, hotter and darker, burning him up from inside. He shut his eyes wondering what in all the worlds he had ever done so wrong fate would continue to put him into such—untenable—situations.
Perhaps if he kept his eyes closed Lewell’yn would take pity. Possibly the man could leave Tian to suffer his humiliation in privacy. Tian whimpered.
The sound did not produce the effect he was hoping for. Lewell’yn moved alright. Instead of leaving though, the fool yanked Tian up from the floor, crushed him against a hard chest and took possession of his mouth and mind at the same time. The little slave forgot about Kayron, forgot about the lists, forgot everything but the hot, slick perfection of the mouth plundering his.
Lewell’yn pulled him closer, impossibly, splendidly closer, then spun and pressed him up against the one clear space on any of the walls in the whole kitchen. Tian whimpered again, pulling his legs up to lock his ankles in the small of the other man’s back. He pushed against Lewell’yn with his hips, needing to be closer, needing Lewell’yn to keep him from flying apart. Lewell’yn pressed the little man into the wall, holding Tian up with the weight of his body, leaving his hands free to wind tightly into the smaller man’s auburn curls. He used his grip to hold Tian’s head steady as he pulled his own away.
“Peaches…I have to hear the words Peaches. You have to say you want this. For fuck’s sake, tell me you want this—”
“Please yes or please no Peaches?”
“Please y-yes…please more!”
Lewell’yn fiddled with something in his pocket, grunting as he accomplished whatever he was seeking to do. He eased Tian down to stand just long enough to strip the little man’s pants off of him, and to open the front of his own shipsuit. Then Tian was swept up again, delightfully compressed against the wall while being kissed breathless. Lewell’yn pulled his mouth away just long enough to ask a question.
“This your first time Peaches?”
Tian nodded. Before he could think of how embarrassing admitting his virginity was however, Lewell’yn was taking his mouth again, his hips rolling against Tian with just enough force to make everything else disappear.
Oh, lovely.
Tian felt the hands wound in his hair release, sliding down his neck. They followed an easy path, slipping along his side and into the small space between the wall and the arch of his spine.  Dancing across his body, Lewell’yns hands were potent even through the clothing covering his torso. They burned him with a sublime fire, mapping out every sensitive spot they passed. They reached his ass as he found his mouth released. Lewell’yn nipped along Tian’s jaw to just behind his ear. He settled there, alternately licking and biting and…oh…oh blessed light, something right there must be connected directly to Tian’s cock, because every time Lewell’yn sucked right—there—Tian felt a shock of electricity race between the two points. He was so caught up sensation he didn’t notice just what Lewell’yn was doing with his hands until the man lifted his mouth to whisper huskily in his ear.
“Push out Peaches.”
Push out? Wha—oh.
Then he felt the hand pressed between his ass cheeks, a damp finger tapping against his hole. He sucked in a sudden lungful of air. Looking up into those stormy grey eyes he saw the lightning was back.
“I- I don’t. I can’t. I’ve never…”                                                                
“You can Peaches, and you damned well will at this point. I know you don’t know how to do this and you can’t think. I do know what to do. As far a thinking goes, if you’re thinking while I’m doing this then I’m fucking well not doing something right.”
Lewell’yn managed somehow to have one of his hands suddenly around both of Tian’s wrists. Tian pulled against the hold on his wrists, and found to his astonishment he was reassured by his inability to break free. Good. Lewell’yn took his mouth again. Tian whimpered. Lewell’yn took charge. Lewell’yn pressed Tian’s wrists against the wall above his head, pressed them hard, and then released them as he spoke.
“Leave them right where they are.”
The authoritative tone of his voice wrapped round Tian’s wrists as surely as his hands had. Easy to hold them where they were, to just lose himself in the surety of Lewell’yns voice. Tian let his legs slide from around Lewell’yn. He locked his knees and stood quietly in position with his arms still above his head, securely bound by six words spoken with absolute confidence. Lewell’yn reached into the cabinet standing open next to Tian’s head. He pulled a bottle of something off the shelf Tian could have sworn was empty not two minutes ago. As he pulled the stopper out he spoke again.
“Push now.”
Then there was a slick finger in him, burning and full and good. Tian pressed his wrists harder against the wall, making ridiculous noises. Should anyone ever bring them up in the future, he would deny them.

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