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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BDSM...just in time for Valentine's Day!

Why I write BDSM…

I discovered BDSM when I was still reading M/F. I liked it but once I started reading M/M BDSM, I felt like I’d come home. I found several authors that I really loved and began to devour the genre. About a year and a half ago, two author friends, Lisa Worrall and Sue Brown and I decided to write a Valentine’s Day book so we did. My story was a BDSM and it was the first time that I attempted writing in the genre. I loved it and the book got great reviews. That was “The Slave’s Mask”. The second attempt at BDSM was “Unmasked”, the sequel, and it comes out in the “Love is Love” anthology later this month. 

My latest book, “Silver Ties”, is my first novel length BDSM and the third book in the “Silvers” series. I was a little bit nervous about writing a novel length BDSM where I would be creating several sex scenes that had to be original and different from each other. The great thing that I discovered in writing the book was that with BDSM, there are a variety of toys that the Dom can play with when he has his sub in the playroom. I tried to change it up and had a ball (gag) with it. 

What was even more fun was the fact that I had to do a lot of research to make sure I got it right. I am now a giant fan of “Bound Gods”, the porn site. There are some amazing videos out there. Thank god for the internet. I also discovered that the levels of play range anywhere from mild bondage to extreme sounding and fisting scenes. I tried to do a little of all of it in “Silver Ties” and had great fun with it. 

“Silver Ties” is a book about a series of gay men that are victims of a sick serial killer in Los Angeles. The men have one thing in common. They are all members of an online BDSM club called which is owned by professional Dom, Zachary Teak. When LAPD detective Cassidy Ryan begins to investigate the murders, he’s led straight to and the hotter than hot Dom. Cassidy has never really been exposed to the BDSM lifestyle and he finds himself incredibly turned on by watching what goes on within the club’s studios. Better still, when Zack offers to teach him more in his own playroom, Cassidy can only resist the demanding man for so long. Once in Zack’s playroom, Cassidy learns to submit and he finds a side to his sexuality that he’d never explored before.
Please stop by my blog at and check out some beautiful bound men. I’ve been on a roll this month knowing that “Silver Ties” would be out. I tell you, it’s a one stop BDSM and leather shop.

“Silver Ties” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and All Romance Ebooks- ARe now!

Thank you for letting me stop by, Carson!
Patricia Logan

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