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Monday, February 25, 2013

Love is Love tour: Laura Tolomei

Evolution: of Gay

That homosexuality has always been a tricky subject is no news. Even if it has been true for most of our history, I don’t mean to compare the ways gays have been perceived through the various ages. I’m sure Internet supplies plenty of sites on this topic, whereas I’d like to focus on understanding why and how this attitude eventually damages society.

The first reason that pops in my mind, however trite it may sound, is the issue of reproduction. Seen under this POV, it seems like an open and shut case—society’s priority kind of clashes with homosexuality. To accept it or even tolerate it could bring humankind to extinction, so best repress it all together. But is it really so? It’s like saying that the entire world’s population is not interested in heterosexuality at all, and we all know that’s not true.

Another reason I can see is the need for society to annihilate single individuals in order to privilege the majority. It’s as simple a notion as the need to keep control over a large group, which is a hell of a lot easier if everyone does the same things. But can any amount of punishment or deterrent ever curb the attraction between members of the same sex? The more enlightened civilizations, like Greeks and Romans, not only tolerated it, but disciplined it, at least as far as men, and men alone, were concerned. As long as they married and paid their dues to the procreative effort, they could have sex all they wanted with a male slave, if they so wished.
Aurelius took a careful sip from his cup. “I guess you have a long experience with women.”
Attilio nodded. “Unlike you, Pullus, I like them.”
The centurion raised a hand. “No need to explain. I’m half Greek so who better than I can understand certain tastes?”
“I know in Greece, some habits are better tolerated than they are in the rest of the Empire.”
“Tolerated? We wrote poems about it, have plays that call for it. A man is perfectly entitled to conduct his sexual affairs how he sees fit and no one recriminates.”
(Excerpt from Roman Seduction, Trespassing Series Book 1, by Laura Tolomei)

If with the Celts things were different, I believe the reason can be traced to their symbiosis with nature.

Unlike the soldiers I’d heard complaining around the camp, we Celts had no problem expressing our preferences for the male gender. Our traditions did not impose restrictions to what people saw as a natural taste, allowing it only for youngsters and slaves or forcing men to marry and raise a family in spite of their inclinations just to prove they were dominant males like the Romans did. The Celts had no such limitations. We were men regardless of whom we liked to fuck so many of my age offered themselves to older friends or even strangers for purely pleasurable reasons. And the forest was full of their passionate twists and turns.
(Excerpt from Bloody Passion by Laura Tolomei)

But this was a short-lived period. If traditions ran contrary to such open-minded approach, the reason, in my opinion, is largely due to the monotheistic religions that favored heterosexuality over everything else and ushered taboos along with a so-called moral code, which everyone was supposed to abide by. Today, I fear we haven’t evolved much from those dark ages. Today, homosexuality is still stigmatized, if not outright punished with the death penalty in some countries. Today, having same gender relationships still takes guts, a lot of self-analysis, a lot of questioning the norm, a lot of self-awareness—all things straights don’t need to do because they’re accepted by default.

“It’s easy to live in a world rigidly divided in classes and genders, but it gets complicated if you start considering people as individuals, not labels,” says Prince Duncan Caldwell in The Game, Virtus Saga Book 2.
True, it’s more complicated but a damn sight more stimulating and avoids the risk of plunging in one of those sci-fi worlds made up of robots. As a people, we should learn to stop being afraid of deviations from the accepted conventions. Conforming to a pre-existing model isn’t necessarily a positive value. Turning off our brains to believe blindly in anything society feeds us is illogical. Freedom to follow one’s sexual orientations adds to societies. It doesn’t subtract anything from them. Alternative lifestyles enrich societies. They don’t impoverish them.

As an author, I tend to privilege these aspects in my writings, going beyond the sex itself. The confrontation between two equals, in bed and out, is what gets my attention and holds it stead-fistedly. Being on the same level of someone who can turn the tables around quicker and more effectively than any different-gender mate helps overcome prejudices. Take Leon Sterling of Re-Scue and its sequel, Tasting Leon’s Mark. He prefers women, yet has no qualms in claiming Sean as his own, once he discovers Sean is the soul Leon has been looking for all his life, the prey he–the hunter–has chased through several lives already. The fact Sean is a man makes no difference to him, not in the least. Take Sean also, a declared gay whom Leon forces to have sex with a woman in Tasting Leon’s Mark, ReScue Series Book 2. A bad experience? Actually, better than he thought. Here’s what Leon tells Sean to open his mind to new possibilities.

Sean took a deep breath. “I’ve always believed women didn’t attract me. Seeing them half-naked at the beach or on magazines is no turn-on, physically I mean. With men, instead, every sense becomes alert. My mind starts picturing sex, even if I don’t like them that much. This has never happened with a woman.”
“If it makes you feel better, it didn’t this time either. You liked one woman, which doesn’t mean you have to like them all. Like me, I only feel something for you, not for men in general.”
The blond beauty was silent for a while. “Maybe you’re right, but I don’t know—”
Leon forced him to turn around and look straight into his eyes. “You’re just worried you’ll lose your gay identity if you admit you like a woman. But I know you’re much too intelligent to let generalizations blind you. Gay doesn’t define you. It simply limits your choices. You’re a person, first of all, who happens to have his own particular tastes, which should never, ever become a label.”
The dazzling blue eyes flashed in anger. “Funny of you to talk like this since you’re the first to deny our relationship, afraid to let people know you’re doing it with a man.”
Leon searched the beautiful face for a moment. “You’re right. It’s my problem, too. If I haven’t told anyone, except Janet—”
“The Kitty?”
Leon grinned at the appellative. “Right. I guess in a way I think along the same exclusive lines as if fucking one gender automatically excludes the other, as if by admitting I like you, I denied my heterosexual nature.”
“That’s what defines us, lover.”
“Well, it shouldn’t because we miss out on life’s infinite possibilities. And we, above anyone else, should make it true for our current lives since we spurned it in our previous ones.”
(Excerpt from Tasting Leon’s Mark, ReScue Series Book 2, by Laura Tolomei)

Then again, I have plenty of characters you can quote on the subject of homosexuality, alternative lifestyles, freedom of expressing one’s sexual orientations or however else you want to call it.
Sex is meant to be shared. It’s too precious to lock in a drawer, throwing away the key, or save for an exclusive use alone. It’s free and has no limitations except our own. And gender should never be an acceptable limit. Andrea, Spying the Alcove.

Sex is a powerful exchange of energy, my dear boy, a deep sharing at all levels where physical intimacy often leads to mind bondage faster than any other method. Arthur Fairchild, The Sex, Virtus Saga Book 1.

And as you know, awareness is the first step to mastering. Korax, Bloody Passion.
Life is too short to play silly games with your happiness. We don’t have the luxury of time so if you find something truly special, you should grab it with all your strength never, ever, letting it go, and the hell with everything else. Peter, To Seduce A Soul Mate, Soulmate Series Book 1.

 Love gone wrong hurts so goddamn much, but it’s nothing compared to the pains of repressing its memory. Prince Duncan Caldwell, The Game, Virtus Saga Book 2.

Laura Tolomei

“Though it would be nice if you could stay over this week­end.” It was not a habit, of course, but at times, the best ones to date, Leon stayed from Fridays to late Sundays, giving Sean the rare opportunity to watch him asleep, powerful naked frame stretched out next to him, lean muscles at peace, long dark hair scattered on the pillow, chest softly rising and falling in steady breathing.
“Sorry, sweetie, I can’t.” Leon rolled off. “Have to be with Peg’s parents tomorrow.” Glancing at his watch, he sat up. “In fact, it’s late enough, so I better go.”
Right, he’s fucking married! Sometimes Sean forgot the insistent rumors at work claiming Leon had affairs with his secretaries, each one in turn it seemed, while his wife looked more unhappy each passing day. Then it would come back to him with Suzy’s sad disclaimers and angry requests to know who spread the malicious allegations—wishing they were true, of course—or in alternative, who was the lucky woman. Needless to say, Sean felt a thrill of excitement thinking it was him in fact, Leon’s secret lover, and pursued the game with more energy, making its predictable result during the nightly overtime bloodier and sexier than imaginable. “Oh, no, you don’t.” Grabbing the broad shoulders from behind, Sean wrestled Leon down, then squatted smugly on his crotch. “At least not until I’ve used your wonderful dick one more time.” And swaying his ass seductively on the limp organ, he felt it becoming alert.
“Damn!” Leon pushed up his hips, attempting to unsaddle Sean, obtaining only the exact reaction his prey wanted, the forward thrusts hardening the cock. “Sweetie…”
As the tone turned deeper and huskier—the shaft’s fault, no doubt—Sean’s arousal grew to a sizable erection, too. The endearment, whatever the language or the voice, was the hunter’s own call, and its possessive undertone always made Sean lose control with the awareness he belonged to Leon…in or out of bed, in or out of time and space.
“Come on. Stop…”
Well, he sounded anything but convinced, not with a cock as thick as his had become. “Is that what you really want?” With a smug grin, the prey continued the sensual rub between his ass and the bulging head now pushing up to enter, not throw him off anymore. Since it was his same aim, Sean spread his buttocks apart to make it easier for the shaft to get what it wanted. His narrow hole was large enough anyway after Leon’s repeated poundings, so the dick slipped inside without any effort. Soon filling the available space to its fullest, it strained for more, only the balls could not follow, however deep Leon shoved to get them inside, helped also by Sean having to clasp his hands to keep from falling off. And the drilling burned his butt with a fiery heat that crunched his balls from the sheer pressure of the semen throbbing to come out. To help him resist, the not-so-comfortable position worked great, forced to rely on the hunter’s firm hold to allow his legs to press the ass down every time the hunter thrust upward. “Just say the word, and I’ll end it right now.”
“And miss all this?” Swinging his hips, the hunter penetrated so far inside Sean thought the tip of the erection would come out from his throat. “How the hell do you manage to convince me every time?”
“Because you can’t get enough of me.” Squeezing the hard screw in his butt, his own thick dick twitched in agreement, and the prey was afraid he would lose it right there and then.
“Oh, no, you don’t!” With an elegant rollover, Leon flipped Sean beneath him, gaining the upper hand and impal­ing his lover deeper since the new position, with the prey lying on his back, allowed for greater pumping.
But Sean was close to the edge, the dangerous one of spilling his feelings, a mistake the hunter would inevitably catch and the prey would regret for the rest of his life. It was the same reason he had chosen a strenuous position that required much physical effort and distracted his mind. Lying down, instead, with Leon’s hair brushing now his face, now his shoulders or chest, he could have kicked himself for falling once again under the hunter’s spell like in every past life. The sole difference this time he accepted it, even en­couraged his falling deeper in love since any other alterna­tive was a useless battle, a total waste of time according to his age-old experience.
No, he did not want to repeat the experience. It was high time for a change. To alter the endless pattern, even against Leon’s adamant resistance, to devise a new strategy, a different way to play the game in order to turn the tables and bring the hunter at the prey’s mercy. How exactly to beat his lover’s stupid rules, Sean still had no idea, but looking at him, the prey fantasized of a long-term relationship, con­vinced that allowing feelings inside the game would only enhance it, a seemingly impossible dream considering the past’s high failure rate. Then again, Leon was well worth another attempt…always had been, though his prey had so far lacked the skill to accomplish it. Well, maybe not now that he was a man with the experience of the women’s wasted lives and the opportunity to redeem them.
In Leon’s arms, ass ravaged by the frenzied hammer­ing, he wanted to prove his point—however remote the possibility the hunter had not yet guessed it, in view of his trained eyes and ears that in other lives had sniffed it out even before the prey had. Wrapping his neck, Sean pulled Leon down, blindly seeking the full lips, then opening his mouth wide the moment he felt the tongue’s nudge, sucking it inside to mix with his flavor, melting and surrendering everything he had to the only one who ever meant anything to him.

As if sensing Sean’s mood, Leon increased the sensu­al sweeps, almost reaching the throat both with his tongue and shaft, the tempo of one matching that of the other, until the prey knew he had him right where he wanted him. At the verge of an explosive come, the uncontrollable spasms in his butt were not surprising given the amount of emotions spic­ing the plain sex into a more elaborate plate than the hunter was prepared to handle. Then before Leon had the chance to recover, Sean rolled him over and jerked off while straddling him, the feeling of the cock cramping his ass still strong in spite of its going limper by the second, the sensations tearing his soul apart more than enough to push his desire to the tip of his erection and flood the hunter’s chest with powerful jets of hot, seedy fluid.

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