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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meet Jaxx's Creolyte's!

Greetings followers of Guy's Like Romance, Too!
Jaxx Steele here once again to share my work with you. This time I come with Cam’s Best Friend in hand. I have always like magic induced stores, but one never came to mind for me to write. When I was finally blessed with one the story came together so fast that getting it from my head to the computer was a challenge. My typing skills suck. I only type with four fingers so my brain moves way faster than my fingers can keep up with.

The characters spoke constantly, screaming at me to get their story, showing no sympathy for my lack of proficiency. I couldn’t get it out fast enough and there were mistakes galore. The editing process was a nightmare! I was practically added another 5k words of stuff my fingers didn’t type but my brain clearly wanted. But, once finally on paper and cleaned up, Cam’s Best Friend moved swiftly to the top five of my “favorite babies”. 

This book has magic, betrayal, destined love, an awesome fight scene and hot sex…what’s not love? Once this story was completed I read it over and felt it demanded a sequel thus Reynaud's Redemption was born.
Here is a look into Cam's Best Friend.

Cameron Gamble was a simple man who ran away from an awkward life. He found a new city to start over in, a new job and the perfect best friend, Mel, a large chocolate lab. It wasn’t long before they were inseparable and Mel had a permanent place in Cameron’s heart. One night, as Cameron recovered from a nightmare, the bright light of the moon revealed Mel’s true nature. All was well in Cameron’s world from that day forth until his ex-lover showed up with the intention of bringing him home.
"His eyes were bulging so much it was easy to keep eye contact," Baptiste continued aloud, severing the connection to Reynaud's mind. "The second the light of life left his gaze, the magic in his soul transferred to me. It was such a rush!" Baptiste shook the bars. "I had no more use of him afterward so I returned him to you," he added with a dismissive wave in calmer tones.
Baptiste's treachery horrified Reynaud. Such a deed had never been done intentionally. The forbidden act of taking another's magic remained the highest undocumented law. Everyone generally assumed no one would ever do such a cruel, cold-blooded and evil thing to another Creolyte. The transfer itself had been discovered by accident many years ago when a Creolyte woman embraced her dying lover. He held her gaze, whispering his love and with his final breath his magic transferred to her.
Reynaud closed his eyes tight, pushing away the dreadful feelings Baptiste's words created inside of him. But he could not remove the scene forced into his mind. He saw Baptiste carrying his beloved Angele's lifeless body back into the bedroom, returning him to Reynaud's side as clearly as if it were happening at that moment. Reynaud's heart pounded behind his chest and tears welled behind his lids. He took a deep breath and swallowed his pain before opening his eyes. The smug grin on Baptiste's face inflamed Reynaud's anger.
"You have shown me the treachery at your hands, and I am about to pay the price for it, Baptiste. Now tell me why. Why would you kill Angele if he posed no threat to you?" Reynaud asked through gritted teeth.
Baptiste's smirk turned into a sinister smile. "Angele's death was essential to my plan, my good man."
Reynaud's confusion continued. Baptiste chuckled.
"You have held your station long enough, Reynaud Leduc. It was only because you caught Madame Cousteau's eye as a child that you became her favorite. It was her favor that elevated you to your post. I think it is time someone else had it… namely me."
Reynaud scoffed. "That's what this is about… jealously?"
"I am not jealous!" Baptiste snapped then quickly cleared his throat. "This is not about jealously, Reynaud," he amended in a calmer tone. "This is about due process. It is simply my time. My magic is strong, but never as strong as yours. However, with Angele's magic added to my own, it is just as powerful. They will give me a mate and I will finally have the prestige I deserve."
"What you did was unspeakably heinous! Why attack an innocent? If you wanted to take my place, why not just come after me?" he asked incredulously.
"Oh no, Reynaud. It was not that simple," Baptiste explained, shifting his position against the bars. "You are Madame Cousteau's favorite… well you were, anyway. I could not openly attack you without reprimand. I had to make it so even she could not help you." He paused, pressing his face between the thin iron poles. "I had to destroy you," he emphasized, his voice dripping with ice.
Abruptly Baptiste's head jerked to look over his shoulder. The sneer on his face had disappeared when he turned back to Reynaud. In its place was an almost pleasant smile.
"I can hear your welcoming committee coming, Reynaud. Good luck in your next life as a beast," Baptiste said lightly.
Baptiste left Reynaud sitting on the bench filled with bewilderment and anger. He leaned his head back against the wall and listened. The clumping of the shoes the guards wore came closer and Baptiste's satisfied laughter moved further away.
"The council is ready, Reynaud." A man appeared before the cell.
Reynaud rose and went to the door with his hands before him. The magical binding took place, pressing his wrists together and suppressing his magic as soon as he stepped out of the confined space. The guards returned him to the room where the elders sat, but no one else remained.
Once again, Madame Cousteau came to her feet to address him. "We wish you luck, Reynaud and hope you find love with a human so you may return to your Creolyte body someday."
Reynaud thought for a moment about telling them what Baptiste had confessed, but decided against it. He had no proof to exonerate himself and the sentence would be carried out anyway. Accepting his punishment with his head high, Reynaud held his tongue. The other elders joined Madame Cousteau, forming a circle around him. They muttered the incantation in unison. He closed his eyes, feeling the change come over his body, and vowed to be more diligent in his mission in the future.

Cam’s Best Friend available now at Silver Publishing. Enjoy!

Mmmm, sounds like unfinished business. You betcha! Here's a sneak peek into the sequel, Reynaud's Redemption.

Reynaud had everything he ever wanted with Cam and yet something nagged at him. Now that his magic was back, he could not ignore the pull he felt to go ‘home’. He hoped going home would ease his weariness, but it was apparent that things had changed during his absence. Friends had lost their places and enemies had gained power. Will the final confrontation with his past destroy everything Reynaud had in his present preventing him from having a future with Cam?
Reynaud sat at a table off to the side in the restaurant dining room going over a menu, not really seeing the words. His focus was not there. Many days had gone by since they visited the site where his home used to stand. Making things grow in their garden and healing trees that were damaged in thunder storms had proved positive and made him stronger. He could sense much more around him also. Though no closer to finding Madame Cousteau, Reynaud was absolutely sure it was her trying to reach him. The few hours here and there a couple of days out of the week that Cameron took him to the site were not enough to conduct a proper search. He knew what needed to be done but it was the last thing he wanted to do.
Gentle hands slid over his shoulders, bringing him from his thoughts. The slow massage over the tense muscles pushed away the unpleasant thoughts for the moment. He welcomed the arms that wrapped around his neck and hugged him around the back of his head.
"How long are you going to stare at that menu, Rey? Do you want Pierre to change something on it?"
"Huh?" Reynaud looked at the paper and shook his head, dropping it to the table. "No, love, it looks good."
"Is something else wrong?"
Reynaud hesitated for a moment but shook his head again, deciding against verbalizing his thoughts. Instead, he turned his head and kissed Cameron's cheek.
"No, I think I'm just tired. Let's go to bed."
Cameron stepped back as he pushed his chair away from the table. Reynaud took his hand and led him to their bedroom. Inside he wasted no time disrobing his lover. Cameron's body had not lost its appeal. They had made love countless times over the last year and each day Reynaud wanted him more than the last. He was so grateful that Cameron seemed to feel the same way.
Reynaud let his gaze fall over his young love's dimensions. He had long since memorized each and every line of his five foot eight frame. The sun-bleached strands on his head, the liquid gold of his eyes, even the scar along the side of his foot from stepping on a broken shell at the beach as a boy—all were locked in the recesses of Reynaud's mind. His hands roamed over Cameron's torso, giving in to the need to touch him, his shoulders, and his chest—down his taut stomach and finally his cock.
Cameron's breath caught when Reynaud's grip picked up a slow rhythm. His eyes closed and his head bobbed back. Reynaud loved the look of surrender that came across his lover's face when he touched Cam.
Creolytes had a sixth sense on how to please their lovers. They were tuned into them and in sync with what was needed. The sensations were even more potent when their lovers had no magic. The enchantment within them didn't have to worry about incapability issues between magics. The Creolyte's aura would surround them both, engulfing the human in a sense of overwhelming trust for him and a sense of inner peace, before leading the Creolyte to what his lover needed most.
Reynaud lowered his head and fused their mouths. Cameron groaned and opened for him, parting his lips to accept Reynaud's tongue. His mouth was warm, soft, and wet, tasting of the sweet dessert they had concocted only a few hours ago. Greedily, Cameron returned his passion, no longer offering the tentative kisses Reynaud received when they first got together.
Cameron pulled away from him to lean his head against Reynaud's chest. He grunted and groaned, enjoying Reynaud's administrations to his cock. The sounds were music to Reynaud's ears.
"Rey…" Cameron moaned, rocking his hips up into Reynaud's fist.
"Ah, yes… I know. Tell me you love me, Cameron. I need to hear it."
"Yesss," Cameron hissed. "I love you!"
The words floated from his mouth on a breathy wave, touching Reynaud's heart. He scooped Cameron up and all but threw him across the bed. Cameron let out a startled yelp, but was not displeased by the actions. Reynaud discarded his clothes with quick yanking movements. When the last article was off, he reached into the top drawer and removed the lube, before joining Cameron on the bed. Squirting a dollop of gel onto his palm, Reynaud picked up where he left off.
Cameron's cock was wonderfully hard in his hand. Moments later Cameron was close to coming again and Reynaud wanted to be there with him. He rose to his knees and threw his leg over Cameron's slender hips then quickly took up stroking both their erections simultaneously.
Their groans of pleasure were intertwined. The sensitive flesh pressed against each other as his hand slid over them. It was heavenly. When Reynaud could take no more, he released them, positioned his throbbing erection at Cameron's opening, and thrust forward. Cameron's body relaxed for him. He sank to the hilt with a gasp. Lowering his head, he devoured Cameron's mouth, swallowing his blissful groans.
The connection between them went far deeper than his cock ever could. From the first moment it had sparked something within his core. Each time with Cameron was better than the last. Pushing himself upright, Reynaud withdrew and returned, moaning his pleasure aloud. Over and over he repeated the move, building a slow rhythm—then going faster. 
Cameron's continued verbal encouragement increased his enjoyment. He reached between them to stroke the stiff member Reynaud had left behind. The sight made Reynaud's blood burn. He quickened his pace. Sweet pressure filled his balls and a burst of bliss suffused his entire body. His orgasm raced through him, snatching a cry from his very soul when it reached crescendo. Moments later, Cameron added his screams of ecstasy to the atmosphere and his cock emptied onto his hand.
Careful not to collapse on top of his lover, Reynaud held himself aloft on shaky arms, resting his head in the crook of Cameron's neck. After a few moments, Reynaud lifted his head. Cameron opened his eyes to look up at him from under heavy lids. He smiled. Love and contentment shined back at him. The sight warmed Reynaud's heart. He rolled to the bed and pulled Cameron into his embrace.
He would miss Cameron terribly while he was gone, but she would not be calling to him if it were not important. He knew that in his heart. So many emotions assailed him when Cameron took him to the spot where he could sense her. Was he still obligated to protect anyone else other than him and Cameron? How could he fulfill his duty in protecting Cameron without knowing what Madam Cousteau needed? What if something had changed? What if something was going on within the council that threatened him or their relationship? Torn at what to do, Reynaud let out a frustrated breath. Something was going on—that much he did know. Madam Cousteau needed his help and he could not ignore her. Just as sleep claimed him, Reynaud tightened his grip, silently promising Cameron that he would return as soon as possible.

Look for Reynaud's Redemption release in April!


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