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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soulshares are baaaack!

Ah, March! With my Irish heritage, it’s the month of the High Holy Day itself, and the perfect month to be discussing my Soulshares books – urban fantasy erotic romance, with an Irish accent so thick you could whack it over the head with a shillelagh and it would be the shillelagh you’d be breaking. And book two in the series, GALE FORCE, comes out the week before St. Patrick’s Day, on March 12.
          The Soulshares books involve the intersection between the human world and the Fae Realm; the Realm split off from the human world well over two thousand years ago when the Fae had to rid their Realm of an evil magickal force that threatened to consume it. If there is such a thing as a Fae “canon,” I don’t pay attention to it, any more than I follow romance novel conventions, but my Fae are definitely Irish in derivation. I’ve studied the Irish language, and Faein, the Fae language, is based on Irish, with a bit of tweaking to modify the grammar and broaden the phonetics just a little. When my Fae leave the Realm, they can in theory emerge into the human world almost anywhere, but Tiernan, the Fae lead in HARD AS STONE, Soulshares #1, emerged in Ireland during An Gorta Mór, the Great Hunger, in 1847. And Rian Sheridan, who you’ll meet in Soulshares #4, was an IRA Volunteer in Belfast in the early 1970s – and is a devout Catholic, for all he’s a nearly immortal Fae.
          In my world, Fae who come to the human world from the Realm lose half their soul in the crossing, and the missing half goes out into the human world to be reborn in a human; the only way for the Fae to be whole again is to find, and love, the Fae who has the other half of his soul. The trouble with that is that because Fae live a thousand years, and are way too mercurial to have stable relationships that last that long, it’s become a truism that Fae don’t love. Though they do tend to live for the transitory pleasures of the flesh. Which they’re very adept at. So it’s an interesting adjustment when a Fae finds his Soulshare…
          The Soulshares are an interesting hybrid of fantasy and erotica. The sex is scorching hot, but it’s always an integral part of a storyline that’s very strongly grounded in “classic” urban fantasy.  My boys want to have it all – a serious, well-thought-out and interesting world to live in, and incredibly hot partners to live in it with.

          If you’d like to come visit us, I’m on Facebook and I have a BLOG.  GALE FORCE, Soulshares #2, is on Amazon, B&N, an Ravenous Romance’s Web site as of March 12.
          And, to conclude, here’s a little taste of GALE FORCE. This excerpt is set in the Fae Realm, with Josh LaFontaine, the human half of the book’s lead couple, and Cuinn an Dearmad, a pain-in-the-ass Fae who is trying to protect Josh from the Marfach, the evil force that’s the bane of Fae existence.

          “Explain to me again why you have to physically hold on to me?” Josh was looking at the creature too – he’d taken the notion that his ink was magickal a lot better than Cuinn had thought he would, for some reason, but had said he’d be relieved to get home and have it lie down again, just the same. “I know you told me, but at the time I had vertigo that would have killed a large farm animal and I wasn’t paying much attention.”
          Cuinn snickered. “I could tell. You were an interesting shade of green. And I’m your only way home.” He leaned back on his elbows in the soft grass, feeling the magick of the place slowly permeating his body. Too slowly. It was going to take him a long time to recharge, after everything he’d been up to in the human world of late, and especially after opening up that rift without being properly prepared. Panic makes a pretty fair substitute for arousal, in a pinch, apparently. He didn’t dare consciously siphon magick out of his surroundings, because that ran the risk of killing nearly everything he could see from where he lay. Not permanently, but close enough. And he needed to be sure he could get the human home. His fellow Loremasters had made it very clear to him some time ago a Soulshared Conall Dary was an essential part of their plan. Which plan he wasn’t allowed to know. “I’m the only sentient being who can pass back and forth between the Realm and your world.”
          Josh pushed up and looked around as well; Cuinn was pleased to see him looking better than he had on arrival. The combination of adrenalin and disorientation when he’d first been pulled through the rift had caused the human to spend his first few conscious minutes trying very hard not to puke all over him. “So why does that mean we need to play handsy?” Another pointed glance at their joined hands.
          “Time does strange things, where the worlds touch.” Cuinn tipped his head back, closed his eyes, and concentrated on drawing in power. Slowly. “When I pass through, I don’t disturb the flow. The flaw in the Pattern that lets me go back and forth is shaped to me. And anything I happen to be touching.” He smirked, without opening his eyes. “Would have been interesting if my clothes went to another time every time I passed through. But I wasn’t consulted.” 
          “I wonder why.”
          “I heard that.” Cuinn opened his eyes again, solely so he could roll them properly. “Play nicely, human. If I were to lose contact with you right now, even for a moment, I’d have to open a new passage to send you back, instead of just letting go of you when the time was right, and there’s no telling when you’d return to your world. Today, last week, a hundred years from now.” He shrugged. “Those stories you hear, about humans wandering off after fairies, and reappearing a hundred years later with their brains scrambled? I started most of them. You don’t want to run into me when I’m bored and drunk.”
          Josh’s eyes narrowed. “Is that a Fae thing? Dicking around with humans?”
           Cuinn laughed. “You bet your ass it is. Don’t you read your own legends? It’s not just me. We haven’t been gone that long. You still have stories.”

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