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Monday, August 19, 2013

Pelaam on Steampunk

Even if you're not already a Steampunk fan, you may have read books or seen films with Steampunk elements. Think Jules Verne, and H G Wells, and films like First Men on the Moon, or 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. More recently, The Wild, Wild, West, and even Sherlock Holmes. 

The Victorian era did not have space travel, submarines like the Nautilus, or the incredible invention of Wells' Time Machine. But that's the general premise. Creating fantastic inventions and finding ways, usually by steam, to power them.

Then there are the outfits, none of which are truly complete without the ubiquitous goggles.

My preferred genres for writing are science fiction, paranormal and fantasy, I and have always loved the works of Verne and Wells.
‘Glacialis’ is my first Steampunk venture, and was released through Silver Stream Press as part of their inaugural launch. I used the slightly unusual setting of an off-world mining colony.

My main characters are Shae and Bless. Shae is a typical upper class gentleman who chose medicine as his vocation. As such he dresses immaculately, and is a stickler for hygiene. He likes nothing better than to be able to see his own reflection in anything copper or brass, especially in his sick bay.

Bless is a little more unusual in that I selected a male nurse, and a more working class character than would be usual in the Victorian era for a medical professional. Consequently, Bless is rather irreverent, and dresses far less conservatively.

The bond of friendship Shae and Bless share is akin to brotherhood. There’s nothing the one wouldn’t do for the other, including Bless following Shae into a dangerous situation.

Glacialis itself is the name of the planet their company is mining. It’s a frigid, inhospitable world where the unwary, or unprepared, can easily fall victim to the freezing cold or the local predator; the letaris.
The welcome Shae and Bless receive from Adair and Merag, the foreman and his head of security is equally frigid. They also find the miners are a closed, tightly knit group who shun newcomers.
All Shae and Bless want is to finish their stint and get off Glacialis as quickly as possible.

However, there is another predator on Glacialis, one as deadly and as ruthless as the letaris.

Shae is drawn into danger by the enigmatic and attractive miner Tuor, and Bless dutifully follows. They find themselves in a deadly battle with three enemies, all equally lethal, all without mercy.

Accepting their company's assignment as medic and nurse on Glacialis, Shae and Bless find their welcome as frigid as the planet itself. However, when they stumble across more than mining, things turn from cold to dangerous very quickly.

Accepting their company's assignment as medic and nurse on Glacialis, Shae and Bless find their welcome as frigid as the planet itself. Neither Adair, the mine's foreman nor Merag, his head of security make the men feel welcome or wanted.
When one of the miners seeks medical attention for an injury he doesn't want Adair to know about, Shae and Bless quickly find themselves investigating illegal activity at the mine, and embroiled in danger.
Shae finds himself falling in love with an undercover Ranger sent to investigate the mine, and he and Bless choose to help him.
Peril takes three forms, each different, but as deadly as the other.

The wind made his dustcoat flap around his knees, and visibility was poor with a mix of smog and light snow. However, the goggles helped him to see well enough, and the filter, although cumbersome around his neck, ensured he breathed freely. Shae stopped and took a better look at where he was.
He gave a tsk of frustration. He’d wandered a little off-course and was now around the block of buildings that Adair had decreed off-limits. I’m already pushing my luck being outside. It would be worse still to be caught here. He turned to retrace his steps when something caught his eye.
Frowning, Shae bent forward.
Blood. There’s blood on the wall of the building. It was obviously fresh. Someone needed his assistance. He looked around. Then he gave a cry mixing shock and outrage, as a strong arm wrapped around his waist, and dragged him back towards the main complex.
He was bundled unceremoniously inside, and he yanked his filter, goggles and balaclava off angrily. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he glowered at Tuor.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Shae was angry at the manhandling and, much to his frustration, aroused at the same time. Although touching six feet himself, Tuor was taller still by a few inches and was clearly far stronger than he looked. “I said-“
Tuor’s lips covered his, cutting off his words. A bolt of lust seared through him. He parted his lips, inviting Tuor deeper.

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