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Monday, August 26, 2013

Some of the best best is Made in China

Greetings and thank you for having me. I wanted to tell everyone Made in China: The Great Wall is released. It's about a band just starting out in Suzhou China. There are the usual pitfalls of a new band with the added complications of being gay in China where homosexuality is not a possibly.

I spent the last six years living in China. I wanted to share the wonderful and terrible things I experienced. I was driven to write happily ever afters for a number of my friends both men and women I saw forced into marriages to please their family's need for security. I wanted people to experience a little of what it might be like when homosexuality isn't even discussed. The closet is so deep in China, there's no doorknob. Gay doesn't exist…

Jun "Styx" Wong's heart and mind battle to determine his destiny. His mind tells him to be a good Chinese son and marry the girl his parents chose, but his heart longs for his best friend, Jin, and life with their new band. "Jun" means honesty, but he's not even honest with himself. A quest to eradicate his feelings for Jin nearly ends his life.
Styx's near death serves as a wake-up call for Jin, whose blond hair--legacy of his German father--marks him as different. Jin harbors secrets of his own. His experiences prepare him to take the drastic measures needed to help Jun overcome the walls surrounding them.

Z. Allora recently repatriated to the South of the USA after a six year stint in China. (Talk about culture shock!) She feels it is her duty to help educate against intolerance, that is, when she's not too busy hiding under her blankets typing out stories about wicked, beautiful boys doing wicked, beautiful things to each other. She will never grow old because she refuses to grow up, perhaps the most valuable lesson she learned in her years of globetrotting with her one true love.
Contact Z. Allora:   Facebook: ZAllora Allora

Author Bio:
Z. believes in soul mates, love at first sight, and overcoming all odds to find happily ever afters. Born in Upstate NY, Z. Allora and partner have spent the last fifteen years together traveling across the United States, the Middle East and Asia. These travels provide the inspiration behind many of the detailed settings and characters throughout Z.'s work. Z. received a Master degree in Psychology and Bachelor degrees in both English and Philosophy. (though Z's editors would probably question the English degree). Z. is both a writer and a huge fan of M/M romance as well as Yaoi. It is said the pen is mightier than the sword. Z. thinks all writers and publishers of M/M are promoting equality, since everyone deserves a happily ever after.

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