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Friday, October 25, 2013

Bring on the Louisiana Heat!

Halloween is an opportunity to hide behind costumes and be someone else—or to leave off your everyday costume and reveal your true self.

Finding his true self is a struggle Sean Delahunt has had ever since it realized he wasn’t like the other boys.  His family, who insists he be what they want him to be, instead of who he is, compounds the problem, making Sean feel wrong in his own skin.

But then, he must Rusty Duchene.  

In short story Meant To Be,  Rusty Duchene and Sean Delahunt are each other’s first loves. After emotionally rough high school years and financially draining college years have, they are ready to enjoy all the good life New Orleans has to offer.

After a tough job search, Sean is offered his dream job—in Boston. But for Rusty, moving means leaving the career and the family he loves.  After making a decision where they both win and lose, they face the consequences of that decision in their 2nd short story, Moving On.  

In the third short story in this series, Tricked Up for Treats, Rusty Duchene signs up his fiancé, Sean Delahunt for a couples’ amateur drag competition sponsored by a local Cabaret Club.  The prizes are awesome.  But the real prize, the one Rusty is hoping they will win is the prize of letting Sean be himself, at least for just one night.

But the head game he’s playing with Sean comes with a high risk, a risk that Sean will fracture instead of become whole.
If the worst happens, will Rusty be strong enough to hold Sean together, to hold their relationship together, or will this be the end of their long term love?

Tricked Up for Treats is the third Sean and Rusty story in the Bayou Boys series, a series of short stories, novellas and novels about Louisiana boys in love.  The Bayou Boys series

Sean slapped for the alarm, turning it off before the annoying screech could wake Rusty.  He should have gotten up a couple of hours ago, when he’d woken up.  Instead, he’d stared at the ceiling, adding and re-adding, trying to figure out a way to make the money stretch a little bit further.

As a new engineer, he made decent money. Not a boatload full, especially for an expensive town like Boston, but industry standard. 

It was those student loans that were killing him. Five years of college had been damned expensive.

Rusty stirred, making sucking sounds in his sleep which always made Sean grin. 

Early light was kind to the deep circles under Rusty’s eyes.  He’d been out late—again, trying to make a few extra bucks taking down sets at one of the local playhouses after their last show.

He’d probably hit an after party or two, too.  Free food and drink. Who could blame him?  And people to talk to.  Socializing was part of Rusty’s nature.
Sean wished he could have joined him, but his eight to five schedule couldn’t handle three a.m. bedtimes.

Bayou Boys is a series of short stories, novellas and novels about Louisiana boys in love.  

Coming up next: Jingle My Bells, another Sean and Rusty story, when blended families don’t always make harmonious music together.

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  1. New Orleans to Boston! Eeek!

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