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Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome to Ghost House!

This book was our first attempt at NaNoWriMo, and while we failed fabulously at getting in completed in a month, it never left us. It was a joy to write, and a challenge. But it also was the first appearance of the Parliament of Twilight. It was during the work on Ghost House that we finally found the thread to connect our worlds together. And what better way to draw in all the different characters we had created at that time than to use a quasi-evil secret organization?

 has proven to be a challenge to write. He's not easy to like, and he 's not supposed to be.  He's got a long way to go when we first meet him.  But there is a tenderness in him that Brodie brings out, just a glimmer of hope that he can be redeemed. Keeping that hope at just glimmer level is not easy when writing a story that, in the end, is supposed to be a love story.

While it is something like choosing between your children, I do think that Ghost House is my personal favorite among the three main series of the Parliament of Twilight.   It goes to some pretty dark places, but because of how deep we take the characters, they have all that much more room to grow.

And who are Dani R.R. Hermit and Nevi Star?  Besides being the founders and authors for Wandering Stars Press, we’re life partners who have been together for 13 years through all of life’s ups, downs and craziness. Ours has been a long and sometimes arduous road, but it’s only made the journey deeper and more interesting, adding fuel and fire to the stories we can tell.  But who are we when we're not writing?

Nevi is a spirit artist and a shaman. She is a World Walker.  She does all the cover art for WSP books. She is currently working on a novel of her own and a spirit squirrel oracle deck.

Hermie has been studying tarot for 20 years and reading professionally for a small, private clientele for about 13 years. She is also a genius at making sweet treats – homemade candies, cookies, cupcakes. (All gluten free!) She does all the cooking for our little pirate crew (or they would all starve or poison themselves lol) and loves her neurotic kitten. You can find out more about her tarot work on her WEBSITE

Product Details
Jacob & Brodie star in Ghost House, exorcising demons for fun & profit. Too bad they don’t just play exorcists on TV.

Jacob is a former exorcism Agent for The Parliament of Twilight. Now he’s the star of Ghost House, another of those creepy ghost-hunting in quaint little towns kinda shows. He “exorcises” the ghosts & demons infesting the house, which are really big special effects and well-timed scares. It's not exactly moral, but everybody goes home happy & the viewers are excited.

Brodie is Jacob's new co-host. He used to star on his own show about “spiritual redecorating” or something like that.  No one's really sure where he came from. He’s adorable, fluffy and everyone on the show can't help but love him. Except, of course, for Jacob who hates him on sight.

The boys are just getting to know each other & work out the kinks in their new partnership when an ominous letter arrives. Apparently Jacob might not be as retired as he thought.