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Friday, January 31, 2014

See how Cam's friend was upgraded

Greetings Guys Like Romance, Too followers!

Jaxx Steele here once again to share my work with you. This time I come with Cam’s Best Friend in hand. I have always like magic induced stores, but one ever came to mind. When the idea finally came to mind for my first fantasy the story came together pretty fast, but getting it from my head to the computer was a challenge. Bottom line, my typing skills pretty much suck. I type with four fingers and my brain moves way faster than my fingers can keep up with.

The characters spoke continuously, screaming at me to get their story but I couldn’t get it out fast enough. It drove me crazy! Once finally on paper and done, it moved swiftly to the top five of my “favorite babies” list along with Papa Knows Best, Indian Blood Moon and Christmas Nick for Everyone. 

This book has magic, betrayal, destined love, an awesome fight scene and hot sex…what’s not love? Seriously speaking, this was my first fantasy and it has sparks something in me. I have 2 more fantasies coming in the near future. J

A little about Cam’s Best Friend…

Cameron Gamble was a simple man who ran away from an awkward life. He found a new city to start over in, a new job and the perfect best friend, Mel, a large chocolate lab. It wasn’t long before they were inseparable and Mel had a permanent place in Cameron’s heart. One night, as Cameron recovered from a nightmare, the bright light of the moon revealed Mel’s true nature. All was well in Cameron’s world from that day forth until his ex-lover showed up with the intention of bringing him home.

 Cameron flipped the switch on the washer and tried to move past Joe, but unfortunately didn't quite make it. Joe grabbed Cameron's arm with one hand, yanking him backwards against the nearby stove. With his other hand, he turned the knob swiftly and the fire came to life. Before Cameron could break free, Joe gripped his throat and forced his head down. 
"Maybe I just need to show you that it's a bad thing to flirt with my friends," Joe said through gritted teeth. "Joe, stop! I wasn't flirting!" Cameron struggled, but Joe's strength was superior to his every time. "Joe, stop!" 
Cameron's head moved closer and closer to the dancing flame. The heat singed his hair as it fell over the side of his head. 
"Please! No! Noooo!"  
* * * *
Cameron bolted to a sitting position, breathing hard. His damp hair stuck to his forehead. His lungs burned as he heaved air into them. Looking around frantically, he tried to calm himself. He fell back against his pillow and pushed loose strands from his forehead raking his fingers through his hair. Tears filled his eyes. 
"God! It's been three years. Why am I still having these dreams?" he cried out, frustrated. 
Cameron wiped the sweat and tears from his face. He felt movement beside him and turned. Mel whined and crept closer to him, laying his head against Cameron's chest. Cameron sniffed loudly and cupped the animal's face. 
"Why can't I get rid of these dreams, boy? Joe is in jail. He can't come for me, but I'm still afraid he will. If I had you back then, you would have protected me, wouldn't you, Mel?" 
The dog whimpered again brushing his nose to Cameron's. Cameron fell back against the pillow with a groan. 
"You're the only friend I have here. I love you and you love me. We're going to take care of each other just like Mr Dubois said." He sighed, rubbing Mel's head. "That's how it's supposed to be, Mel. I just wish it was like that with people, too," he added with an edge of melancholy. "If you were human, it would be perfect." 
Having Mel by his side comforted him. Cameron's fingers slowed in the soft fur between the dog's ears until they stopped. His breathing evened and the fear that jolted him awake eased away, allowing sleep to conquer his consciousness again. 
The soft press of gentle kisses on his neck and cheek stirred him awake some time later. The caress of fingers in exploration tickled the skin on his chest and brushed over his nipples. Cameron's cock pulsed at the sensations the intimate touches created. The hand exploring his body became bolder, moving down to grip his growing erection. A surprised gasp melted into a satisfied groan as the strong hand stroked him. Cameron stretched leisurely, enjoying the tactile stimulation. It had been years since someone else had gratified him in that way and even then it hadn't felt as good. All of a sudden his eyes popped open. 
Bolting to a sitting position he turned wide eyes beside him. 
A strange man was in his bed! What the hell! Who the hell is this? How did he get into my room? Cameron looked around frantically. 
Where was Mel? Why hadn't he barked or something?
The questions slammed into his brain too fast for his mind to form any concrete answers. The mystery man reached out and took his hand. Cameron pulled in a sharp breath, but didn't snatch his hand away. 
"Relax, Cameron. Nothing has happened to your faithful companion." 
Cameron swallowed loudly. "H-How do you know my name?" 
The man smiled. "I know a lot about you. I'm your best friend. I am Mel."

Available now at Silver Publishing

Thanks Carson for letting me share my books with you guys. Perhaps you will like it enough to want to read the sequel, Reynaud’s Redemption.

Reynaud had everything he ever wanted with Cam and yet something nagged at him. He hoped going ‘home’ would ease his weariness, but it was apparent that things had changed during his absence. Friends had lost their places and enemies had gained power. Will the final confrontation with his past destroy everything Reynaud had in his present preventing him from having a future with Cam?
available at Silver Publishing


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  1. Oh that's a great one! It's a new twist on shifters and I like it.