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Friday, January 3, 2014

What better way to start the year than with some Gin and Jazz!

Thank you Carson for letting me stop by today! Here it is – 2014. Wow. Isn’t it amazing to stop and realize that if you want to plan a hot, romantic night out – all you have to do is get out your iPad or smart phone or tablet – and do a quick search? If you have the right app, you can type in the area you happen to be in and instantly find the type of restaurant – complete with reviews – where you’d like to dine. As little as ten years ago, such a thing didn’t occur. We were still surfing the net.

Now imagine that its ninety years ago and the most amazing thing that’s happened in the previous decade is the rise of motorized vehicles, telephones and moving pictures. Try planning a sexy night on the town without having the internet at your fingertips. And forget about searching around to get varying reviews and feedback before you take a chance on a pricey eatery. When you had a party, you actually had to send out invitations. On real paper. You couldn’t just ‘create an event’.

The Gin & Jazz series is set in that era and begins in 1924. My main character Jack Stone is a young and naïve nineteen year-old who grew up an orphan. When he goes to the big city of New York, he’s escaping the punishment he received for messing around with a young guy back at the boy’s home. He meets the slightly older and more streetwise Nick, and together they head to Hollywood to make good money building sets for the movie studios. Or so they had dreamed.

Along the way Jack learns the hard way how unforgiving the celluloid kingdom can be. By the time he celebrates his first New Year in Hollywood, so much has changed for him. Some are wonderful, some are devastating. The dashing, much older screen idol, Roman Pasquale, has fallen obsessively in love with Jack and he now lives with the star at his mansion. But the studio chief, Vincent Franklin, insists that they keep their relationship more discreet. If the Willy Hays morals code is breached, it would be the end of both of their careers. In this excerpt from Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3) it is New Year’s Eve, and the lovers must play by Hollywood’s rules.

Jack stepped out of the tub, and without even opening his eyes, Roman grabbed Jack’s wrist.
“No… I need you with me.”
Jack giggled, and Roman let go. His heart was so full of his love for Roman—they had delighted in a magical holiday week together. But it was almost over, so he had to make sure and enjoy the rest of it to the fullest. It was New Year’s Eve and within a couple of days they would both be back on the lot. Roman to finish his André Chenard film, and Jack to begin a new one—the first ever without Trixie. He was actually a little nervous about that. He wished he could have a friend there.
“I need you too, Roman. But I have to get dressed so that I can get out of here in time to arrive at the party. The first guests might get here soon, and if Vincent catches us, we’re done for sure.”
Roman peeked out from under one lid. “Humph. What will the studio gods think of next? How very quaint that you must leave, then return to your own home to attend your own party. I say we cancel this whole wretched to-do and spend the evening fucking instead.”
Jack snorted. “I like your idea, Roman, but I don’t think Vincent would like it so much. He insisted that Global hold the party here.”
“Fuck Vincent.”
“No thanks.”
Roman howled with laughter. “Oh, my dear Jack, how I enjoy you.”
Roman sighed and lifted himself out of the tub. Jack handed him one of the towels and finished drying off with the other. Roman’s hands rubbed his ass cheeks. It amazed Jack how Roman never tired of touching him constantly. Jack surmised that Roman knew how easy it was to arouse him and wanted to make sure that Jack was thoroughly satisfied at all times—that there would never be a reason for Jack to wish for sex. Many times Roman would just stroke him to a conclusion without any preamble. Or he would take Jack’s cock into his mouth and suck him so greedily that he would come within a few minutes. Then they would go on with whatever it was they had been doing.
Roman already had Jack’s clothes laid out, so he just went about putting himself together. Jack had finally mastered the fine art of tying a bow tie, so that was no longer a concern. He combed the pomade in as he always did, aligned his side part, and was ready for inspection.
“Stunning. As always,” said Roman, straightening Jack’s tie and adjusting the shoulders of his elegant cobalt blue dinner jacket. “Fucking tailors. I can see a slight difference in the lapel on this side.”
Roman frowned in that way that would make Jack’s heart race in fear, as opposed to lust. But Jack had become better at knowing the right things to say that would placate him.
“We’ll just have to make them fix it, right, Roman?”
“You are absolutely correct. And the money I pay them!”
“I know. You’re right. But it will still be better than anything else anyone wears tonight. No one can compete with us.”
“Damn, you have me hard. I can’t believe that it’s been more than a day since I’ve taken you.”
“We’re saving it for tonight, remember? Our own New Year’s celebration.”
“Mmmm. Yes. Once the bastards from Global leave, we shall lock ourselves up here and do whatever we want. Hector can make sure the servants keep an eye on everyone else.”
Roman drew closer to Jack, and put an arm lightly around his waist—obviously being careful not to crush Jack’s elegant clothing ensemble. He brushed his lips just barely over Jack’s, the tip of his tongue moistening Jack’s lower lip just a bit. Now Jack was hard. There were some days that Jack wished that he didn’t have the ability to get an erection. Just one day where everything wasn’t about coming all of the time.
Geez. Why would I want that?
It was probably just the stress of putting on a charade at the party. Juan would soon be driving Jack, in his shiny new Pierce Arrow, to the home of his ‘date’. Louise Sebastian, Maude’s friend who had accompanied them to Santa Barbara, was filling the role for the evening. Trixie was publicly seeing some producer that neither Jack nor Roman had ever heard of. They were scheduled to be there, along with everyone else associated with Global Picture as well as whomever else had managed to finagle an invitation.
Once it was time to arrive at the party fashionably late, Juan would then drive Jack and Louise back to Roman’s, and Roman and Jack would proceed to avoid each other’s company as much as possible. In all honesty, Jack completely agreed with Roman that it was stupid and aggravating.
Roman let go of him, with seeming reluctance.
“’Till later, my dear Jack. My heart shall ache until you are back in our home again.”
One area that Jack still didn’t excel in was flowery words and pretty phrases to say to Roman. He wished he knew things that he could tell Roman that were just as nice—sort of like the poem book he had given to him. Once in a while Jack would read through it, and had decided he really liked it a lot—even if he didn’t understand very much of what it said.
“Geez, Roman, that’s really nice. My heart will ache too.”
“Dear boy. Well, run off now. The quicker you leave, the quicker you shall be back.”
Jack turned to leave, and once he reached his gorgeous Christmas present outside, he saw that Juan was there to open the door for him. It was dark already, even though it was just past six o’clock. Jack didn’t mind that the sun set earlier in the winter, he had always preferred the night. It reminded him of the theatre, which somehow gave him a strange comfort.
But he turned his attention back to the charade he needed to perform. He and Juan had developed a somewhat amiable and tad less formal relationship. Juan remained completely detached when Roman was around, but would relax just slightly when he and Jack were alone. Jack still wouldn’t describe Juan as talkative, but at least they could interact for more than one or two sentences now and then.
“Happy New Year, Juan.”
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