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Monday, February 17, 2014

Ahhh...cowboy menage

I love writing about cowboys, dreaming about them. So I had great fun writing Cowboy Dreamin’. While it wasn’t written exactly to be a Valentine’s Day story, it fits the overall theme of lovers finding each other and taking what happens a step farther.

Love and romance rank lowest on Kendra’s To Do List. Still, she fantasizes of a tall, dark and handsome cowboy lover—a white knight in a Stetson will carry her off into the sunset. That’s only a dream…until Madame Eve sends her two cowboys for a special night. She’s uncertain at first, but how can she resist either of their sexy grins or the heat in their eyes? But will one night really be enough?


He raised a mocking eyebrow. “You just admitted to dreaming about cowboys.” He held her gaze. “And your info with Madame Evangeline said….” He let the rest of the thought fade away. That stupid application Alexis filled out on my behalf! She balled her hands on her hips and went up on her toes to look him straight in the eye. “So what if I have fantasies! So what if they include a cowboy doing some seriously wicked things to me!” She flushed, slapped a hand over her mouth, and dropped to her normal height. “I can’t believe I told you that.” She lowered her gaze to her feet. Oh, God!

Wicked things?” Shane croaked.

Please just let me disappear in a puff of smoke. Please, please, please.

“Kendra?” Carson sounded worried.

She took a step back and quietly sobbed. Crying? Exhaustion had gotten to her. Her emotions were all over the place. What an impression she was making! She’d never been so embarrassed in her life. These two men pushed all of her buttons, sexy beyond anything she could resist. They were sweet, patient, encouraging— okay, that defined Carson. But Shane…he was needy. That’s all she could come up with. Her woman’s intuition told her he needed, what she didn’t know. He just seemed so alone, so wary. She hurt for him.

“Kendra,” Carson prodded again, getting off the sofa and walking closer.

“I should go,” she mumbled, “before I embarrass myself even more.” Yet she couldn’t seem to move. She felt the heat of Shane’s large body standing so close, drew in his very male scent. A wake-up call to her already aware body.

Neither man spoke. Awkward silence stretched. “I knew this arrangement thing was a stupid idea,” she whispered, still not moving, still hanging her head. “I’m never even thinking about dating again. It never works out. I’ll live the rest of my life as a spinster. I’ll buy more sex toys, read more erotica.”

Shane’s breath hitched, his booted feet stepped toe-to-toe with her sandals.

She froze, sniffed back the foolish tears, and waited, pulse racing.

His big hands went to her shoulders and he pulled her against him, so warm, so strong and sturdy. He hugged her with unexpected gentleness. She buried her face in his chambray shirt, memorizing his scent—all man, with a hint of spice.

“Ah, darlin’,” he said in a low, soothing tone, patting her back. “I’m so gawdawful sorry.”

His heart thumped beneath her ear. Instead of moving out of his hold, she cuddled closer. She froze at the hard evidence of his attraction to her. The long, thick evidence.

Her body responded. Her nether lips twitched in anticipation and her clit joined the dance of excitement as well. Could he tell? Her situation was difficult enough.

“You don’t need sex toys, darlin’. At least not tonight.”

His husky tone made everything inside her ache with longing. She squeezed her eyes shut and bemoaned being a loose-lipped idiot.

As she tried to think of a way out of this mess, Carson moved behind her and stroked her hair. Oh God! She liked what he was doing. Too much. Had she just moaned out loud?

“Give us another chance. Don’t leave,” he said in the deep, rumbling drawl that got to her.

Her pulse raced so fast she thought she might pass out. His touch, still so gentle…. She hazarded a glance up at Shane and found his eyes dark with heat. “I…uh…. Oh, this is so awkward.”

He continued to hold her, his hands at her lower back, pressing her against his erection. In a gruff, sensual he asked, “Are you really interested in some cowboy play?”

She should say no. She should….

Carson touched her face with one of his long fingers, sending shudders through her. “Play with two cowboys?”

Kendra groaned. Her fantasies hadn’t come close to this. She wasn’t turning down this once in a lifetime opportunity. After tonight, she would be celibate. “Lord help me, yes.”

She shivered all over. What had she gotten herself into?

Her cheeks flamed. “I’ve never….” She looked from one to the other. “This is way out of my knowledge base.” Well, other than having read dozens of ménage à trois stories. But this was reality.

Shane’s sexy mouth tipped up in one corner. “Mine too, darlin’, but I’m willing to figure it out, if you are.”

Could her heart race any faster without killing her?

Caressing her face again, thumbing her quivering lips, Carson said, “We’ll make this work.”

She bobbed her head and hoped she’d made the right decision. What had happened to her rule of no sex on the first date, usually not on the first two?

Shane released her and Carson stepped back as well. Shane went to close the sliding door and tugged the drapes across it. “Let’s shut the world out, keep this between the three of us.”

Anticipation had her struggling to still her pounding heart. Two men, two cowboys. Maybe this was a dream, but and it seemed so real.

The dream became even more real when Carson pulled her to him. He aligned their bodies, made her aware that he, too, had become aroused. His hard cock pressed against her and her stomach fluttered. Moisture beaded between her legs and she arched forward.

“Soon, sweetheart,” he chuckled, putting his hands on her backside and holding her in place.

Passionate by nature, she normally didn’t get aggressive…at least not until she’d known a guy awhile. She wouldn’t have that luxury with this man—with these men. She moved against his impressive shaft.

“I’m not always like this,” she explained. When his denim-bound erection pressed harder against her aching mound, she gave a quiet gasp. “Really. I’m not.” But, oh heavens, she liked having him this close.

“How about we don’t think about anything but right this moment?” He used a finger to lift her chin until their gazes locked.

Before she could respond, he lowered his head. His lips met hers and he slowly ran his tongue along the edge of her mouth. “Open wider for me,” he ordered.

Her knees were getting weak and the pulsing low in her body became more demanding. But she managed to obey him, easing her mouth open enough for him to slide his hot tongue inside. He tasted of beer. His tongue danced with hers for a second and then wiggled below it, teasing the bottom of her mouth. She trembled, moaning, grinding against his hard ridge.

He kneaded her bottom and pressed her even closer. All the while he deepened the kiss until she all but melted from the intensity of his lips molded to hers. She panted. More, she wanted more. From the corner of her eye, she saw Shane watching them, his expression hard to read. Then he stepped next to them and touched Carson’s shoulder.

“Downshift, buddy,” Shane warned. “We’ve got all night.”

With a groan, Carson eased his hold and his hands left her bottom. His mouth moved away. But he rested his forehead against hers, his heart pounded as she, battled her way back to sanity. When she could, she took a step away on shaky legs. She might have fallen if Shane hadn’t put an arm around her, bracing her.

“Steady, darlin’.”

She nodded, and then she gazed at Carson. “Can I say wow?”

He gave her a smug, very male grin. “Sweetheart, I’m just getting started.” This would be an experience she’d never forget…if she survived.

Book Info:

Title: Cowboy Dreamin’

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, gay, ménage

Available at Decadent Publishing  and Amazon

Author Info: Starla Kaye


  1. This looks really great, Starla! Loved the excerpt!

  2. Thanks for stopping to read the excerpt. Happy reading.