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Monday, February 3, 2014

Three times the love

Eliana is third in a series—although not a direct sequel—to my previous books, Capriole and Levade, and the only one I’ve written with a female protagonist (although the guys feature prominently, don’t worry.)
Coming from a science fiction and fantasy writing background, I can’t help adding a touch of the paranormal. In this case, Kon is a Sensitive, someone able to know a person without being told and to manipulate a body’s energy. Dane is a cambion, half-human, half-incubus, with the potential to be dangerous if the sexually hungry incubus half gets out of control, and it will if Kon doesn’t feed it regularly.
This story is largely an exploration in the subversion of power. Eliana strives to take control of her life after escaping an abusive past, Dane fights against the stereotypes that cambions are hazardous and can’t be trusted as a Dominant, and Konstantin has to balance his responsibility for those in his care with the desire to completely let go.
The D/D/s relationship requires trust that all three, having been taken advantage of because of who and what they are, find difficult to give. All three have flaws that could ruin the balance of their relationship, yet they also need each other to feel complete.
I admit my books are on the psychologically dark side, and not just because of the BDSM elements. It just isn’t in me to write cute fluffy bunny stories, although I always manage to make it to a happy ending. Psychology fascinates me, so I enjoy seeing how hard I can push my characters before they break, and building them up again after they have. (Though it’s not entirely grim, I swear. There are some lighter moments in there and the characters do get to have fun.)
My fourth book in this series, Passage, will be out later this year, and the first three are available in paperback as well as electronic.
Eliana's never asked for help in her life and doesn't want to start now, but when she's attacked by an incubus and saved by Kon, a gifted healer too beautiful to be real, she's too hurting and hungry to refuse. Kon offers to help her in her search to find her Lakota father's family, and Eliana reluctantly agrees to let him and his half-incubus partner, Dane, drive her north.

The trip gets interesting when Eliana witnesses Dane spanking a willing, naked Kon. Wounded physically and emotionally, Eliana had given up on the idea of ever enjoying sex, but seeing the two of them--and having erotic dreams--makes her yearn to give Kon the pain he craves. Dane agrees to share his lover and teach her the art of domination--but then she finds out Kon has been keeping a devastating secret, one that will put their lives at risk.

Hurt and furious, Eliana leaves and is determined to forget Kon and Dane completely. Though when Dane brings word that Kon is deathly ill and asking for her, Eliana must find the courage to do what she's never done before--fall in love. Twice.

Eliana had just managed to doze off when unmistakable fleshy sounds came through the connecting door. Annoyed, she rose, meaning to give Kon a piece of her mind. She pushed at the door until it swung open enough for her to see inside.
She froze. Holy shit.
Naked, Kon was splayed across Dane’s lap as Dane sat on the love seat. Wooden paddle in hand, he slapped it again and again against Kon’s backside.
Her gut twisted. By all rights, she should be disgusted by the display, but she wasn’t. For one freakish moment, she wished she were in Dane’s place and wielding the instrument that caused Kon to wriggle and moan in obvious pleasure.
Then she recoiled. What kind of a fucked-up person am I to want something like that? Her skin crawled, but she wasn’t the only one craving Kon’s submission. Dane’s expression was soft and loving as he slapped the paddle again and again across Kon’s reddened buttocks.
She’d known plenty of people who got off on beating others, but this was the first time she’d seen someone aroused by being the victim. She didn’t want to punish Kon—though an inner part of her thrilled with the idea of being able to retaliate after he’d picked her up without asking—but because she would be in control. She could run her hands over that smooth, white body and wring that cock into wanting, needy hardness—and let him suffer without release. She longed to stroke the abused, heated skin and feel Kon shiver all the way down to his core.
“Suck me,” Dane whispered. “I want to be hard so I can fuck you like the bad boy you are.”
Kon slipped down between Dane’s legs. Since the chair was angled, Eliana had a view of Dane’s pale cock and the way Kon eagerly took it into his mouth. Dane’s half-lidded eyes and slightly parted mouth spoke to Kon’s expertise. That tongue, that mouth made her wonder what it would feel like if—
Queasiness turned her stomach. She shook her head. Sex was a tool, nothing more, and she probably couldn’t get any physical enjoyment out of it anymore—not that she had in the first place. All those romance novels and movies were fairy tales. They were dreams as impossible as finding a family who wanted and loved her.
Yet despite Dane’s orders and Kon’s acquiescence, Eliana could feel the mutual love burning between them. Nothing in Kon’s attitude spoke of hatred or pain, nor did Dane emit the anger and drunken violence she was so used to seeing in men. They cared for each other and were getting more out of the physical contact than just satiation.
Dane grabbed Kon’s hair and yanked back his head. There was no mistaking the adoration in Kon’s eyes.

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