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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Humpday with Dreamspinners Press: Jaime Samms

First off, thanks for sharing the blog. I’m thrilled to have a chance to talk about titles that might not be new but are still dear to me.

Angel Requiem was a special story right from the start. I knew it was going to be a hard sell, even as I was writing it. As the first book in the Wings of Faith series, it sort of came to me in flashes of pretty language a lot different from how I normally write, and with characters I don’t usually write about.

Besides the fact some of them had wings and were a long way from home here on earth, one of the characters is a priest who can hear the death dirges of the angels only he seems to believe in any more. This isn’t a story about relationships and love so much as it is about what faith does to a person when it is shared, when it isn’t and when it is actively ridiculed. Not your usual romance fare, for sure, but with enough of the truth of love in it to make the happily Ever After necessary.

Blurb: In a world without hope that kills what it can't understand, a solitary priest who has lost all he ever loved may be the last man to still believe in Angels. In the end, his belief may be all that can safeguard the fate of two Angel lovers—and restore his own faith in the power of love.

Angel Elegy is more of a love story that isn’t quite over yet (there’s one more book in the series) And that one is a story about how love wrecks us all at some point. When the final book comes out, love, faith and being true to yourself will prove that you can make a leap of faith and trust love to build your wings on the way down.

Twin Angels Jophiel and Ariel are servants of Heaven bound to help the humans of a world headed for ruin. But for them to become the independent Angels they need to be, their bond must first be broken.

Jophiel takes his duties seriously, answering a call from an artist struggling with his dominant, sadistic nature. But Ariel, embittered after being tortured and killed by human captors and returning to Heaven in shame, hesitates. The choice is taken from his hands when he is sent to Earth, wingless and without any memory of who or what he is. Until he regains the faith in the humans he’s meant to help, he’ll never reach his full potential and be readmitted into Heaven. From somewhere within himself, Jophiel must find the courage to let go of his twin and trust Ariel to be strong enough to Rise again… or they will never be together.
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