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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Humpday with Dreamspinners Press: CC Bridges

Hank thinks he knows everything there is to know about sex. After all, he’s the one who gets to break all the rules in the cyber city of Heaven. He’s a spoiled rich kid who’s long overdue for a good spanking.
Or at least, that’s what his bodyguard, Ian, thinks.
If we’re talking about life changing experiences, then Hank’s story is the perfect tale of how life can get turned completely upside down. Hank starts out pampered, living the high life being famous for no reason at all. He’s used to getting his way, and when Ian is assigned to protect him, Hank decides that what he wants is Ian.
But Ian has very different ideas about sex – he’s into BDSM and wants to put Hank on his knees. That kind of thing is illegal in the floating city of Heaven, so he gets his kicks down below on Earth.  Hank follows him and witnesses Ian in the middle of a scene. It changes the way Hank thinks about sex and how he thinks about himself.
And that’s when things go sideways.
Hank himself is on the run, no longer able to access his wealth. He’s gone from living the high life to sneaking around like little more than a thief. When he’s not reeling from that, he’s learning about his darker desires at Ian’s hands.
Exodus is a story about changes. Hank discovers who he really is, and I invite you all to come along for the ride.

Ian led the way inside, did a visual inspection, and then let Hank precede him. He double-checked the locking mechanism on the door, but it glowed a healthy green.
“You saved my life—again.”
Ian turned around to find that Hank hadn’t gotten very far at all. He stood too close, his blue eyes sparking. “Apparently I’m worth the salary.” The joke fell flat and neither of them laughed.
Hank moved first, getting into Ian’s space until their lips were only a breath apart. But Ian closed the distance and mashed their mouths together with all the pent-up desire he hadn’t let himself feel. He fisted one hand in the fabric of Hank’s stupid shirt and backed him against the wall. Hank opened, his mouth warm and wet and submitting to Ian’s assault.
Ian tasted orange and chocolate, and even if that happened to be the dessert Hank had eaten at the Jacobs’s, it fit. Hank was sweet and tart, and a little bit different. He couldn’t get enough of the taste, licking and nibbling at those lush, full lips. Hank gasped as if he couldn’t get enough air, and Ian wanted to get him to moan, to force that sound from his throat.
Their legs tangled together. Ian found a hardness to answer his own. The things he wanted to do to Hank!
Hank pulled back, breathing heavily as he chuckled. “Thank Heaven. I haven’t gotten laid in days.”
The words ran over Ian like cold water. He forced himself back, not easy when his fingers wanted to work their way under Hank’s clothes, to touch and mark up that too-smooth skin. Ian wanted to throw Hank over his lap—to show him who truly held the power here.
But he still worked for Hank’s mother, and sleeping with Hank wasn’t any smarter now than this morning. “I can’t be another one of your conquests.”
He couldn’t risk his career for that—for a fuck Hank would forget about once someone else warmed his bed. Ian wouldn’t be able to look at Hank again and not remember. He’d always want something more, and it was clearly something Hank could not give him.
“Ian….” Hank reached out with one hand.
“Go to bed, Hank.” Fuck, what a crazy night. Ian had almost done it, too, almost forgotten everything Jim had ever told him and gone for Hank. This wasn’t worth losing his job over, losing everything he’d ever worked for. “Alone.”
He left Hank standing by the door.
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