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Friday, May 2, 2014

Mayhem in May and upcoming months

Hello everyone 
Carson here. I just wanted wanted to take a moment to thank all the authors who take the time to blog with us. I know that our followers appreciate that you do and look forward to reading about the books you talk about. 
For those who don't know, each month is themed so that all genres have they 'day in the sun'. The theme schedule is located on the January 1st post. If we have left off a genre you'd like to see drop me a line letting me know and I will add it into the mix. 
This month we call Mayhem in May. It's one of the few months that has no boundaries. All genres, sub-genres, seasonal reads whatever it is it is welcomed during the month of May as long as the story line is driven by its 'main character going through, over coming or dealing with some kind of mayhem' in his life. 

The summer months fill rather quickly. June: Vampire month! July: Shifter month! As long as one of the main characters is a vampire for June and a shifter for July you're good to go. All genres, sub-genres and even seasonals are welcomed.

These months fill quickly for they are very popular when folk are reading while on vacation. If you would like a spot email me so you can send what is needed sooner rather than later. We look forward to reading all of your books and wish you many sales from your exposure here. Now, let they mayhem begin!


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