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Monday, June 9, 2014

An unpublished author here to spread his wings

Nearly homeless, without a job, and lamenting over a broken relationship, I was house sitting in Glen Park for acquaintances on a dreary night. I read Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice that night amidst gunfire outside. I was impressed with the romantic passion brought by sucking blood from another man. I decided I would write a romantic vampire tale with relevant elements of gay men the main focus. 

Synopsis for Leather, Sweat, Semen and Blood

Damien Lieberman has many problems as he copes with his changing life. Dissatisfied with his aging physical appearance, he finds himself without a job, living in the house inherited from his parents who were killed in an automobile accident, and frustrated by the end of the love affair with David Wilder, who survives with AIDS in San Francisco. Damien is visited by a former love interest, who initially had rejected him. 

Gabriel Tivoli, magically dressed in black leather in the middle of a rare typhoon, on the night before Halloween appears youthful, strong and desirable, promising to make Damien youthful again and still able to retain the wisdom he has earned through age, if Damien meets him in Lone Oak Cemetery at midnight at the peak of the storm on Halloween. With a farewell kiss that draws blood, Damien falls asleep torn between David and Gabriel. Gabriel entertains taking Damien while he’s asleep but prolongs his urges hoping for their reunion in the cemetery.

Damien is resurrected from his burdened life and aging into the brethren of the living dead and erotic love like he has never experienced before. 

At dawn they depart with Gabriel promising to meet Damien at his house when nightfall comes. While Gabriel reveals the truth about his past life, Damien is introduced into the new life he’s to lead with passion continuing like he never imagined.

Damien wants to rescue David from death with immortality like himself. Gabriel does not like his decision but promises to reunite with him when he returns.

After discovering David died, Damien returns home, anticipating Gabriel by his side. But after days without Gabriel, he expects to die. On the brink of death, Gabriel returns, saving Damien from death and restores their bond in love through their fetishes for the touch, scent, and taste of  leather, semen and blood, and the use of sex toys.  As Gabriel teaches Damien the practices of the living dead to feed on those who are dying and travel with time, Miguel Allende, the Spanish man who transformed Gabriel, appears unexpectedly to explain a decision made by the elders that could mean ultimate death for Gabriel, Damien and Miguel if they don’t abide by the new rules set down. While Gabriel and Miguel meet privately, Damien is jealous and attempts to revive an old acquaintance into immortality, without knowledge of the new edict, jeopardizing all their existences. Miguel and Gabriel stop Damien, explaining his need to obey. The three friends of the brethren survive the threat of extinction. 

Gabriel and Damien continue to live as lovers as part of the living dead, feeding compassionately on those who are close to death and their own leather, sweat, semen and blood in erotic sex.

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